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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Hey! So what are some of your ideas? :)

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- (renkks) Hmmm I like doing seemingly generic types of stories but with allot twists. Pick which you like.
Angels vs demons
Medieval magic
Spirits vs spirit warriors

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments I really love Fey. Like with the Seelie and Unseelie courts and all....

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- (renkks) Fufu. Okay potential plot. (Boy) Is a half fey human although not knowing that fact, girl is a full fey princess of the unseelie court looking for a chance at the throne as well as a loyal servant who will help put her in front by being her champion in the fey tournament. Lots of conspiracy and cool ways to twist the plot. Yeah?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Ooh, I like it! Would you mind if I was the girl, or did you prefer to be? :)

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- (renkks) No problem, could you do your charrie first?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Sure! I'll have her up in just a bit...

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- (renkks) Name: Axel Conway
Age: 17
(With pointed ears he likes to keep hidden)
Personality: The kind of guy that doesnt want to do anything, and thinks most things are too much of a pain and effort so he just puts on his headphones and skates by in life. He likes to avoid fights, but is rather clever in what he does. He is blunt and says what he needs to, and doesnt do tact.
Powers: His half fey side is like a feral monster, that he usually keeps deep down inside him, but whenever it gets out havoc insues. He is suprisingly good with a sword, better than he wants to be. And he is really fast when he wants to get away
Secret: Really the illegimate son of the Seelie king, but it wont be found out for a while.

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Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Name: Airlia Rei Sydelle
Nickname: Lia
Age: Looks 17
Personality: Lia is a very somber, serious person by nature who never really has time for fun. She is blunt and unknowingly sarcastic. Lia tries to stay to her duties and focus herself on power. She is quite focused on the way she thinks things are supposed to be and traditions in the courts. Lia, though, is different from her siblings because sometimes it seems she has human characteristics. She feels a little more than they do. Lia hates that. She hates that it makes her look weak. So, she stays tough and independent.
Powers: Control over ice/snow/winter. She has all the standard fey gifts, plus a gift for astral projections. In terms of weapons, Lia has a silver bow and arrow which she is deadly accurate with. She also keeps a dagger on her for hand to hand combat. She is a talented fighter, but mainly relies on her resourcefulness.
Other: Lia is the youngest of the five princes and princesses, but she intends to be the one with the throne.

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- (renkks) Whoop. Wanna start or shall I?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Could you start? :)

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- (renkks) Axel had a terrible dream last night. He was in a land of ice and snow, blood dripping from him, as he faced a beautiful girl as she smiled a cruel smile at him. That smile puzzled him until he looked down at his hand. His usually clean cut finger nails were long black and broken. His arms had black tattoos crawling over him. Everything was foreign. Then he noticed crawling up his face was some sort of plaster and no matter how he tried to rip it off it spread faster. "No. No. He yelled as he looked back at the girl as the plaster started to crawl up his face. She was still smiling as his face was completely encircled. Darkness.His vision darkening as he slowly sank into himself facing a mirror that sapped the color from him. It had the same cruel smile.

He woke up sweating as his mother banged on the ceiling telling him he was late. He rubbed his eyes sliding out of bed as he passed piles of xbox games and books strewn on the floor. He checked the mirror carefully that morning. Same old same old. Just a dream he calmly told himself unable to keep from touching his ears.

What a pain. He thought as he walked the hallways of the school. It was already starting to be a bad day, as his persists ant English teacher was trying to get him serious about some essay contest, and when he forgot he had a ten page paper on the Cold War due tomorrow. He sighed as his best friend jabbered on about some girl he was in love with this week. Axel nodded along as he put a earbud into his ear as he walked into math. All because of that stupid dream...

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Airlia had been watching Axel Conway for a little while now. She was halfway convinced that he could be the champion she had been looking for for the past three months. Lia had already found five others who, after careful examination, she decided were not worth her time. But, this one would be different. Lia was sure of it. Or maybe she was just overly eager to take her rightful place as a Queen. However, Lia was no queen yet, as much as she hated to admit it. Presently, she sat in a math class at some human high school where she had used a little fey trickery to make the teachers think she was a new student. It was from the seat in the direct middle of the room that she saw Axel enter the room. She had made her decision. This boy would have to be the one who would help her to the top. How strange to fight him here of all places, though, in this strange human place. Schools were quite odd...

