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Bree Anything would be fine with me. I'm typically a pleaser when it comes to roleplays. When I first start off with someone, I like to give them to option to use any idea that they have that they might not have had the chance to do before. So far, I have yet to find one type of roleplay that I don't like.

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Bree Yes to both. In most of my recent roleplays, I'm the male.

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Bree I suppose so. Give me a moment...

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Bree Would this be taking place in a similar time period to the original Romeo and Juliet?

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Bree Name:Romeo Monaghan




Personality:Romeo is a hopeless romantic who seeks to have the last piece of the puzzle that is his life. At times, he is positive and he finds himself to be the one to give advice, but he also seems to be the one who falls victim to his own far out there hopes and dreams.

History: Romeo is the only son that his parents have, and since his parents have many brothers and sisters, they all share and live at one estate that is known as the Monaghan Castle. He has a great many family members that live there with him who he has had many fond memories with, but even they cannot fill the void in his heart where the touch of a woman is needed.

Other:I can't remember the last time I read Romeo and Juliet, but I do remember one of my favorite moments with Juliet and her Nurse.

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Bree No worries, and ladies first.

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Bree Romeo had just left the church after having confided to Father Laurence about his recent relationship trouble. He had thought that he had found the girl of his dreams, but when he confessed his feelings to her, she refused him. She hadn't thought of him in that way at all. He walked through the streets of Verona wanting to vanish into the shadows that cast onto the walls of the buildings beside him. The sun high above the heavens seemed to put the spot light on Romeo as if to show the world his misery. "Just leave me be.." he said to the sun silently.

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Bree (( Good for you :) ))

Romeo's had rounded a corner when someone had quite literally brought him back into reality by bumping into him. Of all the things that he couldn't have expected of who this stranger was, he most certainly did not expect to see an angelic looking young girl. When she apologized, he smiled. It was such a weird thing, he realized, to apologize for something that didn't need to be apologized for. To him, it was like apologizing for sitting in a chair in a room full of chairs. He hadn't expected an apology, nor had he expected her to turn pale. He shook his head and said "It's alright. I wasn't really looking where I was going, so you don't have to worry about it." The sun had vanished behind a white cloud in the sky and now the spot light was no longer on Romeo. He was deeply grateful for this. He ran a hand through his short dark brown almost hair. It was a habit of his that he had, as was shrugging for almost no reason. "And you don't have to call me sir. We look like we're the same age anyway, so it'd be weird," he said.

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Bree "Romeo," he answered then he found himself smiling more when she curtsied at him. He reached for her hand,then took hold of it gently. He brought her hand to his lips, then he kissed the back of it gently. "It's always a pleasure to meet a beautiful and kind young lady like yourself," he said. Reluctantly, he returned her hand back to her. Her name struck a. Nerve for him. Where had he heard her name before?

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Bree "I thought it was just me. I feel like I've heard your name before as well. I would, however, remember meeting someone as beatufiul as yourself," Romeo said. Her smile...It was unique in its own way, and it made Romeo made smile as well. "Are you from around Verona? I know most of the people that live here, but here is the one person that I wish to know, but I don't," he said with a small laugh.

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Bree "I like your's as well, Juliet," Romeo said then he looked back over his shoulder to see a group of his friends from the Monaghan house walk this way. Romeo silently cursed them for interrupting his conversation with Juliet, then he looked back towards her. "I have to go for now," he said. "It was nice to meet you," he added then he hurried toward his friends and directed them away from Juliet.

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Bree Romeo couldn't help but hear Juliet shout get away when someone grabbed her. He was with his group of friends, and if he was to try to step in, it would look suspicious. He'd only recently gotten over a relationship, and anything new would create arousal and soon rumors would fly. Marcus, one of his friends, clapped Romeo on his shoulder and said "So tonight my friend, myself, yourself, and all these other selves with us are going to the Capulet's ball. It's been too long since we crashed aarty. What do you say?" Romeo didn't have anything else to do, he realized. He nodded his head in compliance. "Sure, I'll go," he answered.

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Bree Romeo and his friends return to the Monaghan house. Before they were to go the ball at the Capulet house, they each needed a mask. Since neither of them had the materials or the creativity to make their own, they decided to purchase some on the way to the ball. Romeo and his friends changed out of their clothes and put on clothes that would fit in it a party and also keep their house color unknown. After his friends had gotten ready, Romeo had found himself remembering Juliet again. Her smile was amazing and her eyes were angelic when she met his gaze. Romeo was brought out his memory when his friend, Mercutio, said that it was time to go. Romeo and his friends stopped by a store on the way there and purchased a mask for each of them.

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Bree Later on during the party, Romeo and his friends entered the party through one of the unguarded doors. The guards of the Capulet's house weren't doing a very good job of keeping watch because they let in a group of six Monaghans. The music played as people mingled and ate the food that seemed to be delicious because it was going quickly. Wine was drunk through painted goblets and every person who was single was wearing a mask. Mercutio elbowed Romeo giving him a side smile when they passed a group of young girls. Mercutio strolled over to them leaving Romeo to his own. He grabbed a wine glass off of a nearby table and took a drink of it.

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Bree Romeo looked down at the girl who bumped into him. "No, it's alright. It happens sometimes," he said then he assessed this girl in front of her. She was dressed in a beautiful blue dress with a mask that high-lighted the sparkle and color in her eyes. He watched the maids clean up the mess of wine on the ground. One of the maids bumped into Romeo making him bump into the masked girl. "I'm so sorry," he said embarassed.

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Bree (( I haven't really felt the desire to reply back to this roleplay. It doesn't interest me anymore sadly. ))

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