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Billion Star Warrior Billion Star Warrior Nov 20, 2013 06:25PM
Hello! Sorry if this doesn't exactly tie in for this book -- but I don't find a general discussions place.

This can apply to Doc Sleep, or any fiction book in general. HOW FAST DO YOU READ? RATE OF PAGES PER SESSION?

In an hour, about how many pages have you read? I am a fairly moderately fast reader, yet I have a habit of pausing to "take in" a good paragraph and visualize. I even set my book down sometimes, for 20 or 30 seconds just to imagine what i've read. Or maybe to ponder things.

This slows me down despite actually reading fairly quick. I read often that people finish a whole book, 300 plus pages, in just a few days. (3-5 days) It often takes me over 3 weeks to finish a book!

I seem to read at about a rate of 20 pages per hour.

I'm curious of others' reading habits and speed. What is yours? If you are one of those that can finish a book in just a few days, do you read over 3 or 4 hours each session? Or just read really fast? I read maybe a little over an hour each session / day. I want to read more books in shorter time -- but my imagination seems to slow me down! lol. Again, I read fairly quick but pause every few paragraphs it seems -- does anyone else have this ... habit? (Note: I do have the quirk of reading 3 books at a time - meaning in one day I will read a little from each book, so this is one factor. lol )

Anyway I am currently reading Doc Sleep and am enjoying it. over 500 pages... it's gonna take me about 22 - 25 days to finish!!! lol. Normal???

Thanks for sharing. ; )

Dr. Sleep was a fast one. Five days (maybe)? About 100 pages/day. At the other extreme was Atlas Shrugged. It took me about six months to slog through it.

Here's a thought: Read at the pace that gives you the most enjoyment. Don't hold yourself to some standard; that sounds like a job. If the book is bad, put it down.

For me, reading is about enjoyment, absorbing a good story and learning new things. I don't care how long it takes.

My rate is pretty fast, though it doesn't seem like it when I'm reading.

It really depends on the writing style, and believe it or not, the font! I've already read 165 books this year. Now, some are graphic novels ;) , but those I pause to enjoy the images, so there are trade outs. And yes, I like to stop, take many hours while doing chores, et al, to think about what I read. Again, it depends on the book! (I've put up my review of Dr Sleep so you can see how many days it took. ;) )

I was tested at age 19 for reading rate: my number was 1000 words per minute with 98% retention. And I DON'T scan when I read (many do). I was a bit surprised... The book we tested on was David Copperfield, a book I hadn't read at the time.

Don't worry about how fast you read... Or don't. I know many say they read it in a couple hours ;) To that, I reply "I'm sorry"... It's like saying "I ate my steak in 10 minutes... What's taking YOU so long?!?" :D

Billion Star Warrior LOL. I like the steak analogy. True true. Seems you read it in a few days in November. Thats awesome. I def agree with you that it depends on the book ...more
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I've never been tested but I definitely read at a fast rate. I finished up 2013 with (oddly enough) 213 books read but I don't rush thru just to add to my total. I've always been an avid reader and I couldn't indulge in it as much when I was working 60+ hours a week. I've been on medical leave thru long term disability for awhile and the only thing that has kept me sane is reading. I think I average about a book every two days and shorter ones in 24 hours. Like a great steak dinner I try to savour them but in the end I just can't quite stop myself from scarfing them down :D

BattyKat (last edited Nov 21, 2013 01:47PM ) Nov 21, 2013 01:46PM   0 votes
I read pretty quickly. If I'm REALLY into a book, I will (try) to finish in one sitting. Yes, it's rushing it, but I am so anxious to find out what happens next! If I really really liked it, I will probably go back and read it again another time, to savor and catch what I missed.

I did that with Harry Potter. To be fair, on those, my (ex)husband and my son wanted to read it, too, so it was a scramble to get it read so they could read it. (they were horrible at keeping it quiet, so I had to read it first so they wouldn't spoil it!) I managed to read HP6 in 17 hours. REALLY rushing it, since it was such a large book. Then after they'd all read it, I went back and savored it.

I just looked at my profile and it shows this:
Doctor Sleep-Read from October 09 to 21, 2013

That's quite a long time to read a book for me. BUT I was reading at least 3 other books at the same time.

I've been trying to get thru a physics book written by Dr. Michio Kaku F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Its a great book, and it's stuff that interests me, but its not exactly a fast read. Not for my brain! It's also going to take me a couple YEARS or more to get thru the Old Testament. Thankfully on that, I've got it on audio with Hollywood actors doing all the parts. Makes it fun and not AS dragging. :)

Billion Star Warrior LOL! I love Dr. Michio Kaku. I got his book on Physics of the Future. Very Interesting stuff. He makes physics fun to me - and I like how he uses pop ...more
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I read Dr. Sleep from Oct. 2-4, so I guess I read pretty fast. I am a stay at home mom with school age kids, so I have plenty of time to read.

When it's a book I'm really engrossed in (like Dr. Sleep), I tend to put other things aside so I can read more.

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