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- (renkks) (Ah I just edited my last post. You beat me to it.)

Axel took his seat and was about to put his backpack down when he noticed the empty seat behind him occupied. Curiosity made him look up and what he saw made his eyes widen, his backpack fall to the floor and made him take two steps back. It was her .
"Mr. Conway. Is something wrong with your seat?" The teacher asked from somewhere behind him. But he couldn't register it. The girl with the cruel smile. He felt his fight or flight mode kick in, and as usual it was tuned to run away as fast as you can. "Sorry, I need to go to the nurse for a minute." He heard himself say as he shuffled backwards and bolted from the class. It can't be hear, I must be subconsciously seeing her as the same person since her face is new to me.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia watched Axel dash out of the room, face expressionless. Mr. Wendall looked a little flustered for a moment, though. When he regained his composure, he called the class to order and began rambling on about quadratics and some test that was coming up. Lia couldn't care less when all the human teenagers groaned at the word. Once the class had begun the assignment after another moment, Lia walked up to Mr. Wendall's deskto repeat the words she had heard many other students say before, the ones that seemed to get a child out of class with ease. "May I please use the restroom?" The words sounded odd in her mouth, as if she wasn't quite sure she were saying them right. And of course Lia sounded way too proper to be a teenager asking to go to the bathroom.

Mr. Wendall looked as if he had lost his train of thought for a moment. Then, he nodded quickly and signed a slip of paper which he then gave to Lia. Lia took it, offering the authority figure a slight nod to show respect. Lia stepped outside, shutting the door behind her. She began to walk down the humid hallways to find her champion.

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- (renkks) Axel was catching his breathe as he rested in his favorite spot on campus, the roof. what is wrong with me? It can't possibly be her. It's some sort of retroactive replacement. In the dream she wasn't even scary.....what was scary was.... His thoughts went back to his reflection. It wasn't him, he knew it, somewhere deep down it frightened him however. More than a dream should. He thought about going back to class, he didn't want to cause his single mother any worries about him skipping. But now looking at the calm sky, and the sounds of nature, he couldn't help but put his headphones on and close his eyes. It would be a pain to go back and explain to that nosy old teacher.... best stay here for a while! away from the girl with the dangerous smile.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Airlia finally found herself climbing a set of rickety metal stairs. Oddly, though, they did not creak when she walked on them. Her step was far too unnaturally graceful to make a sound. A door at the top of the stairs opened up to the roof of the school. It was still fairly early, so it wasn't really bright out yet. Lia appreciated that, as she was no fan of the brightness. But it was there that Airlia could make out the figure of Axel Conway, who had his back turned to her. She took a step towards him, and then stopped, checking her words before she walked closer. Lia was then right behind him. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me. I believe I took a wrong turn...I was looking for the public restroom." Lia spoke cautiously, as she was truly just wanting to judge his reaction. She wanted to know how much he knew, for she could tell he wasn't human. Or perhaps she was mistaken....Either way, he had reacted as if he recognized her earlier. Lia needed answers.

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- (renkks) Axel was calmly listening to his favorite Sum 41 song, when out of the quiet-calm came a voice that he most dreaded to hear. He froze. Those stairs should have creaked loudly enough for him to hear, even with those headphones. It always worked with the school janitor came up here to make sure no one was trespassing, which gave Axel enough time to hide. And when she finished her sentence he grew even more bewildered. He didnt turn back, nor take out his headphones. "What kind of moron comes to the roof looking for the bathroom?" He said, hoping to anger her so that she would leave quickly and he can get back to his regular-boring existence. And who says public restroom? She gave off a incredibly weird feeling to him, like she was from a foriegn country or.... another world. No no no, don't go there Axel, don't go there.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments "And what kind of moron would end up on the roof on their way to the office of the nurse?" Airlia countered, one eyebrow raised. Lia had no idea what a "nurse's office" was but imagined it was the dwelling of an apothecary of sorts. Surely a nurser of children would not reside in a high school. And did this "nurse" actually live here? "You caught me. I came to this roof intentionally so that I might kidnap you and take you to the a world of faeries." She smirked at him, as if it was just a sarcastic remark. Of course, she was simply telling the truth, but any passerby would think she was just rude. For a moment, Lia actually looked like a normal, sassy teenager. Then, Lia gestured to his music playing device. "What are you listening to?" She had heard kids say that before and figured it was a socially acceptable sentence. She assumed Axel had intended to get rid of her, but Airlia needed answers now. So, Lia simply bantered for now as she tried to assess him. It was so much easier for Lia remain in control over conversations in the faerie realm, though...

