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Create female characters here.

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Name: Ebony Willow Anderson
Nickname: Eb, Ny,
Age: 15
Year- 11
Species: Siren and Witch hybrid
Abilities/powers- She can use her song to lure men to their deaths, she has an allure around her that attracts men, she can cast spells, has the element of water. Her weaknesses are normal witches weaknesses and she can be killed by any weapon.
Appearance: description
Personality-She is a rebel. She hates anyone who conforms to the norms. She thinks people should just be themselves and say what they really think rather than hiding behind a mask. She likes being at the centre of attention and is always willing to have fun. She is a reckless girl with very little common sense. She will go out and get drunk without caring how that looks on her. She loves partying and is the wild child of her family.

She is very real. She doesn't care about what others think of her. She has a short temper and gets angry at what can seem like anything. She has a habit of bottling her emotions up and then crying on the shoulder of her best friends when she can't take anymore.

History- She is the headmasters daughter and has known what she is her whole life. She was raised by pretty much all the staff at the school and had no real parental figure. She was home schooled by a governess that her father hired for her. She often wondered about by herself and met 4 other children that way, they soon became her closet friends, Their names were Ivy, Jamie, Lucian and Katrina.

When ever Ebony needed them they were there. When she turned 12 her father let her start at hybrid high, she didn't try at her lessons and did her best to anger her father as he paid more attention to the students at the school than he did her but she soon got over that phase and realized that if her dad didn't care he wasn't worth it.

Over her school years she became one of the most popular girls at the school. She fell in love with the popular boy who broke her heart. She got her revenge on him. She became untouchable to men and became the envy of many girls as she had all the guys hungering after her. At 14 she threw a massive party and got very drunk, the staff where disappointed in her but she didn't care and threw more but this time without getting caught.
Family: Her father the headmaster
Spending time with her friends
Her father
Using her song
The element water
Some spell casting
Crush: N/A
Relationship status: Single
Friends: Ivy, Katrina, Jamie and Lucian
Best Friend: Katrina
Pet: N/A
Other: N/A

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Under construction

Name: Cosette Aubrey Delacour
Nickname: Cos, Aubrey
Age- 17
Year- The years go from year 1- 13. If you are in year one you are 5 or 6 and in year 13 you are 17 or 18.
Species- (Hybrids only please no more than being a quarter something, demigods are also counted as hybrids,)
Abilities/powers- st least a paragraph, include
Appearence: Face Claim- Emma Watson
Personality- at least 2 paragraphs
History- at least 3 paragraphs
Relationship status:
Best Friend:

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αѕнley Name: Penelope Rose Jones
[ Nickname ] Penny or Rose

Age: 16
[ Place, Time && Date of Birth ] Los Angeles, California at 9:04 PM on March 4th

Year: 12

Specie Fire Elemental and Angel Hybrid
[ Abilities/powers ]
• Firebending
• Faith Healing [ Curing diseases or wounds using religious devotion ]
• Astral Projection [ An out-of-body experience in which an "astral body" becomes separate from the physical body ]


(view spoiler)
[ Penelope is of average stature, around 5'6", and holds a slender figure. Her skin ranges from lightly tanned to tan, depending upon the season. Waves of golden blonde hair cascade just a few inches below her shoulder. She has blue-green eyes, some days they're more of one color than the other. Penny tends to wear really casual clothing, often worn for comfort. Her style has a slight indie/hipster sort of touch. ]

Penny is the very definition of 'wild.' She can be sweet just as easily as sarcastic, though most times it's the latter. Sarcasm is her verbal weapon that she can pull out whenever need be, keeping anyone from getting too close. But unlike most, she is a complete open book, wearing her emotions on her face like it's a profession. This is kind of her Achilles Heels, seeing as how she can never get a reign over her emotions in time to conceal them. Despite how much she may wish it weren't this way, she can never really stop feeling anything. And lately, it's mainly been anger. Which can be overload at times. She is also really athletic, a former lacrosse player as well as basketball and soccer. Penelope is the type of gal to be seen dancing in the grocery isles in her socks, or being kicked out of a store for tipping over a shelf. Her curiosity often gets her into trouble. Quite the hot mess, as you can see.

