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Something Furry Underfoot by Amy L. Peterson Amy L. Peterson
Genre: Pets/Memoir
Page Count: 228

Book Description:
Something Furry Underfoot is a funny, touching book about pets that Amy's husband brought home and how Amy ended up helping care for, and falling for, most of them. In addition to frogs, iguanas, dogs, a stray cat, rabbits, and lots of hamsters, you will meet a male hedgehog that escaped three times to mate with a female hedgehog, a ferret that cost $1,200 in vet bills and a domestic duck. The book includes 50 tips including "Tip #5: If your significant other was ever denied a pet in his/her 'previous life,' you may be in for a lot of fur." Some proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations. This book is also available as a paperback on Amazon and in various e-formats on

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