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- (renkks) "Tch. What a lame joke, what kind of highschooler believes in faeries anymore." He said with an annoyed expression and continued to ignore her, as he closed his eyes and lay back on his arms, pretending she wasn't there. She seemed normal enough, he though hesitantly, but he couldn't shake the feeling, something made him extremely uneasy, restless, like he was going to burst any second, and that something had to be this girl. It wasn't just the resemblance to the dream, it was her, her presence made him feel....odd. "It's something you probably couldn't care less about, so, why did you follow me? Odds are I am not interested, just so you know...." He said, deciding to get to the point so that he can get back to normal. As he cracked open one eye and met hers, although reluctantly, because his dream came to his mind again.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Airlia studied him. Sometimes she got that look in her eyes, a calculating look that an ice queen might wear. But it didn't exactly look queenly. It was almost like she was trying to hard to be older and more authoritative than she was, like a little girl wearing her mother's makeup. That was truly all Lia was. But of course she thought differently...Lia then sat down beside him Axel, her legs pulled up toward her chest with her arms wrapped around her knees. Axel Conway was confusing, that was for sure. And his comment about faeries...a tad offensive. "Interested in what?" She asked finally, truly not understanding. Lia just shook her head. "Oh, nevermind. You tell me, because I did not follow you up here. Why would I?" Of course, being Fey, Lia couldn't lie outright. So, she bended the truth. She did not follow Axel up here. She didn't have to....because she already knew where he was.

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- (renkks) The hairs on his arms stood upright when she sat next to him, and instinctively he scooted away a bit, to put some distance between them, though she seemed a bit strange, he didn't want to freak out for no reason. Louis, his best friend, wouldn't let him hear the end of it. "How should I know?" He asked waving his hand as if to shoo away something "Most people don't even know how to get up here, and yet you on your first day find this place like nothing, don't mess with me." He said leaning up again and facing her face on. He decided to just go for it. "Have you seen me before today" He said pointing to his face and glaring at her, just to see if maybe his theory on his dream was correct.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia was a bit ammused, to say the least. Humans were so pecuilar and it was almost as if he were afraid to be around her. Strange, it was. "'Don't mess with you'? What are you talking about?" She hadn't heard that term before but from context clues, she figured it had something to do with deceit. Lia certainly was not lying. "I have never met you before today. And technically, I still haven't. You did not even give me a name." That was the truth. Never before had Lia met Axel, but she had watched him from a distance, studying him from afar to see if he truly had what it took to be her champion. Truthfully, Axel Conway would not have been her first choice. But, a champion had something to do with bloodlines. It was almost if Lia could sense someone with strong enough blood to be a warrior in the tournament. But Axel sure did not seem like a champion at the moment to Lia, or maybe that was just her distaste for humans in general. "Are you alright? Maybe you do need to go to the office where the nurse resides...." Her eyes remained blank, giving away nothing. She truly looked the part of a cold princess.

