Mrs. Maddox (Beautiful, #1.5) Mrs. Maddox question

Where can I read it?
BrazGirl BrazGirl Nov 20, 2013 07:00PM
It's not on the authors website anymore, does anybody know how can I read this short story? I know it's also called "A Valentine’s Day" but I can't find it anywhere. :(

If you go back to the month of Feb you should see it.

It's been removed from her website, probably because her new book A Beautiful Wedding available on 12/10/13, will have this short story incorporated.

This is a lot late, haha, but for anyone else who wants to read this and stumbles across this, you can read it on the app scribd for free. Just search for it in documents.

Im so gutted, i've just spend hours trying to find this :(

if you still want to read it here is the link :)

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