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Mitchell Sinclair The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, is about a famed Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, who receives an unexpected summons to make a speech at the U.S. Capital Building. The speech that he planned to make was interrupted by an unusual and disturbing object. Langon recognizes it as an ancient invitation into a lost world. I personally believe that this is one of Brown's most suspenseful books. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Sci-fi or Ancient History. i would give this book 4 out of 5 stars, i believe that there were a lot of unanswered questions, which left me a little confused at the end, but overall i think this book was very well writ and definitely deserves that rating.

message 2: by Pickle (last edited Nov 21, 2013 08:27AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Pickle i have to differ and its mostly to do with the writing but i found some of the story too far fetched.

My 2 problems with the writing:

1. I cant recall reading such short sentences anywhere, even in my sons primary school homework.

2. I cant recall any book having as many chapters as this had. Nearly every 4 pages or less was a new chapter. Just as you were getting into a storyline you got a new chapter.

Katie I didn't really like the book, I think the story is way too long, 100-200 pages less would be fine. Also I didn't like the end. I expected something... more fascinating...

Joseph Racconti Even though this book failed to reproduce the kind of writing and story that Brown's previous books had, I still really enjoyed it. Looking back at "The Lost Symbol" after reading "Inferno," can put things into perspective a bit more as far as how good of a story it is.
I do have to agree with Katie, that some of his writing does seem to be stretched to the limits for the sake of word count. For example, I do not need to have a room described when one character walks in, and described again later in the story when another character finds the same room. I'm especially not interested in having this happen several times.

Smriti Katoch Nice book......I didn't know about the symbols before that.Interesting book.

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