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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Hey! So what kind of RPs do you like to do?

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Realistic or Supernatural stuff, whatever you prefer

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments How about a realistic one, then? :)

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Alright! That's what I like doing more :P

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Yay! So what type of plot should we do? :)

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What do you mean? Age-wise I like 15-20. And Semi-detailed.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments I mean like what kind of plot starter we'd go off. Like popular girl x nerd, best friends, band members, runaways, etc.

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Ohhh. Whatever one. Is best friends too cliche?

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Katelyn wrote: "Ohhh. Whatever one. Is best friends too cliche?"

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Sorry! But yeah, best friends is cool with me. :)

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Alright yayyyy. Are we doing doubles? If we are you can pick the second plot.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Sure, doubles works. For the second plot, then, how about a popular girl and a nerd? :)

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Sure! Okay So I'll be the girl in the bestfriends one and the nerd guy :)

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Okay, cool! Then I'll be a popular girl and a boy in the bestfriends one. Any preferences on him? :)

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Not really. Anything you want ;)

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Alright! I'll have my characters up soon. :)

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kay! Im going to bed.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Name: Winifred Amelia Robins
Nickname: Winnie
Age: 17

Name: Xander Elijah Quinn
Nickname: Quinn, at times
Age: 18

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Name: Samuel Augustus, prefers Sam but his friends call him Sammy to tease him.

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Name:Cecilia Jones; prefers Ceci

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Done :D

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Cool! Would you like to start?

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Could you? Pleeeease?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Sure! One moment...

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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments As per usual, Winnie was hanging out with a large group of people at the post football game party. Her boyfriend, Mr. Quarterback (A.K.A: Jax Anderson), stood next to her with his arm wrapped around her shoulders, talking with one of the linemen about how they were going to make it to state. Winnie just smiled and nodded at certain parts. She had never really been a fan of football, even though she was a cheerleader. Winnie just went along with it becaus eit was expected of her.

Then, someone grabbed her arm, dragging her away. Winnie was a little miffed at first, but then she realized it was her friend, Ariel. She laughed as she was pulled over to the staircase. "Winnie, did you see him?!" Ariel demanded. "Tyler was looking at me...and he winked!" She squealed. Winnie smiled for Ariel's benefit, though she really couldn't care less.

"Really? Go talk to him!" Winnie advised. "He's totally into you...And can you do me a favor? Tell Jax I had to get going. I'm not feeling well. I'll see you tomorrow. Movies at 5, right?"

Ariel frowned. "Well, yeah, but Winnie!" She whined. "You can't leave! You never leave early!" That was true. Winifred was usual the most social girl at these things, as she was the most popular girl in school. But, today she just wasn't feeling it. She muttered a thank you to Ariel before slipping outside. It was already late, and certainly no time for her to be out alone. All around her, teens were scattered about the yard, talking, drinking, daring others to run out in the street. There was a reason they were outside...


Xander was about to stuff his little sister in the closet. He had to watch her tonight, which was basically the worst thing ever. Yeah, he loved her and she could be cool at times, but at the moment, Ella kept going on and on about how Xander was going to get in trouble for getting a dent in their mom's car. Ten year olds these days...

"Ella, shut up! You win, all right? If you swear not to tell mom I'll give you twenty bucks..." Apparently, Ella was not satisfied with that. She raised an eyebrow expectantly, as if waiting for him to get the point. "And...what else do you want?!"

"I want you to take me to see The Woods." She said, excitement creeping into her voice. Her head bobbed up and down, blonde curls resembling bouncing springs.

Xander shook his head quickly. "Uh, no way. You are way to young to watch that!" And plus she would have nightmares for weeks after watching a scary movie. "It's rated R!" He protested.

"Come on. We can tell mom you're taking me to see a cartoon or something." She insisted.

