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worst books you ever read
Parmida Asadi Parmida (last edited Nov 24, 2013 10:14AM ) Nov 21, 2013 05:09AM
so this is about some books that made you pause for a second and realize that you just can't keep going and you need to stop. Name the top 5. enjoy
mine are:
1) the bloodlines series
2)the halo series,couldnt finish
3) the house of night series
4) new moon
5) uglies

The Tulip Touch
High School Musical: The Junior Novel
The Fallen Series

1. House of Night series
2. Paranormalcy
3. Evermore

1. Twilight series
2. House of Night series
3. Allegiant

I couldn't finish Bloodlines series. Which was sad because I did enjoy Vampire Academy.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Finished the first, could NOT get through the second!

I like/think the Gone series is OK but have a very hard time finishing the books. I have had to pick up the second book many times and STILL have not finished it.

amy (last edited Mar 17, 2014 07:29AM ) Mar 17, 2014 07:28AM   0 votes
1. Twilight (THE ENTIRE SERIES, sure they aren't that disappointing after I finished them e.o but it takes SO BLOODY much to convince myself to read the next book UGH)
2. Uglies
Never actually finished them.
3. Allegiant
Sorry to the Divergent fans, I really couldn't finish this last one. Insurgent was painful already. I'm sure I will read it some time... but not now. It just gets worse and worse.
4. Brave New World
It was a summer reading, but I still disliked it very much.
5. Slaughterhouse Five
That book makes no freaking sense.

1. twilight
2. house of night series
3. Hush Hush
4. the mortal instruments series
5. Halo

Omg...I'm felling akward...you guys listed the books that I like it...especially you parmida.

I hated mockinjay
The outsiders
Pride and prejudice
The visibles from sara sheppard I couldn't even finish

Anmol Pride and Prejudice . . . the writing stinks, but if you want some total awesomeness, watch The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on Youtube! God, Darcy's adorab ...more
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Tbh, I rly didn't like the fallen series. I quit reading the first book when I wasn't even half way there. Authors shouldn't bother writing such awful stories if they know it's not going to turn out great!

And I also don't like Gallagher girls! I have no idea why people think they're good books, but the author didn't get straight to the point with the story and it just kept dragging and dragging till I couldn't read anymore of it.

All of the above:

1. Starcrossed
2. Hades
3. The ENTIRE Fallen series(bah it was shite)

The twilight series!! It was extremely boring

-Twilight series.
-Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines.
-The House of Night.
-The Fallen series.

I Am Number Four
The Elite
City of Bones (Don't worry I'm lovin' the series but the first book sucked)
Miles to Go by Miley Cyrus

1. The House of Night Series (The sixth one - it was so bad I had to stop and murder the author in my mind).
2. New Moon - Bella's stupidity made me groan.
3. Twilight - Do I even need to explain?
4. Mockingjay - It was awful, I didn't even finish it.
5. The Alchemyst - GAH IT WAS SO BORING

House of night series
any book by Apryline Pike
the immortal series by alyson noel (gah, so boring)

1. Matched--couldn't even finish, so terrible . . .
2. The entire Twilight series--I don't understand why people like them! So awful.
3. The Gallagher series--the writing was just bad
That's all I can think of for now, I know i'm forgetting some . . .

I finished reading the first book. I was desperate to read something then, that's why I finished it. haha I didn't continued the rest of the trilogy. I find that the characters are too flat and something is missing, though i love the plot.
2. House of night
Got kinda tired with it i guess, But I'll be continuing where I stopped someday.
(sorry if only gave two, this all I can think of as of right now)haha

Sometimes if I can't get through a book, like if I'm having trouble getting into it or I can't get past this one part, I listen to it on CD. Mostly while washing Dishes. It usually works to get me into the book. I hope this works for anybody who wants to try it :)

1.Matched series
3.The Elite
4.And some other book I forgot 'cause it was sooo bad

Ashley I just remembered, Inkheart
I literally fell asleep reading it.

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Among the worst I've read:

1. Twilight series
2. House of Night series
3. Alpha Goddess
4. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
5. Heather Killough Walden's books

House of Night
The Bloodlines series

Anna (last edited Feb 08, 2014 06:08PM ) Feb 08, 2014 06:07PM   0 votes
1. The Body Finder
2. Halo
3. Liar
4. New Moon
5. You and Me and Her
6. The Savage Grace

The immortal series
Evernight series (especially afterlife...the ending for that is pretty bad)
Blood promise (it just ruined the story. Sure, rose gets dimitri back but her character for half the book was so annoying...)

1.The Fallen series
2. twilight series
3. halo, hades, heaven
4. shade and the other 2 books
5. The hunger games
6. Mortal instruments series so far I just read the 1st book couldn't get into it but loved the movie

1. Alliegant
2. Uglies
3. Wings
4. Looking For Alaska(Too depressing)
5. The Fallen series ( read every one except Rapture but still had to force myself to read them!)

My favorite mistake by Beth Kendrick is the most worst book that i read in all my life
and Fifty Shades of Grey too

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