Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Mother's Survival Oppositional Defiant Disorder question

parenting an ODD child
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All parents who struggle with a child displaying Oppositional Defiant Disorder behavior need to know other parents have survived. Zenia Marsden (a non de plume to protect the now adult child) relates the struggles she went through with her child.

These ODD children need positive reinforcement, but what works one day may not work the next. Zenia's learned that her son fared better in vocational programs than in standard academic programs.

The author and her Plicata Press editor are interested in hearing from parents currently coping with an ODD child.

Didn't find this book of any particular assistance. Empathize with Zenia, but that's about it. I'm super glad her son turned out OK, and hope my 17 year old does the same. The psychologist end notes were reassuring, but it would have nice if they were more plentiful and detailed. It isn't a book I would recommend as a resource for those living with a tyrannical child...

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