Xander sighed, exasperated. "Fine, deal. Don't come crying to me when you can't sleep at night, squirt." He ruffled her hair. He really did love his sister, no matter how annoying she was. Xander sighed once more as he got up from the couch. He pulled out his phone and dialed Cece's number. This whole babysitting thing would be a lot easier with his bestfriend there. "Come on...pick up, pick up." He muttered to himself as the phone rang. Ella had came up next to him, proceeding to make kissing faces at him mockingly. Xander tried to push her away.

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((Btw as this RP goes on I may not post as long replies XD But as of right now, I was in a really huge writing mood and I was bored.:D))
Sam was over at his friend’s house Friday night, playing a video game. It was pretty intense. They were trying to kill monsters and save wizards; they were doing everything. The thing is, Sam was getting kind of weary. They’d been playing thse types of games for years, now. Years. He’d been obsessed for forever, it seemed. A part of him wanted to grow up. At least a little bit. Maybe even meet some people without making a fool out of himself. That would be nice! But his best friend, Jake, was still in his own little fantasy.
“Hey, can I get a drink of water?” Sam asked, looking over at his friend with a reaised eyebrow. Jake sighed and paused the video game. “Yeah, sure. In the fridge over there.”
“Thanks,” he said as he hopped up and got a bottle of water and gulped half of it down.
“You know what I was thinking, dude? Maybe we could like go… go to the mall tomorrow or something.”
His friend looked at him incrediously. “Why in the world would you want to go to the mall? Do you not like your clothes or something?
“Nah, but like, you know, to just hang out.”
“Uhhhh…. I’ll think about it,” the guy said, obviously uninterested.
Sam sighed and sat back down. “Alright, fine. We won’t.” He couldn’t help but have some bitterness come through his voice. Plan two, I guess. Maybe… maybe that guy… Jax would bring me. Show me around. He has to get better grades to keep being on the football team and he’d basically begged me to tutor him… hmm He though. Maybe that could work. Or maybe he’d end up making a completely fool out of himself. Then again, that was nothing new.

Ceci was sprawled across her bed, texting one of her closer friends. But not as close as her best friend. She only considered him her best friend, no one else. She giggled softly to herself at something her friend had just said, and then sat up. She really needed to do something. Looking down at herself, she decided she could start by picking out her outfit for the next day. She did like clothes but she wasn’t obsessed with having the latest friend. Somedays, she just wore sweatpants and a tanktop out of laziness’. Today had been one of those days.
She pulled out a pair of leggings and then a low-cute top, then put the top back, almost blushing to herself. The boys at their school would have fun making comments if she wore that. She’d learned freshman year that basically you could dress slutty, and it was accepted as fine, or you dressed modestly and that was all. Or the perverted comments would come.
But then, she decided to just try it on. With a pair of skinny jeans. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t look horrible, she thought. Just not as good as a ton of girls. Maybe if she kept working out… but no, that wasn’t it. She was healthy enough. Healthy weight. Everything. So she had to accept it, she knew.
Ceci heard her phone start to ring, not even a buzz indicating a message. Nope, someone was calling. She took her time and finally picked up her phone. “Yeah?” she said, already knowing who it was. She couldn’t help but smile. She took off her sweatshirt, barely realizing she was doing so.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments ((That's fine. I probably won't write as much either as the RP goes on. :D ))

Winnie couldn't find her car anywhere...and then she remembered that Jax drove her. She sighed. Winnie knew that her boyfriend wouldn't want to leave yet. The party was practically in his honor, as well as the rest of the team. Jax would convince Winnie that she was being silly and that there was no reason she shouldn't stay for the rest of the evening. Winnie wasn't in the mood for that, though. She was sick of parties and football games...well, maybe not totally. But Winnie wanted a change in pace, something different in her tedious life.

She had walked at least a block already while looking for her volkswagon bug. So, Winnie decided to just knock on someone's door to borrow a phone, since hers was dead. Nana would pick her up, no questions asked. She was an older woman who had practically raised Winnie. They had no blood relation but Winnie had always thought of her like a grandmother.