Her family's secret slowly manifested itself into her life as she grew older, little by little. In the beginning of her sixteen years, she was a happy, ditsy blonde girl. Penelope's family certainly were not rich, but they were comfortable. They didn't have trouble supporting the four of them- her parents, her, and her older brother, Andrew. That was until one morning. She didn't know what was happening, nor how she did it.
As Penelope was playing outside, something came over her, perhaps a wave of rage after her mother scolded her for a silly mistake. Her parents' room, apparent through the window, became afire. Screaming of agony could be heard through the neighborhood, enough to make one cringe. Penny stood there hopelessly, awaiting for this misery to end. She grew confused with herself. It was no coincidence. Penelope could feel the flames rushing through her veins, she just didn't know why.. or how. Her mother died that day, leaving her father devastated.
It wasn't until she was ten that her father, Frederick, told her and her brother about their powers- and specie. Their mother, Lydia, was a pure angel. She never aged, and was partly immortal, but could die of natural or environmental causes. As for her father, he was simply all fire elemental, with the greatest of skills at bending fire.
He sent both of them to Hybrid High to learn to use and adapt to their powers. Penelope was angry, at herself. It was unnecessary to blame herself, as it wasn't her fault, but she was terribly upset. She still is as of now, and probably always will be.
Her father gave her a family heirloom to help her control her powers.
(view spoiler)
[ Family ]
• Lydia Jones, deceased, 39
• Fredrick Jones, alive and well, 44
• Damon Jones, alive and well, 18

• Warm weather
• Playing soccer in her free time
• Writing
• Riding bikes
• Playing the acoustic guitar

• Intolerable, boring people
• School
• Snow
• Waking up early
• Narrow-mindedness

• Witty, clever
• Psychic powers
• She's independent and can easily fend for herself

• Temper
• Her inability to control her fire powers without the heirloom
• Water elementals

Relationship status: She's single, and currently not crushing.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Friends: Damon Jones, Audrey Taylor, Finn Williams (which I'll be making them all later)


[ Eclipse, the female kitten ]

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Please add a description to the appearance

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Yep :P

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Name: Falmae Liepsna (fall-may lee-eps-na)
Nickname: Fall, fay, Li, Fafa
Age: 17
Year- 12
Species: half flame elemental, half Demon
Abilities/powers- Fall can control any fire. She can even just make it appear out of the oxygen in the air.
Pyrokinesis- create, control and manipulate fire, flame and heat. Inflammation - burn things. Melting - heat molecules to melt things. Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
Telepathy and telekinesis - Demons can read minds. Some can influence an object's movement with their minds.
Superhuman strength- and enhanced endurance along with enhanced senses.
Appearance: [image error]http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500... Long black hair. dark green eyes. 5'10 and 128 lbs. Long legs and pale skin.
Personality- Falmae is hotheaded, impulsive, secluded, hostile, vicious girl. Yet she is still alive, what a mystery. The first three traits come from her Fire elemental mother, the last two come from her demon father. She is a strange mix of a bomb ready to explode at any minute. She is a great fighter, because many people don't expect her to come running at you like Falmae does. Just...watch out.
She hates, I repeat, hates being touched. If you are trying to comfort her, she doesn't care, she'll hit you. Don't touch her. You can even be trying to save her by pulling her out of the path of a tank. When she gets up, she'll punch you with all her might. Just...watch out.

History: History? More like a story. A long, and slow story that just as you're going to close the book, heats up. She was raised in the normal world, by her mother and father. She knew nothing of her heritage, her powers or why her hair was black, unlike the flaming red of her parents. When she turned double digits, she was given a ring. It had the letters LPS, shorthand for Liepsna, her last name. She lost it a few times, but it always seemed to reappear somewhere strange. Her pillow, her undergarments, once it wound up baked into a waffle. She never tried to explain this, thinking it was her parents. She was that outrageous, no bars held, kind of girl who excelled in sports and just barely mad A's in every class. When she accidentally got into a fight in an alley when she was 11, her parents shipped her off to a "correction school", which turned out to be The Hybrids School.
Family: Her mother(Fire elemental) who works as a architect, her father(Demon) who works as a lawyer.
~Her friends
~Football(playing it)
~Getting into fights