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- (renkks) She certainly seemed from another world, and it made him feel hot white fear in him, almost as if instinctively he knew she was a threat, and he had to get away from her somehow. She didn't even seem as if she was lying, but something in her eyes, emotionless, and cold, he could feel as if she knew him from before, coupled with her strange words, made him jump up and back away again, like in the classroom. All the hair on his body was standing on end. "What do you want from me......" He asked slowly, as if she was some wild animal ready to strike him, although she just looked like a normal girl sitting there, he knew, he knew she wasn't normal. He didnt notice his fingernails growing and darkening at the time.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia narrowed her eyes at the boy. She rose to her feet, gaze never shifting from his eyes. "Axel, I think you need to go to see the nurse..." She said, taking a cautious step towards him. "Are you on any medication?" Another hesitative step. Airlia didn't even realized she had used his name. That must have seemed quite odd, considering she wasn't supposed to know it. Then, Lia looked behind her, towards the door. She sighed, as if the whole business of talking to Axel annoyed her. Suddenly, Lia's composure shifted, as if nothing had happened and Axel wasn't freaking out and asking weird questions. Then, she looked at him, expression somber. "You should get back to class now. If you meet me at the end of the day, I will explain everything to you." And then, Lia turned on her heal and walked away, swift and graceful. Her footsteps again made no sound as she left Axel on the roof alone.

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- (renkks) He felt a little angry, like he was the one creeping her out. True from the outside his behavior would have looked very odd, but something in her eyes, made him think he was right. Wait, wait, wait, she called him Axel. She knew his name. That quickly assuaged his fears, she was definitely some sort of stallker, should he report this? He didn't have any proof though. He felt himself relax as she left. He then decided to meet her after school, and see what this was about, then report. He nodded to himself like that was a brilliant plan. He picked up his headphones, and headed downstairs to his next class. Never seeing his hand return to normal.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Once school was over, Lia was waiting in the little courtyard in front of the school, sitting on a stone bench and staring at a flower that grew so it relied solely on the concrete seat to keep it straight up, as it layed against it heavily. Lia didn't see Earthly flowers often, but she had always been fascinated by them. The plants in the Nevernever were way more...entrancing and mystical. Some of them truly had minds of their own. But, none were ever so simple as a human rose or tulip or lily. And of course, nothing like this would grow in the Unseelie realm. Lia sighed, waiting for Axel. She hoped he wouldn't bring that annoying friend of his. And, even more so, she hoped Axel would actually show up. Hopefully he did not call the local authority figures in fear that Airlia was something that she wasn't. Hopefully, this would go well and he would be compliant. She still had no clue just how to inform this seemingly insignifficant human about something beyond imagine.

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- (renkks) Axel had to pry his friend away from him, so that he could settle this, and when he saw her in the courtyard he had to take a calming breathe. He had already had his reply ready. Thank you, but I can't return your feelings, let's just be friends, it's not you it's me. Hopefully she would take the hint before he had to be blunt. He loosened a button on his shirt as he stood before her. "We'll? What's this everything that you have to explain, but make it short, I have a big essay I didn't even start yet." He said as if this was normal, that she was normal.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia raised an eyebrow. "Make it short? Are you being sarcastic?" She remarked, incredulous. She appraised him coldly. Lia had trouble keeping in mind that this human was ignorant. Or maybe he wasn't human...Either way, he made Lia loose her patience quickly. "Are you sure you are on no medications? Your mood swings seem to change rather frequently...." Lia rolled her eyes. "Well, anyway, you should probably come with me. We shouldn't speak here." Lia glanced around at all the mortal children who laughed and fooled around. How simple there lives truly seemed to her! At least they didn't have siblings who were prepared to kill them if necessary. "And there is much to say, so unfortunately, I do not believe you will be able to finish your paper tonight. You do not really seem like one who would mind failing anyway." She waved her hand, as if he really was not worth her time. Lia's oppinion of Axel still wasn't very high. She almost seemed like some mean popular human girl, although much more heartless.