Winnie walked up to the door of a house and knocked, not knowing it was where one of her own classmates lived. She also didn't know that Samuel Augustus was there with him. Winnie waited outside, wearing her boyfriends letterman jacket over her clothes. She hugged her arms, the cold outside seeping through the fabric.


Xander was dissappointed. The phone just kept ringing, so he assumed she wasn't going to answer at all. Maybe she didn't want to talk to him. Had he upset her or something? Girls were weird like that, all sensitive and stuff. Xander was clueless about the subject entirely. But then he heard Ceci's voice come through and his heart jumped a little bit. That was new...Was it supposed to do that? Even though Xander would swear he and Ceci were just friends, he was starting to feel something different. But that was ridiculous! He had known her forever.

"Hey, Ceci! Are you busy or anything?" He said quickly. Wow, that sounded lame. Xander shook his head to himself. This was stupid. It was just Ceci..."I'm stuck watching Ella again. Wanna come over and help me? I'm pretty sure she likes you better..." He glanced at his younger sister, who still made faces at her. Xander rolled his eyes at her, mouthing the words go away to her.

"Honestly, we could just lock her in the basement and watch a movie." Ella made a face at this and shook her head in disbelief. They both knew Xander would never do such a thing. He loved his sister too much. Ella stuck her tongue out at her elder brother and then marched over to the couch, grabbing the remote and switching the channel to some documentary on the history channel. Xander thought it was weird how his sister liked to learn and watch educational TV. How could they be related?

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Jake heard the door ring and huffed out a breath of air in annoyance. His game was being interrupted, again. "I guess we should probably go get that," he said, not seeing very eager.
Sam nodded and stood up. "Yeah," he said and walked upstairs, in front of Jake even though it wasn't his house. He walked up and opened the door like it was his own house. Jake didn't really care. But when he saw who it was, he tried to keep from gaping or staring at her. Uhhh... the most popular girl at school was coming to his friend's house???
There was still a glass door in between them that he hadn't opened up. "Who is it?" asked Jake impatiently.
"Uhhh... it's.... why don't you see?" he said softly and opened the door. Sam could tell she was cold so he motioned for her to come it. This would be good. Or completely humiliating. Maybe both.

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Ceci raised an eyebrow to no one but herself when he asked if she was busy. "Me? Busy? Psh," she joked, but then got more serious. "Stuck babysitting, hmm?" she said absent-minded, twirling a lock of her hair around her finger and closing her eyes. "Sure, I'll come over," she said easily. There was no question to it. She loved hanging out with him. He was her best friend, after all.
Ceci giggled and rolled her eyes, also knowing he would never do anything near as... cruel as locking someone in a basement. That just wasn't him.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments Winnie raised an eyebrow at the boy in front of her, wondering if he was going to let her in or not. Why was he just staring at her? Did she know him? He looked a little familiar...

She stepped inside, glancing around. "Hey. I'm Winnie. Do you mind if I borrow someone's phone. Mine's dead..." She explained, leaving out the part where her only ride home was her old nanny. That was a little embarrassing. However, there was no way Winifred would call her dad. He was probably busy working anyway. Or maybe he was out with his new girlfriend. Most likely, he would just send his secretary that Winnie couldn't stand.

Winnie looked the boy up and down. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" She asked suddenly. Surely he wasn't the type Winnie would hang out with. He looked like a...geek.


"What? No plans on Friday night? Join the club!" Xander joked. "Membership is hard to come by, so consider yourself honored." He chuckled. Xander rubbed the back of his neck absent mindedly.

Ella had gotten out a book that looked to be a complicated read for a senior, let alone a fourth grader. It seemed that she was looking something up, comparing things with the show on TV to see if they matched up or if the show was correct. Xander got an image of her sitting in some secret layer, plotting world domination through studies and low budget tv specials. He shuddered.

Xander sighed, relieved, although he hadn't expected her to just say no outright. "Cool. Besides, you have to come hear what my sister's making me do..." He smiled slightly to himself. "See you in a few, then?"

