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Book VS Movie?
Lobna Lobna Nov 20, 2013 04:30PM
Why did they keep making those movies , The movie made me really angry , nothing is correct but 20 % of the book, the movie was awful!!
I couldn't believe how they ruined one of the best books.
I think They should stop ruining the series and stop making those movies.

I honestly think they should just stop there. Like they beat Kronos has already been beaten by the "cursed blade", so why bother?
They ruined the entire plot, almost all the characters.... like, It's not even really Percy Jackson anymore. Me and my boyfriend spent the whole movie re-naming all the characters. Except Mr.D, they did him pretty well in the second movie.
But I think if they actually DID think about continuing it, they should re-do the whole thing, like Bruce said, but with maybe Rick working on set. Maybe he could make the screen play and be there the entire time they are making the movie. So he can smack them with the book whenever they try to be creative.

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Alondra I agree with you. Personally I want them to continue but honestly connect it more with the Books of course. If Rick was there I bet it wouldve and wou ...more
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Is this even a question? The obvious answer is the book!

i havent seen it yet, but i TOTALLY understand!! That ALWAYS happens when I watch a movie where ive already read the book. I go out of my way 2 point out the missing or added stuff! :) Now i REALLY want 2 c it!
c what kind of wrong stuff they put in it!

New director, new movie, right? NOT! This movie was really bad, it was slightly closer to the book than the first one, but was still inaccurate and plain awful.

I think the director planned to end the Percy Jackson series right here. I mean, they gave the Great Prophecy, defeated Kronos, and lived happily ever after. What more was there to do? They should just redo the whole freaking movies with Riordan as the Screenplay Writer like Suzanne Collins was for The Hunger Games. At least it would be closer to the book.

After thhis movie this was my reaction. *Deep Breath* "Im Going To The Bathroom!" *Gose To Bathroom.* "WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTFFFFFF AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHHHH WRTF WTF WTF WTFF WTFFTFFFFFFFFFFFFF WWWWWHHHAAATTTT THHHHEEEE FFFFUUUUQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *Screams Lunges Out.* *Walks Back Into Liveing Room Friends With Very Awkward Faces*.

I think they should start over again, with the first book and make the movie actually like the book. Then maybe they would have a chance to save the franchise.

Littarly I Raged That Much

I agree with Bruce! They should also wipe the thing from everyone's minds and destroy every evidence that this dishonoring film ever existed, and then execute the guy who wrote the movie script.

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I cant really blame a lot of the changes on the people who took over to do SoM, they had a very limited scope considering they had to make it flow with TLT movie which was just a disaster.

So I thought they followed the book as much as they could with still making it cohesive with the first movie. I'd much rather watch the SoM movie than the first one, at least it sort of followed the plot of the book and they put in a lot of references only book readers would understand.

That being said I do wish they'd just scrapped it and started over completely from the beginning. Gotten age appropriate actors and told the story faithfully. I hope someday that will happen, because I think it could be really successful if done right.

Yeah. The films would be really good if they were actually accurate.

when watching the movie I was muttering to myself going, that did NOT happen. They seriously stuffed the whole thing up, get it RIGHT people. I don't get it how some people who have actually RED the book actually LIKE it I'm like seriously!? I hated it, the actors, story line and everything. They could even get the AGE right, they are TWELVE in the first book, NOT fifteen or whatever. Chuck it in the trash and start again. They ruined one of my favorite series and I want a proper movie. :(

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