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- (renkks) "Tch, whatever, let's go." He said turning her back to her again, shoving his hands into his pockets, and heading back to school, to go back to the roof. He wasn't sure what she meant that he probably wouldn't finish his paper that night, and he rather didn't want to know. She looked far from enamored by him, maybe she isn't a stalker? Than what could she want? Her comment about failing annoyed him though. "I am ranked 2nd in the school by the way, you shouldn't go by appearances." He mentioned as they made their way back up the rickety metal stairs, not hearing her footsteps put him on edge again. He felt this before, the feeling she was giving off to him, as a child he had hallucinations of creatures that shouldn't exist, even spoke with them a few times, but when his mother found out she freaked out, and sent him to a psychiatrist. Maybe..... maybe, this girl is really just another one of his hallucinations. That's the best case scenario at this point, sad as that seems.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia followed him silently. "Shouldn't judge by appearances? A wise principle, of course. But I care not whether or not you are top of yout class." Knowing all about the civil war wouldn't help where she was taking him. Airlia raised an eyebrow then. "If I do remember correctly, you were terrified of me a moment ago. You seem brave suddenly for someone who has no clue..." Perhaps there was a little pity in her voice for a moment, but it was gone as soon as it came. Lia did feel sorry for him, though, because chances were he would die as soon as he stepped foot in her realm. "Have you ever used a weapon, Axel Conway?" As she spoke, Lia pulled a dagger seemingly out of thin air, for she had concealed it with her own magic. She studied him with he remotionless eyes, taking a step closer to the teenager. "Please tell me, Axel, what kind of highschooler believes in faeries anymore?" She said, repeating his words from earlier.

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- (renkks) He had gotten to the roof when she had started speaking and had turned around abruptly, when her voice started to change. He kept his stance steady as she started to approach him. He was terrified. But he didn't want to go on those awful medications anymore. He had pretended those had worked, and finally he was taken off them. He found it best just to deal with these things quickly, see what she wanted, then pretend she never existed, like those other creatures....
That's when she asked him that question, and his eyes widened in shock as she pulled some sort of dagger out of thin air. He felt his jaw drop, as this had never happened before. But this wasn't the first time these things tried to hurt him.
"No.." He said, taking a step back as she pulled a step further. "I never really used a weapon before, but..... I do know how to defend myself against you things!" He pulled out of his shirt, a long cross shaped necklace, except it was made out of the one thing that could save him..... iron.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Airlia raised an eyebrow. "You things? Ouch..." She then felt a shiver run down her spine. Then she realized it was iron, and that was why she suddenly felt uneasy. Lia took a step back, narrowing her eyes at Axel as if trying to judge his intelligence. How stupid could this mortal be? Even though she was a bit rattled by the sight of such dangerous metal, Airlia didn't look it. She had spent years fighting and learning to conquer her fears. A silly human boy couldn't scare her. She wondered how such a creature could ever be her champion... "Are you daft? I am not the one uou need to be worrying about...I don't see how you'll ever win that blasted tournament!" She sighed. Lia's eyes stayed the same blank slates as she chose her words. "You cannot be serious....You've never used a real weapon? Well, we'll have to get you one if you hope to survive." It seemed then that Lia remembered something. "You, Axel Conway, have...special blood, it seems. You will be my champion."

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- (renkks) "I don't need to worry about you? You just pulled a dagger out on me!" He said still holding the cross out as she continued speaking, her eyes had become dangerous, her demeanor, like a cat ready to pounce. Faeries.... she had said before. Is that what these things were? Faeries? What a innocent word, for things that seemed so dangerous. "Champion, what made you think I would be your champion? And what do you mean by special blood. Answer me!" Tournament, champion, weapons.... what on earth was this girl talking about, was this really some sort of hallucination? Or was it something more dangerous.... It was true, he never held a weapon before, but he had been in fights. More than a few. Being smart from a young age, and also freaking out and doing odd things sometimes, he was a target. It felt like gangs and deliquents flocked to him, to teach him a lesson, they had said. And he quickly learned how to defend himself, even from the dangerous sorts. Luckily, he had changed Highschools, and he got away from that free-for-all they called middle school. If it came to a fight with her, whatever she was, he was confident he could win, especially with the piece of iron in his hands.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments "Answer you? Excuse me?" Lia took a step closer, coldness practically radiating off of her. She was headstrong and anyone who gazed upon her would tell she was a leader. Her chin was high and her eyes were icy and fearless. But there was that odd little glimmer in her eyes that was much like a little girl. A little girl playing pretend. "I am Lia, princess of the Unseelie court and you will not command me to do anything. Besides, isn't it againt a human male's code of ethics to harm a female?" Translation: Isn't it wrong to hit a girl? "Put that necklace away before you get yourself hurt. Because believe me, I could give you something to really worry about. Anyway, as I said before I am Fey royalty. And I will queen one day. You, Axel, will help me get the crown." She looked him up and down, wondering suddenly how good her decision was. "You see, there is a Fey tournament in which I must have a champion to compete in my honor. That's where you come in. If you win, that gets me one step closer to the throne." And one step ahead of her dear siblings. "Any other idiotic questions?"