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Sam blushed, though it wasn’t very noticeable thank goodness. Usually his skin would be bright red, but God seemed to have his back today, or something. He stepped aside and let her in. “You can borrow mine,” he mumbled awkwardly.
He didn’t talk well with new people. While he fished around for his cell phone and found it a few seconds later, his friend just raised an eyebrow at Winnie. He opened and then closed his mouth, interrupted by Sam replying “Here… uh, yeah, you do. Well, I mean, we uh go to the same school. I don’t think we’ve ever really talked…,” he tried to explain. And she already knows why we don’t talk. Im a freaking geek, nerd, everything! Grr. Why… why can’t I be like… good at sports or sumthin’? he thought, not for the first time.
“you were at a party, weren’t you?” Jake said, with no surprise at all. That’s what people like her did. Sam nudged him a bit to get him to shut up. The guy had no idea when to shut up, and when someone is so not in your league. Guys like them just don’t talk to girls like that, especially so casually.

Ceci rolled her eyes. He was such a dork, but that’s why they were such good friends. His sense of humour and… everything else that could make a great friendship, they had. “Oh, I am honored. Does this club socialize at all or do all the members have no plans all the time?” she joked, standing up.
“Anyways, I’ll see you,” she said, not giving him a chance to reply and hung up. She grabbed a purse that she could wear around her neck that fell along her hip, and put her phone in it. She didn’t need anything else, and she only needed it in the first place because she didn’t have a back pocket, wearing leggings.
“Mom, I’m going to Xander’s, alright?” she heard her mom call back an okay from inside the master bedroom, so she put on her jacket and walked outside. It’s way too cold, she though. Too bad I don’t live in Florida or something.
Ceci drove over to Xander’s house and parked on his driveway. It was her second home, anyways. She walked up to the door and knocked.

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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments "Oh." Winnie mumbled. She smirked slightly, noticing how awkward the boy seemed to be around her. He probably didn't have much experience with girls...which wasn't suprising to Winnie. Still, she never talked to guys who weren't total players. It was weird to see someone of the male gender all flustered. "Thanks, hotshot." Winnie raised an eyebrow, an ammused smile in her eyes.

Only then did Winnie notice the other guy there, who seemed of the same social status as boy A. "Oh, yeah. Football...after game, you know? Did you guys not go to the game?" She asked as she dialed the number on the key pad, not really paying attention to them. Honestly, she didn't really care. It wasn't a shock that they hadn't gone. If they had, the pair would probably just be with the other rejects out on the lawn. I wonder if they were doing homework or watching, like, Lord of The Rings...Wow.

Winnie put the phone near her ear, but not fully touching so it would seem like she was still paying attention to the two boys. It rang once. Twice. Three times. "Hello. Nana?" She asked, a certain relief coming to her face. "Yeah, that's exactly why I'm calling. Would you mind?" Pause. "What? Can you send someone else over?" Pause. "No way am I calling her. Ugh, fine. I can walk, then. Have fun..Yeah, love you, too, Nana. Bye." She sighed, ending the call. Winnie held the phone out for Boy A.


Xander said his goodby to Ceci before hanging up the landline and looking over to his sister. "Stay right here...and don't get into my stuff." Then, he hurried upstairs. Certainly he wouldn't be seen by Ceci in his flannel pajama bottoms and a batman t-shirt. That would be embarrassing...Not just because it was Ceci, though! It applied to everyone!

He dashed into his room upstairs, which really needed to be cleaned. Hope mom doesn't go in here any time soon..., he thought in passing as he grabbed a black t-shirt with a v-neck out of his drawer. He took of the batman one and threw it on. The black shirt was semi form fitting, which made him feel odd. Yeah, Xander had a lean body, but he still felt weird about showing it off. He shook those thoughts away and threw on a pair of jeans and thin jacket over his shirt. As he exited the room, Xander didn't glance at the mirror in the hall. He didn't like to think about his appearance too much.

