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message 1: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 387 comments I didn't know what to write here so I put this. Impressive, ain't it?

♥ Charlotte ♥ (concealdontfeel) | 3 comments Ugh your so talented! I'm gunna cry! XD

message 3: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 387 comments Loooool XD Hahahahaa! I'm dying.
So, are there any particular genres of stories that you like or anything? ^_^

message 4: by ♥ Charlotte ♥ (last edited Nov 20, 2013 05:51PM) (new)

♥ Charlotte ♥ (concealdontfeel) | 3 comments Uhhh anything fiction. anything not real. not realistic. Life the way it is BORES me.

message 5: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 387 comments SAME! I pretty much hate realistic stuff (well, unless it's really dramatic and sob-worthy, that is). Anything fantastical is good with me. So, when you say fiction, do you like stuff like high fantasy or things like paranormal romance? >:)

♥ Charlotte ♥ (concealdontfeel) | 3 comments I don't really know. What would you put in the categories of 'high fantasy' and 'paranormal romance'?

message 7: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 387 comments Hmm... Well, high fantasy I would say would be like Lord of the Rings kind of stuff and Paranormal Romance would be similar to things such as, I dunno, Twilight and Shiver and Unearthy; those kind of stories. I mean, they wouldn't have to be super cheesy, but just kind of werewolf and human or stuff like that. Supernatural creatures, I guess :)
Or we could even go sci-fi if you like that kind of stuff.

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