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Create male characters here.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) Name: Adrian Paradox
Nickname: none
Age: 17
Year- year 13 i believe
Species- hybrid of dragon, angel, demon, and wizard.

Abilities/powers- able to use a wide range of magic without damaging his soul, his body, or his mind. able so shift to a hybrid dragon form and human form. he has a scent about him that is the sweetest and most sinful ever, females and males flock for a whiff which he finds uncomfortable and can't control it at all. he finds it hard to keep his sentient personality and mental roommate, the Beast, under control and sometimes the Beast will take over for "his own good". every now and then he will lose all control and rampage, during that time he is both stronger and weaker than ever. he was granted the ability to recover from seven death blows seven times, after each time he is very vulnerable. he also is bound by certain rules that limit what he can do in some cases: he can't go onto a powerful beings territory without reason, otherwise he can't go anywhere near the place. he can't make potions or spells that have permanent effects, as in he can't give increased strength and such things to anything, but if a human deperately needs power he can grant it but even that has limits.

Personality: he is brave. kind to his friends and allies but otherwise comes off as cold or indifferent. he feels emotions very strongly and sometimes can't control them. he tends to confront things that try to harm him or what is his, then beat it to a bloody pulp and make it regret ever breathing in his direction. he is very tolerent of children, to the point where younger ones can pull on his tender ears and he'd take it like it didn't feel as if a dozen or so flaming knifes were stabbing his ear. less tolerant to women but will take more from them than from males. the Beast is both a sentient being and a part of his personality. it isn't conflicted about things, if it wants something it will get it if it so chooses and when it wants to. like Adrian though he tolerates women and children. it's only true desire is to survive, have children and so forth, and to leave a permenant mark in the minds of all.

History: when he was born a witch, who had a grudge against his mother, took half his soul. Death, who was a friend of his mom's, balanced out the witch's act with one of his own. he made it possible for Adrian to survive seven death blows then recover each time. when he was eight he left his family to try to get strong enough to fight the witch. when he was nine he was captured and made to fight in a pit fighting ring. when he was eleven he busted out, but not before making a name for himself as a killer amoung killers. when he was thirteen he encountered a group of succubi and just barely managed to escape, he did however have to do something that he never told anyone about. he later met his assisstant Bob, who was sent by Death, and together they traveled. when he was fifteen he fought againt one of the Queen of Winter's personal killers and killed him and in the process destroyed the place. during the year that he was sixteen he went up against a powerful and ancient demon named Bahamut, who was trying to kill his recent friend Nickolas. he defeated it and in the process gained some of the demon's powers. he soon found the this place and has been trying to master his newfound powers and find his limits.

Human Appearance: 6ft 8inches. somewhat tan skin. solid black hair. irises are red, pupils are gold. well muscled.

Hybrid Appearance: stands about nine feet tall with a horse like mane from between two bull like borns to between his huge wings. his hide looks like a mix of feathers and scales, its very soft when he wants them to be and harder than diamonds when he wants them. he has a long tail that end with a retractable spike. long delicate looking claws that are surprisingly strong. two 2ft long retractable fangs. is very very dark black, iridescent look.

Family: has a mom who is part angel and wizard, and dad who is part demon and part dragon, and no siblings.
Likes: to make things; potions, weapons, armor, shields, assisstants, etc. he has an extreme love of chocolate.
Dislikes: he hates people who mess with children or women, he dislikes people who want take a hint.
Strengths: he is immune to all but the must holy and unholy objects, even then he can survive them. he is strong with magic and can hold his on physically with the average powerful supernatural.
Weaknesses: he has little to no control over the Beast, he finds it hard to be social with people, and he thinks more animal than the average human. he is also bound by certain rules and can't do somethings others can. he can't harm a child outright and can't harm a woman without reason.

Crush: none yet
Relationship status: single, single, single.
Friends: Nickolas, Felix Lupos.
Best Friend: Nickolas van Helsing
Pet: none
Other: does have an assisstant.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) okay i think i'm done, is it alright?

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He needs some weaknesses power wise

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) he does. but i'll be more specific.

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Okay thank you :)

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) want me to point them out?

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Yes please

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) he can't control his attractive scent (he hates the attention it brings), he has a sentient mind thing that he can't control, he sometimes loses all control and rampages, and he can't use his full powers enless there is a very very important and life threatening reason and even then he has limits to what he can do. oh and he can't harm a child outright and can't harm a woman without reason.

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Okay :) Can he be killed?