When he arrived in the living room once more, Ella saw him messing with his hair, smoothing it out. She smirked at him. "What? Trying to look good for your girlfriend?" Xander simply told her to shut up. He sat down on the couch, trying to look casual. "What are you watching, anyway?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow. "It's about Ancient Rome." She replied, as if any idiot could see that. Xander rolled his eyes. "Just give me the remote." Ella refused.

When the knock was heard at the door, the syblings were fighting over it, both having one hand on the remote. "Come in.!" Xander called as he ripped it out of his sister's hands. Ella glared at him.

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Sam blinked. He really wasn't use to girls like this. Only the girls he talked about games to or homework or something. They weren't exactly girlfriend material, so they were all just friends. He looked over at Jake.

"Nah. We missed it, tonight," he said easily. It didn't seem weird him. He opened his mouth again, then seemed to finally realize that she was talking on the phone. He shut his mouth and looked up at the ceiling.

Jake shifted his weight awkwardly. He looked down at his feet, and furrowed his eyebrows when he heard her say in conclusion that she'd just walk. before he thought about it, after she hung up, he asked, "You're walking? Are you sure you don't want a ride...?"
Really, unlike most guys, that was pretty much the last thing he'd want to do. Most guys would probably jump at the opportunity just to drool over her. She was kind of the "it" girl sense Freshman year. But, he reminded himself, he wanted to get out of the "complete and total nerd" status. Maybe this would do it? but he wasn't sure at all. If she didn't want him to drive her, he wouldn't push it. Or maybe he would? Yeah, maybe he should... he shouldn't let a girl walk home.


Ceci waited a few seconds, already getting impatient. Unless it came to children or people with special needs, she wasn't very patient. And she got frustrated really easily when it came to schoolwork, if she didn't understand something. It was one of the things that she didn't like about herself- how she could suddenly have her eyes tear up over a math question when she was frustrated. She did do her best to control it though and she usually did.
When he told her to come in, she walked in. It was unlocked, as she'd thought it would be. Ceci took in the scene, and laughed a bit to herself. They were always going at each other, even though they were like the sweetest most loving siblings she'd ever seen sometimes. "What the guys!" she exclaimed, her eyes bright with amusement. She'd caught her language in time, at least. She didn't cuss too much but she did every so often let a mild word slip if she wasn't thinking.

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Hey ;) I'm on XD

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments ((Sorry! I didn't see this :( ))

"Uh...I don't know. It isn't too far away and I don't want to troyble you..." Winnie hesitated, a deer caught in headlights for the moment. Yes, she would love to not have to walk home in the cold. Yes, she didn't have to call her dad's secretary. But did she really want to take a ride from some guy she barely knew? He seemed a little odd to Winifred. Besides, Jax would be pissed if she was alone with another guy in a car who wasn't a mutual friend. That was kind of a no-no, right?

Maybe Jax should have asked her if she wanted a ride home then. There was no way Winnie was walking. She smiled gratefully, almost looking bashful for the moment. "Actually, what the hell? Would you mind? That would be, like, super awesome." She said to Sam.

What was the worst that could happen? He didn't seem like the rapist or serial killer type. And certainly Jax couldn't think of him as a threat. Maybe it would be an interesting experience, though. Maybe this was the break from the ordinary Winnie had been wanting. No one usually talked to guys like this, and Winifred was a real boundary pusher type...Or maybe he could be like her and her friends. Maybe he wasn't a total loser afterall.

But look at him!


Xander laughed out loud. "Nice save, Ceci." He winked at her. But it was a total best friend wink! At least he looked much smoother than he felt....

Ella huffed, crossing her arms and plopping down on the couch next to her step-brother. "Hey, Ceci. If you are wondering what's going on, Xander is being a total jerk." She stuck her tongue out on him. "He turned off the documentary on the fall of the roman empire. They just started talking about the Nero!" She complained.

