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Rhyzkahl Mzatal’s and Ryan

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Veronica Rhyzkahl i knew he was using her and I'm glad there done mow but now Mzatal’s who i like but why anther triangle.Now I'm confused now is she really in Love with Ryan or not since she is sleeping with Mzatal’s now smh?

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Ann The next book is supposedly back on Earth, so I have a feeling some of the questions will be cleared up. Hope so anyway!

Mary Shepherd I think the situation with Rhyzkahl is settled: He's an abusive a**hole who was using Kara for his own nefarious purposes. As for Ryan and Mzatal, I think "Fury of the Demon" leaves it somewhat open to question at the start, but I think it's heading in a clear direction - at least in the short term. This is mainly because (view spoiler)

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