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) of course! it just takes a lot of kick to do it, plus you'd have to kill him seven times even if you obliterated him. after recovering seven times though he's very much killable, well as much as a very powerful hybrid magical being can be considered killable anyway. did i explain it good enough? ((i can't help it anymore! shouldn't vampy up there be a hybridy!?))

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(( Huh?)) approved

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) perhaps have gone crazy...er. oh well never mind.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) oh right! aren't the charries suppose to by hybrids?

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Yes why?

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) Name: Nickolas van Helsing
Nickname: Nick
Age: 17
Year: 13
Species: hybrid of wizard and incubus
Abilities/powers: able to do some magics. has some necromatic powers, able to raise animals and such but humans and many magical beings he can't. can see the aura of things and able to tell what it is and more. has a rare abiliy that, when confronted by a magical being in a fight, he gains extrordinary magical and physical strength. is extremely attractive to most anything.
Appearence: he is about 6ft 1, pale skinned but not badly so. shock of somewhat curly black hair and deep striking green eyes. he looks, and is, like a trained fighter used to beating people stronger than he is. has four long scars down his back.
Personality- he is loyal and brave when his friends are concerned. when it comes to people he doesn't like and bullies he tends to give them a reason to run to their mamas. he has that air about him that girls like and boys find annoying. he finds the idea of casual pleasure here and there a very good idea. he is, as he will put it, "a gentleman and a giver" with the women. he has a bad habit of blowing up buildings when things try to eat and kill him.
History- Nick lived a nice childhood for a time. When he was seven however his blood gave him away when he fought a young shifter boy and beat the snot out of the stronger boy. After that his life was never boring. When he was ten he fought a witch and for winning she taught him magic his father hadn’t been able to teach him. When he was twelve he fought a band of bad shifters and beat them to a pulp. When he was fifteen his incubus blood came alive and since then he has not let a pretty woman go by without giving her a taste of his incubus aura. When he was sixteen he met Adrian and shortly after their meeting Bahamut was released. Nick fought beside Adrian and when Adrian was unable to fight for a time Nick took on the ancient demon by himself and would have killed him if the demon hadn’t used a dirty trick to win. He followed Adrian here and has a reputation for blowing up things, buildings and people who mess with him, as well as a reputation with the ladies.
Family: has a succubus mother with some old wizard blood and a dad with some old monster hunting blood.
Likes: women, preferably hot looking ones. also likes giving bullies a lesson they never forget.
Dislikes: bullies, people who would harm women or children, and idiots who fall for the damsel in distress act of which he is one.
Strengths: able to handle his own if not beat most magical beings, able to see a thing for what it is no matter what, lots of destructive and necromatic magic.
Weaknesses: he can never unsee what he has seen. dead spirits tend to use him as a doorway, and he couldn't held a paper cut if his life depended on it. he continuely falls for the damsel in distress act from pretty girls.
Crush: none
Relationship status: single
Friends:Adrian, Felix, (more later)
Best Friend: Adrian
Pet: has a magical and very smart (and very very large) black wolf named Fenris.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) oops. just thought that the person might not be quite finished. oh well better to ask for forgiveness from a angry stranger than from the dead stranger's family!

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) oh and is the species alright for my second person?

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Umm hunter's are just people that hunt supernaturals, normally humans not really a species and as for the wizard thing they are the same as the witches that I have put on the species information

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) well i don't have any other idea what to call it besides that, most hybrid combos i can think of don't work with my idea of him.

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Okay :) Hmm speices name for a hunter type person.. what about a knight? They are a type of species that hunt down creature that are bad. They also have a mission to want peace in the land...

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αѕнley Work in progress

Name: Damon Miles Jones
[ Nickname ] -

Age: 17
[ Place, Time && Date of Birth ] Los Angeles, California at 3:17 AM on January 23rd

Year: 12

Specie Fire Elemental and Angel Hybrid
[ Abilities/powers ]
• Firebending
• Faith Healing [ Curing diseases or wounds using religious devotion ]
• Precognition [ Perception of events before they happen ]


(view spoiler)
[ ]

He is witty, sarcastic and loves a good pun. Damon finds delight in driving people crazy, he would brag that it is his specialty—he's not exactly modest. Change is something he craves; when things get too routine, he gets a little stir-crazy and usually ends up doing something rash that gets him in trouble. Though slow to anger, he has a ferocious temper worthy to be feared. He is very protective of his younger sister—he has been ever since they were little—it's one of the few things people take him seriously about. He considers his friends family, and will always have their back. Damon takes a lot of stupid risks—he's spent a few nights in the hospital—but has a grand time pulling his little crazy stunts.