Xander rolled his eyes, tossling her blonde hair a bit. "Oh, don't pretend you've never watched that before. You've seen all of them!" Nevertheless, Xander smiled slightly, tossing the remote to Ella as he stood. He walked over to where Ceci was at, standing in front of her and grinning down at her. "Sure you don't want to lock her up yet?"

Over at the couch, Ella was flipping through the channels, trying to find her show again. "Sure you don't want mom to find out?" She retorted, sending aglare his way. But the look was more teasing and there was a softhearted gleam in her eyes.

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments “Seriously, it’s no big deal,” he said quickly, half-trying to convince her, half-trying to convince himself. He would do this for anyone, he reminded himself. And he probably really would. So she shouldn’t be treated any different by him. But then as if a miracle, she changed her mind pretty quickly. “Sam won’t mind,” he assured her, bumping his friend, trying to get him to sort of function like a human. "Uhhh yeah it's no problem," Sam agreed.
“So uhhh… cool. My car’s parked in the street. Ready?” Sam asked her, his face flushed.
Jake studied his friend. He couldn't imagine how awkward this would be... and he assumed he'd come along, because he wasn't even at his house. Even though, admittedly, Jake had hung over at Sam's house a few times when Sam wasn't there. It really was his second home. A better home than the one he had, when it came down to it.

Wouldn't the guys at school just love to hear this. Jake could already imagine their grins, and then their good-natured jealousy. Yes, he couldn't wait to tell them.


Ceci grinned, and flipped her hair like she was proud of herself for her so-called “save”.
Ceci turned her attention over to Ella, who didn’t seem too happy at the moment. Ceci loved that little girl a lot—though it definitely didn’t compare to how much Xander loved her. He always denied it, but he really couldn’t. She thought it was cute, anyways. “Talkin’ about the Nero? Xander, don’t turn it off, then!” she exclaimed, no sarcasm in her voice although she was kind of just playing along with the little girl. Ceci tried to hide her smile when Sam told his sister that she’d already seen it before. Of course she had. Sometimes Ceci wished she was that smart- but then she wondered if she’d be more up-tight somehow, and lose some of her free-spirit. She didn’t want that.
“I’m sure. I didn’t come over here to lock anyone up, now did I?” she replied, looking up to him. She smiled in a smart-ass way—well, she tried to. She couldn’t really pull off the snotty girl look. She’d have to learn it.

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments :) You there?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments ((I thought it was Sam giving her the ride home... :) ))

"See! Ceci agrees with me, Xander." Elle said, crossing her arms. There was a certain look in her eyes that made her seem much older, as if she were a mother scolding her son instead of a little sister being slightly bratty. "Nero was the worst emporer in Roman history! I have to watch it...again." She said admittingly.

Xander rolled his eyes, but he didn't take the remote back from Ella. If she really cared that much about it...He would give her a few more minutes. She had complained about not getting to watch about Nero, so she could watch that. And then Xander was changing the channel. "I would actually have no problem being locked in the basement if you wanted to watch her for me." He said. Xander gave her a half-smile, a trouble-maker look. He, unlike Ceci, was a master at smart-assery.

With a glance over at Ceci, Xander felt his chest do that weird flip thing again. Maybe he was coming down with something...It wasn't like he had feelings for Ceci or anything, but she did look pretty today. He remembered when they were still young, when he treated her like one-of-the-guys because normal girls had cooties. Things had certainly changed... "Ms, Jones, you're looking lovely. Would you care for something to drink?" He said in a poor excuse for a British accent. Part of him wished Ella wasn't here right now. As much as he loved her, she could cramp his style a bit. Wow, that's lame. Who even says that anymore? Besides, what would he do if him and Ceci were alone. They were just friends! And now he was defending himself against his own mind...

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments She didn't try to hide the amusement that flickered over her face as she watched them. And then, Xander gave her the remote anyways. He didn't even have to think about it- and Ceci had known that's what was going to happen in the end. He was always caving in for her. He was kinda a sweetheart, for better or for worse, shethough.