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- (renkks) She was insane! "Oh, so your a faerie princess who want's me to be her knight in order to get a crown- THERE'S NO WAY i WOULD BELIEVE THAT." He yelled as he lowered his cross, in order to put her at ease and off her guard, so that he could make a break for it. Damn himself, for choosing a place with only one exit. "Why would I help you? Why would I become some sort of champion? Even if you aren't crazy, and your actually telling the truth, which I doubt. What makes you think I'll help you?" He asked. Although he was starting to feel that fear again. Her could gaze, the amount of power radiating off her, it was making him break a sweat. And when she stared at him, it felt like she was sizing him up, like how one might size up a horse to bet on. It creeped him out. I've gotta make a break for it. He said with growing panic. It's not like she can just kidnap me right?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia was not at all fazed by his little outburst. "You already believe it, Axel. You know what I'm saying true. Stop lying to yourself." She rolled her eyes. Stupid boy... "And why wouldn't you? It is considered an honor where I come from. Besides, what else is there for you? Are you going to just stay here and keep living a lie? This people don't understand you, do they? I've had my eye on you for awhile, Axel. I know you don't belong in this world." She was rather frank the way she said it, as Lia often didn't consider the feelings of others. Honestly, Lia had not anticipated on Axel not wanting to come with her and compete. Thousands would die for the opprotunity to participate in the tournament. May of them actually did.... "Now, would you like to come with me the easy way or the hard way?" Airlia looked at him expectantly, almost as if she could will him with he reyes to do as she pleased.

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- (renkks) She was right about one thing. He did believe it. Deep down, almost as if the institincual part of him was clawing at the information, for him to accept it. He was taken aback even further, if it was possible, by what she said. It was true, he never fit in. He never was able to make many friends, mostly because he was always getting into fights with people who just, for some reason, didn't like him. Like he wasn't apart of their world. Like all he had been doing this time was just watching the lives pass by, a spectator, a bystander. He never truly belonged. And deep down, he had always yearned for a place to belong.
That didn't mean he was about to drop everything and risk his life for some complete stranger who had pointed it out to him, just because his ears were a bit pointy.
When she was telling him to come with her, he had saw his chance, and he threw the cross at her, and then made a dash for the stairway. If he knew dangerous, that look she gave him was it. That expectation.
"You won't catch me" He yelled behind him as he reached the door.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Fortunately, Lia was always on her guard and had super quick reflexes. He managed to dodge the bit of iron that came flying at her and then she turned to watch Axel try to run away. Did he realize how ridiculous this was? Did he realize that she was a powerful out-of-this world creature who could snap him like a twig if she wanted? Okay, maybe not, but that wasn't the point! Lia certainly could catch him. So, she simply jumped off the roof. Literally. She landed gracefully on the pavement below. No human children were around now, as they had all gone home. Then, Lia went to where the entrance of the stairs to the roof was and waited. Axel would be there any time now...How would she ever get this boy to be a warrior? How would he be able to win against her sister's knight, who was quite the competitor? How would Lia eve rget the crown she deserved? "Come on...." She muttered. Humans were slow.

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- (renkks) Axel thought himself very lucky that he didn't notice her following him. Hopefully this faerie, whoever she was, was the type to give up easily. He swung around the railing, and had come to the bottom of the stairs when she was right there in front of him. He had to pull himself to a stop to keep from colliding from her. She looked pissed, and he assumed it wasn't a good thing for him if she was pissed. "How did you-, when did you-," Apparently she had took his challenge to heart. And now he didn't even have any iron handy, his last plan was the only one he had. "When I meant you won't catch me, I meant I hope you wouldn't try to catch me...." he muttered. Apparently, fey royalty were a lot quicker, than the usual fey that had tormented him as a child. And she wanted to throw him into a ring with one of them?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia put an arm on his shoulder so he wouldn't fall into her. "Watch it." She hissed, obviously ticked off. "Well, you should say what you mean." Lia's lip curled up slightly in disdain for the boy. "Now, are we going to stop this nonsense? I'm sick of these silly games. Let's go." She demanded. Lia didn' thave time for any of this. She wondered if Axel was always this idiotic...Her decision kept looking better and better, it seemed. But it technically wasn't her decision. The competetor had to have that 'special blood'. Fate decided for her. "I promise that you will be rewarded greatly if you win. And if you should have it, you would be given a high status in the court." He could be a knight, that was for sure. "Come on. There's a portal near here..." Lia waited. She honestly had no clue why he wouldn't want to be her champion. Anyone would love the chance to be in the princess' favor and have all the fame and riches from winning. Plus, she offered him position! He would be a fool if he didn't take her offer!