[ Family ]
• Lydia Jones, deceased, 39
• Fredrick Jones, alive and well, 44
• Penelope Jones, alive and well, 16

• To play soccer, football and basketball
• Skateboarding (or penny boarding)
• Summertime
• Iced coffee
• Music
• Old films

• Idiocy
• Winter, or "English Weather"
• Words left unsaid
• Chick flicks
• Intolerable people

• Intelligence
• His stable ability to control fire
• Quick, speedy

• Easy to anger
• Often persuaded by insults
• Weak to water

Relationship status: He's single, and currently not crushing.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Friends: Audrey Taylor, Finn Williams, Penelope Jones, Elliot Lawley and Maisie Edwards


[ A gray male mouse named Peewee ]

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) wait made mistake, oops.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) okay the species alright now?

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I would prefer that the wizard thing would follow the guidelines of the witch information..

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) do i have to change my first one too?

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) so i have to change his powers?

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On the second one yes

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Alex he has to be a hybrid, so half vampire, half something else.

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Alan | 117 comments Name: Dexter Brown
Nickname: Dex
Age: 17
Year: 13

Species: leviathan, water/electricity elemental
- shift to a human
- breath underwater
- let others breath underwater
-manipulate and create electricity and water.

Appearance: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/anime-sup...

once, he was very cold, because of the freezing water in the sea. But after he get used to be way more on the ground, he started to be warmer. Kind and nice. Always like to help. He still not completely like that, so people around him need to understand he's half coldly and half nice.

Dex was born all alone, he never saw his family. He grew up alone on the sea, not having contact with any other creatures. Dex always had enjoyed hunting in the water, it was fun to chase his food before eating it.
One day the 6 year old leviathan Swam around, bored. He ended up laying on a shore, there was no way up. He lay there, not even feeling the need for water. After some minutes his body started to feel weird, he was shrinking, losing his fins, the tail dissapeared. He was scared of what was happening. He now was human for the first time of his life, having no idea of their existence. The boy tried the body out and pretty soon found out how to use it, now he can shift without being scared. He soon also found out that he could Controll Electricity and Water, it was fun to play with since Dex was alone most of the time. Because of his lonesome past it's hard to make friends for him, but when he has them he will keep them.

Dex was born as a leviathan. His family also were. The egg if him hatched and he opened her eyes, seeing no one around. He Was all alone, not knowing about his family.

-his pet
-The sea
-Read books

- Fire
-People interrupting

-water, the sea.
- very strong
- his scales as leviathan are like shields

- speed on the land

Crush: None
Relationship status: none

Friends: Jacqueline Muller
Best friend:

Pet: emerald fang, his wolf
Fire isn't able to kill him but it does hurts him a lot.
Underwater he is very hard to kill.

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Hayley wrote: "Alex he has to be a hybrid, so half vampire, half something else."

Oh, I get it. I was going for half-human, half-vamp.

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Okay :) Approved Alan :)

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Alan | 117 comments Thanks! :)

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Name:
Relationship status:


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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) alright fixed him up. took off some of the powers and is it good?

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 39 comments Name: Jason
Nickname: none
Age: 15
Year: 12
Personality: brave, protective, loyal
History: unkown
Family: father: michael (hybrid lycan and werewolf), mother: selen (vampire)
Species: Hybrid (lycan and vampire)
Human appearance: dirty blond hair, blue eyes, tanish skin
Hybrid appearance: looks like michael when he is in his hybrid form from underworld
Powers: 1. superhuman agility: jason can jump higher and move more athletically than both vampire or werewolf

2. sensory synchronization: jason and his father can preceive through each other psychically, as well as sense each other's presence

3. superhuman healing: although he seems to depend on blood to sustain himself, his healing is as powerful as the rest of him allowing jason to come back to life even if he gets impaled in the chest although it takes hours for him to recover

4. superhuman speed: because jason is an hybrid, his speed greatly exceeds both werewolf and vampire allowing him to move faster than the eyes can see and can move several metres in less than a second alike teleportation

5. superhuman endurance: even if jason is in his hybrid form or human form, he can withstand several gunshots or several blows from other immortals and still have enough strength to fight

6. superhuman strength: in human form, jason can fully stop a truck, can break steel chains and rip an first aid kit from a wall. When changed into his hybrid form, jason's strength increases significanty. Although jason is one of the most physicaly powerful immortal, his lack of combat experience tends to put him at an disadvantage when facing particulary experience combantans though his raw strength, speed and strength is often enough to compensate for this when facing the average vampire or werewolf. He can also punch through an werewolf's chest with ease

Weaknesses: silver
Likes: girls and music
Dislikes: being told what to do
Crush: none
Relationship status: open

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