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Doctor Sleep and Hocus Pocus.
Billion Star Warrior Billion Star Warrior Nov 20, 2013 06:56PM
I was reading last night -- page 220 -- and realized a story with eerie similarities.

(VERY MILD SPOILER -- if ur past page 50, i'd say ur good)

The whole sucking steam thing gave me a deja vu' when I imagined the TRUE KNOT getting the kid -- it hit me hard and I suddenly remembered the movie HOCUS POCUS (I think it's called) -- from like the 90's (?)

Anyway, It involves 3 witched that suck the life spirit -- "steam" -- from young children to stay alive, even to stay young and immortal if i remember correctly. lol. haven't seen it in a long time.

I wonder if King has seen it? Please understand I am not hinting at anything here -- I know that many stories are similar. But I wonder if he watched it long ago and that slipped into his subcon or if he never saw it?

So far I do like the book and the whole steam thing is very interesting. I'm just fascinated by themes that reoccur in stories. It's like an ancient theme that writers may subconsciously tap into... Kinda like how Zombies and Vampires are world wide myth even before the societies connected to share such ideas... hmmm.

Here :

Just funny that movie popped in my head while reading Doctor Sleep. Btw - good book so far Stephen King Rocks! ; )

reminded me a lot of the Torchwood mini series Children of Earth with the creatures using children for drug hits, though that series was far more unsettling

Have you ever heard the 'old wives' tale' about cats sucking the life out of children? In fact, King did a short story-turned-movie with Drew Barrymore when she was little called, Cat's Eye.

The old wives' tale came from cats sneaking into the crib, crouching on the baby to lick the milk from the baby's mouth as it slept, sometimes suffocating the baby from the weight. They thought kitty was sucking the life/soul/essence from the child.
In the story, it's a little imp/gnome thing that's the cause.

Anyway, point is, it's a common superstition going back thru time.

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