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- (renkks) Axel didn't see what choice he had now. Running from her had failed. Refusing her offer, continuously had obviously failed, proving that he had no business being any sort of champion had failed. Now all he was left to do was get dragged along by this strange girl, that really terrified him, more than inspired him. He just didn't know what to do anymore besides knock her down and jump out a window.
Isn't this what you wanted? Didn't you want to find your father, that your mother had never once told you about? asked a voice inside him, a voice that had terrible timing. That was true, he had always wanted to know about his father, but his mother never mentioned him, and when he brought it up, she usually burst into tears. He felt his resolve shaken. If he did have faerie blood, as this girl implied, wasn't this really the only chance he had? He sighed, feeling himself make a decision, he was probably, definitely going to regret. "I don't care about having high status, or whatever it is, in your court. If I am going to do this I only want one thing from you. And that is help finding my true father." He said, not really believing himself. He was really going to duel faeries for a father that had abandoned him? Insanity must be contagious.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Lia narrowed her eyes at him. "We have a deal, then. I swear that I will help you find your father." She felt a ping of sympathy but didn't show it. Of course, Lia's father had passed away in a noble fashion. He had died fighting for the Unseelie court. Lia barely knew him, truly, but she still was depressed for a bit. She had a different father than most of her siblings, but they all had the same mother: the queen. Most of their fathers were noble men and Lords. But, they would never show sadness if they lost a parent, because Lia's siblings didn't love. Such a thing was frowned upon. "I shall have you know that promises are quite serious in the Faery Realm. When you swear to something, you must keep to your word." She waved her hand as if to wave the thought away for the moment. "I'll tell you all you need to know about fighting and dealing with fey. In good time, though. Now, come along." She turned on her heel and began to walk foreward. Lia then mumbled something to herself. "Quinn's champion wasn't this stubborn..."

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- (renkks) He had heard that aside to herself and he said defensively. "All things considering, I thought I had taken that pretty well. It's not everyday that you get told your some half-faerie, and some princess begs you to be her knight." He said as he followed her, wondering how he was going to tell him mother about this at all. He wasn't one to ever take back his word on something, but he remembered a few things he read about faeries. They cannot lie, they hate iron, and if you eat and dance with them, that's the end of you. He thought about those things as he continued to follow her.... fighting and dealing with fey. Did he really stand a chance? Atleast she thinks so..... Although that wasn't the least bit comforting. "Where are we heading to now?" He asked. She had said she was Unseelie, but he had forgotten which were the friendlier sort of fey, was that rude to ask? He had so many questions.... and he wondered how these rules effected himself. He could lie easily, iron only made him slightly itch, and he knew his singing would never enchant anyone. Was he really half faerie?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments "Mmm," She mumbled distractedly, not really concerned with him at the moment. "If you had taken it well you would not have tried to kill me with a necklace." Lia kept walking, turning a street corner. "And I did not beg you to do anything. I do not beg." She protested. Wow, this boy was irritating. Couldn't he just walk in silence? Nope, he had to ask questions. Of course, Lia thought bitterly. "The portal is under a, uh, place called Underland. I'm not sure what that means..." Underland was a popular teenage hangout spot, especially for delinquents skipping school. The whole thing was underground, but the portal was supposed to be at an even lower level. The hangout was dark and equipped with a skatepark and arcade games. Lia didn't know what any of that meant. But she did know the Fey who ran the place....Tricky woman, she was. "I think it's this way...Any more stupid questions, Axel?"