Ceci giggled at his remark back. "Sorry, that's not happening. I came here to spend time with you," she said laid a finger on his chest for a moment before removing it, smiling innocently.

When the previous conversation was clearly over, she looked around for a second, even though nothing was really knew. She knew this place so stinking well- it could be her own house. When she was younger, she'd even slept over a few times. She almost blushed thinking about that. Blushed. But she didn't- she wasn't the blushing type, thank goodness. Her skin wasn't that fair. She looked back over at Xander and smirked. She inched closer to him, and hip bumped him. Instead of replying with his (horrible) british accent, she did the opposite. "No need ta be so formal, honey," she said with a heavy southern drawl. She grinned, her hands at her hips. "But while ya're asking, I would like a glass of water."

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments ?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments ((So, just to be clear, Sam was playing video games at Jake's house, and now Sam is going to drive Winnie home, since he's supposed to be her guy? Sorry, just abit confused...))

Xander could feel his face warming up a bit when Ceci touched his chest, but that was usually what happened when someone of the opposite gender made physical contact. Stupid teenage hormones... He then gave her arm a bit of a shove, though Xander was just teasing. He would never hit Ceci like he did the guys. "Aww. That's so sweet I'm going to get diabetes." He joked.

"Rome would have been so cool to live in..." Ella sighed dreamily. She was always a big history fan, believing she was born in the wrong time.

Xander glanced at the little blonde girl, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, except for the contaminated water, plagues, corrupted government, and bad fashion sense." He said sarcastically. "But you know, minor details. I'm sure it would be grand." Ella stuck her tongue out at him, and he rolled his eyes. Finally, I win one...

Then, Xander turned his attention back to Ceci as she requested a water. He grinned. "Well, get it ya self!" His awful british accent settled into more of a cockney one, which he was much better at. He watched her expectantly, looking all sorts of arrogant and mischevious. Xander just loved messing with her. But, of course, if she were to ask him to get her something, he probably would. He could be a gentleman.

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments ((I switched the names lol I'll fix it AGAIN sorry. You confunsed me because I thought Jake was my character for some reason so I was like oh okay Sam's gonna drive her home? haha))

She giggled a little, which was not uncommon for her. It was mostly just her suppressed laugh that sounded more girlish.
Ceci continued smiling, though it didn't look dumb. It was just natural- this felt like home for her. He's very smart. Opposite of me she thought, not for the first time. But it didn't ruin her mood. She wasn't the type of person to let one minor detail that she thought of as something she couldn't change, a fact, ruin her day or mood. That's why... if she actually was very, very sad, it must be bad.

She rolled her eyes playfully, being as dramatic as possible. The accent had banished completely as she said, "you're the one who asked me if I wanted something to drink. You are so strange", unless you counted a dramatic, drama queen type of voice an accent. "But you know what, fine, I will," she said and flipped her hair as she turned around to get a cup. She picked out a plastic pink cup, not choosing any of the fancier glasses. She filled it up with water from the sink, knowing that was where they usually got their water to drink, instead of from the fridge like at her house.

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments “Seriously, it’s no big deal,” he said quickly, half-trying to convince her, half-trying to convince himself. He would do this for anyone, he reminded himself. And he probably really would. So she shouldn’t be treated any different by him. But then as if a miracle, she changed her mind pretty quickly. “I really don’t mind,” he assured her, bumping his friend, trying to get him to sort of function like a human. "Uhhh yeah Sam drives people home all of the time," Jake agreed stupidly. For being a sort of genius, sometimes....
“So uhhh… cool. My car’s parked in the street. Ready?” Sam asked her, his face flushed.
Jake seemed studied his friend. Jealousy, maybe, or maybe relief as well.
Sam knew he was slightly higher on the social status or whatever, so he was the better "candidate" for driving the most popular girl home though that wasn't saying much.

