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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Hi! So ideas? I like a mix of action and romance, what about you?

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Awesome :) Supernatural or no?

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) I love supernatural too! It sounds like we like the same things so this should be awesome :) I have no plot ideas though, you?

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) While there are some plots I don't mind being the guy in that one I'd prefer the girl, but also the Fallen angel, so....idk, any other ideas?

message 5: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) At the moment not really. Werewolves are my favorite....

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Plot ideas for that?

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Supernatural spy thing?

message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Cool, so now plot and or doubles for this?

message 9: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) idk though...I'm idealess....

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) So if doubles they can be on opposite sideS?

message 11: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Okay....I'll do a werewolf(boy) and a Fey (girl)

You make yours first though? Got a bunch of rps going right now, really simple is good with me. Just name age species and appearance if you want?

message 12: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Name: Logan Reeves
Age: 19
Apperance: description description
Species: Werewolf

Name: Jessica Hart
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Winter Fey
Appearance: description

message 13: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Can you? And who should be on who's side?

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Logan was running through the woods in his wolf form, trying to clear his mind a bit. Him and Alec had just gotten back from a mission a few hours ago and he was trying to relax, and to him that's what this was.

Jessica was walking through the park with her partner, but she'd had to get up early that morning and was not in a very good mood, the temperature dropping a bit around her.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) She rolled her eyes at Georgie. "Well sorry, in a bad mood today so if you want to keep you flowers unfrozen then being around me isn't the best idea...."

Logan shifted back into a human as he heard his name, "Alec? What's up?" He asked, cracking his neck and stretching a bit.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Since this is spyish I was kind of thinking they'd both work for different spy agencies and run into each other on a mission or something. Want to do that or have them meet here?))

message 17: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Alright :)))

Logan sniffed the air too, wrinkling his nose a bit. "I say we check it out....

"I can't help it! I don't like being woken up at 6AM, that is way too early....Maybe not for a spring fey, but definitely for Winter.....

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "It's fine." She sighed, "just next time wait a few more hours please...." She replied, then looked up too, nodding. "Yeah, I near it...." She said, tensing a bit.

Logan followed after him, staying in his human form for now as he knew there'd probably be humans out there too.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((I thought they were in the park not a private garden?))

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((and can we also please not make it a love at first sight...those get on my nerves... Sorry :/ I'm being kinda picky....))

message 21: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Alright...and sorry for being so picky....))

Jessica had also looked over, raising an eyebrow at Alec's expression. "Um hello? You alright?"

Logan ran in right behind Alec, just in time to hear Georgie's question. "We uh....we thought we heard something so we wanted to see what it was, right Alec?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Jessica crossed her arms, waiting for their response as well. But hey, the day had just gotten a bit more interesting....

Logan just shook his head. He had no idea....He'd never encountered something like this....

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Sorry! Didn't see this but have no idea what to do...))

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