~being made fun of
~Purses with complicated latches(part of her klepto problem)
~Having to concentrate
~Being restrained during a fight

~Knives(her dad taught her)
~Fist fighting
~knocking people unconcious

-her reluctance to trust
-her impulsiveness
-hates most people
-doesn't like being touched at all
~slight klepto

Crush: Adrian Paradox
Relationship status: Single
Friends: None now, maybe later...
Best Friend: as I said above
Pet: er...any pet she would own would most likely be dead in two days...so no.
Other: well...she hates watches and refuses to be a slave to time.

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ƘΔΘЅ  Demigod
Name: Kloruqz
Nickname, if any: Xiuncoatl ( no one calls her that, only family.)
Age: appears to be 17
Pets: 6 legged horse, can be summoned at the whisper of it's name, but only by the owner(ME), Also Giant Hellhound with wings(also can only be summoned by me with it's special name.)

Height: 6"
What is his/her body type:Athletic, muscular
Eye color:( google an image of loki and you shall see)
Skin tone pale
Any prominent features: Tattoo of Six legged horse on neck, serpent surrounding it. Scar across eye, from punishment.
Jewelry(I added this as a little touch): Scorpion necklace, can be pulled apart to make twin Black Daggers and put back. Always reappears after a certain amount of time.
(look up Katie McGrath as loki) that should give you an idea.)

Tell a little about your past:Tell a little about your past: Lived in Asgard as an infant, her mother accidently killed by a Frost giant. For her safety, Loki took her and put her on earth, after traing her until she was old enough to be on her own. On Earth, She joined a gang(the Vampire Serpents, known widely for extreme skill, threats, and violence.), and they were her family, sure there was killing and violence, but her father assured her that it would toughen her and made her swear to never fall in love, because that could destroy her. She knew that she had sworn not to fall in love, but couldn't help herself, she grew very close to a boy her age in the gang, one of the Leaders. She was with him alone one night, discussing the next attack on a nearby gang, when the rest of their gang mobbed them becaused they feared their power over them, after a long struggle, all her old comrades lay dead, her "family". But she didnt care, she looked for the Boy of whom she loved, gone, disappeared. She searched, she grieved, she tried in vain to find him.No luck. Finally, her father Loki of Asgard, appeared to her at night, he told her that he himself had taken the boy, far away, not to be found again. She had asked
"Why, why her father whom she had put her trust in all of those years, alone, slowly being trained by his instruction, why would he take away the only one whom she had trusted and loved enough to help her live?" His reply, "He was a child of Thor, my sworn enemy, I do not permit any of my offspring to engage in affairs with Thor's offspring. You were an accident, and in fact, so was he. You were never meant to meet." at that, he swung his Spear towards her, striking her eye, leaving a scar. He said, "Kloruqz, you may yet see him again." and disappered into the darkness.

Her only bonds of trust broken, she began to fear relationships, but she vowed to find her lover again, someday, and vowed to never trust anyone fully again, not even her father, in fact, she began to fear him, and others whom showed any signs of betrayal.

Parent (only one can be a god/goddess tell what type greek, roman, etc.): Norse;LOKI

Any other parents or guardians at the present time?: orphan, lives of cleverness and power.

(Elements?Skills? etc.): Shapeshifting, Cleverness, Michievious, Strong Stanima, Chaos, Hel creatures, etc. Slowly aging. Illusion

Weaknessess: Trouble trusting others, always cautious, Trouble being trusted, FEAR: Relationships, bonds of trust (her own has been broken to many times for her to bear)Shapeshifting fast and in to small of an amount of time, can make her a hybrid(meaning she mixes two forms of animals or whatever she is shifting to and from.) (exhausting) Fears her father

Is that okay?

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Could we have a picture of a real persona a there is a no anime, cartoon rule on this group.

Playing with fire could we have a description of her appearance as well a picture.

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yerp, fixed it.

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