Wouldn't the guys at school just love to hear this, Sam thought. He could already imagine their grins, and then their good-natured jealousy. Yes, he couldn't wait to tell them. If all went well. "I'll be back in a few," he told Jake, and with that, he was already walked outside. He did hold the door for her though- points for that.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 178 comments "Oh, thank you." Winnie said, giving Sam a small smile. It was kind of adorable how awkward they both were. Winnie had that strange glimmer in her eyes like normal, as if she hid a secret there. She always was a mystery to everyone, which was why sh ewas popular. People were always trying to discover what that little secret was in her eyes, or if there even was one.

Winnie followed him out, muttering a thanks since he opened the door for her. She felt pretty awkward now, too, as she never talked to people like this. Did nerds talk about normal things, or did they only focus on Star Wars and stuff? Like it even mattered. It wasn't like Winnie had to have a conversation. She just had to get home and push this incident behind her.

Following Sam out to his car, Winnie hugged herself to keep out the chill of the night. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something about this Sam character. "Oh, you're the guy who's tutoring Jax, right?" She said after a moment. Jax could use the tutoring. He was a bit of an idiot in anything besides football and girls. "That's cool." She said, using the term loosely.


Xander chuckled as Ceci headed to the kitchen to get her own drink. "I asked if you wanted something, yes, but I didn't offer to get it for you." Just then, his phone started ringing on the coffee table, playfing Ice Ice Baby. He swiped it from the table, glancing at the number. It was his friend Wesley, so Xander figured he should probably answer. "Hey, what's up?"

Wes was a pretty likable guy, laid-back and fairly blunt. Him and Xander had been friends for a long time, though not as long as Xander and Ceci had. "Hey, you up for practice at Lola's in a bit? She has a big announcement aparently..." Xander could imagine Wes shrugging as he often did. Wes did take their little band seriously, though, even though they had yet to get a permanent band name.

Xander glanced at Ceci and Ella. "Um, I'm watching Ella but my parents should be back in about an hour...Uh, huh. Fine. I'm bringing Ceci. Oh, shut up!" He hung up the phone, his cheeks a little bright for some reason. "Ceci, come with me to Lola's in a bit!" He called to her in the kitchen. Ella raised an eyebrow at him.

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Kay [Angel] | 106 comments Ceci pretended to glare at him for a moment, but then couldn't help but smile. "Whatever," he said, just as he was picking up his phone. She took a few sips out of the cup while he talked, noticing his cheeks get pink by the end of the conversation. "I don't have to change, right?" she called, which was sort of an inside joke between them. Once in eighth grade, when she'd been in her complete tom-boy stage, she'd worn sweatpants to a field trip to Watch the Anne Frank Play. Every other girl had worn a dress, and most of the guys had dressed up to. Ever sense then, she asked him if she had to dress up, just as a joke. She could make fun of herself, too. Ceci set the cup down, and walked out of the kitchen. "How's life been, Ella?" she asked casually, with a small smile. She'd known Ella the year she was born, and she'd grown pretty fond of her. "Do you have any boyfriends yet?" The teasing was obvious by the smirk on her face.
He looked behind at her, waiting for her to catch up, though he shouldn't have bothered. The car was like ten feet away. It was taking all of his will-power no to stare at her, or even look at her one second too long. She was truly beautiful and... and something about her eyes... that... that glint. He wanted to know more about her, even when he thought he knew everything. Pretty much every personal thing in her life seemed to be common knowledge at school, though now... he wasn't sure.
He was just getting in when she asked him about tutoring Jax. He waited until she sat down and started the car, before answering. "Yeah, I tutor him. Yeah, it's um... cool... I guess...," he muttered, not seeming too enthusiastic. His teacher had told him he'd get extra credit if he helped some students that were "struggling". He was fine with helping people, he was a pretty good teacher, actually, but he was not fine with taking his time to help someone if they didn't care. And Jax usually fell into that category, until midterms where he was close to not passing the class.

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