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- (renkks) He had to smile a little, because he finally got to give her a little torment, and she was clearly rising to the bait, since her pride was concerned. Underland, great. He muttered to himself, knowing that getting through that place wasn't going to be easy for him, since his usual enemies liked to hang out there. She sure knew how to give him the worst case scenario. "Oh, I should tell my-" Why should you tell your mother? She has been hiding this from you.... making you think you were crazy, hasn't she? That voice whispered in his mind. "Ah, no, nevermind. Lead the way. Though I have one more stupid question." He said putting his arms behind his head as he looked away. "What's your name, faerie princess?" He asked. He never got around to asking it, what with trying to run from her this whole time that is. It seemed like a good time to ask either way.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments Airlia sighed, exasperated. Was training him going to be this exhausting? She hoped not...Then, Lia was a bit taken back by his question. She had been expecting him to ask another question about faeries or the tournament or the the chances of his survival. She hadn't realized that she had yet to tell him her name. "I am Airlia. But you may call me Lia, as most do." She maintained her calm, cool composure. "Another thing you should know about the Fey folk. No one would dare tell you their full names. Names have power. If you know one's true name, you gain a sort of power over them. Axel Conway is not your true name. That's a human name given to you by those of this world." She glanced at him over her shoulder. "And before you ask, I do not know your actual name." They were almost to Underland. Lia then looked as if she remembered something. "Oh, and when we get there....Try not to talk or do anything stupid. It would be unfortunate if you were to die before you entered the arena. It would be quite tedious to have to find another competitor last minute..."

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- (renkks) He looked her over. Her demeanor, her eyes, and even her voice, were extremely cold, emotionless. But he felt as if that were a facade for some reason. He didn't know what it was, but it seemed a bit.... forced. "Lia. It's a nice name, fits you well." He thought. He even has another name.... What has he been doing until now? Suddenly everything felt largely unimportant to him. He wasn't sure what set it off, maybe it was that he knew so little about himself, that everything around him had changed drastically in a way that he knew the way he perceived things was different. It was rather hard to explain.... it was almost as if he was stepping through a dream. That the world was on pause as he was racing forward. He wasn't sure if he liked that feeling.
"You seem to have so much faith in me, I'm honored." He said sarcastically where she basically forbid him to do anything but breathe and follow her around, but he was still a bit nervous. He didn't want to get into a real fight with anyone today. Maybe reality would come crashing in again.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 64 comments "Shut up, hero." Lia said, voice dripping in sarcasm and pure disdain. She could imagine Quinn right now with his champion who had been fighting his whole life. They could already be discussing strategy and how they were going to win, no problems at all. Lia could see her sister, Vera, sitting at a table in the palace staring into her mirror at visions of the champions. Lia could imagine the sinister girl just laughing....and laughing...and laughing.
"I suppose this is it." She muttered as she spotted a small, black building with a Neon sign that read: Un erland: This W y!!!. Some of the letters had short circuited it seemed, but Lia guessed it was directing her down the metal staircase in front of her due to the glowing red arrow pointing down. She descended the stairs.
The place was dark but the walls had glowed with different pictures. It was loud there and Lia could hear wheels on the ground and people talking and laughing. Sounds from the arcade games traveled in from an adjoining room. Lia could see the kids sitting at tables and eating some kind of traingular food that smelled like tomatoes.
Where was that old Fey...?

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- (renkks) "I suppose since Fey can't lie, you really do believe I am a hero." He said with a amused expression, before the neared the dilapidated building. She seemed lost in thought for a moment, before declaring that they found it, and they descended down the dark stairs, as Axel pulled his hood up over his ears, and down over his face, to avoid anyone seeing him here. Of course he had a full view of most of the kids hanging out after school here. And he was familiar with quite a few of them, especially the gang that rained supreme around here. He had punched their leader, and had taken out two or three of them 6 months ago, before making a break for it, and he doubt these were the types to forget. Lia didn't seem to concerned with anything like this, but instead seemed to be looking for someone, and he wondered who it was. "Are we meeting someone?" He wondered out loud at her.

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