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message 1: by Lori S. (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 586 comments Mod
Hi folks,

I am currently trying to sort out the library bookshelves and to add missing books. As you may guess, this is a massive undertaking (to date, I've added 128+/- books), but my goal is to have the most complete data base of Doctor Who and its various spinoffs, inspirations, essays, histories, biographies, guides, etc. possible. While I am aware of a lot of what's been available over the years, I certainly don't know everything (and am glad to learn new stuff) and I'm asking for help from anyone who's interested to help sort the bookshelf.

Everyone is welcome to help out and if you know about a book I don't please add it and sort it to an appropriate shelf. Add shelves if you think it needs doing. Or make suggestions.

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 178 comments OH wait. While I was composing this I noticed the original post was new two years ago. OH well then my comments might not be useful.

One time I found a website that had kept track of all the officially published books (along with some unofficially published books) Unfortunately I don't recall the exact url for it. I suppose some sort of google search might find it.

It didn't include any fan fiction, there is a ton of that making it very difficult to keep up with the fan produced stuff even if it does get published in some physical form. I think fanfiction stuff should be included but kept separate to avoid confusion and to let people know that some of it would be difficult to get.

I'm mixed on two schools of thought here. One is to sort stuff by the source (BBC Books, Target, Pinnacle etc...) and the other is to separate by Doctor and make a separate "general" category for multidoctor and companion only stuff.

message 3: by Lori S. (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 586 comments Mod
The date code thing is an artifact from our recent deletion and return. Goodreads is still working the bugs out, I think.

I think the book site you're thinking of is Timelash: The TARDIS Library. Great website!

I do have shelves for fanfiction, companions, spinoff books (like the Lethbridge-Stewart books, comics (like the crossover stuff with Star Trek), and the audios, among others). By all means, if you go in the bookshelves and see something that needs further sorting, please either let me know, or you are welcome to add shelves as needed. You might catch stuff I've missed.

message 4: by Camille (new)

Camille | 5 comments Hi Lori,

I'm interested in helping you out. The only thing that concerns me is the sheer number of shelves - for example, do we really need a "TARDIS" shelf? I feel as though some of them are redundant or too ambiguous. I honestly think we should have a shelf for each Doctor, a shelf for each series/type (eg "Big Finish", "New Series Adventures", "Virgin New Adventures", "AudioGO Exclusives", "Target Novels" etc), shelves for the spinoffs, shelves for the nonfiction stuff (annuals etc) and then shelves for the 'unofficial' stuff (essays, cast/crew biographies, guides, etc). Right now it's way too cluttered.

That's just my opinion though, and I'm still happy to add stuff to shelves while I can, I just find it very difficult at the moment :)

message 5: by Lori S. (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 586 comments Mod
You have a point Camille. I was just thinking that people who might be looking for something in particular, they might be able to find it more easily this way.

Then again, this is why I asked for suggestions! If you want to go in and subtract or change shelves, feel free.

I do think shelves like Dalekmania and Biographies ought to stay, but I'm not too attached to the others.

The spin-off shelves should stay too: Benny Summerfield, Faction Paradox, Iris Wyldthyme, Sarah Jane Adventures, Time Hunter, etc. should stay.

The "odds and ends" shelf has stuff that belongs in Who but I was not sure where to put it.

message 6: by Camille (new)

Camille | 5 comments Don't worry, I absolutely agree. I like the Biographies shelf especially :)

message 7: by Tony (new)

Tony | 27 comments I like the shelves, I really used to like that the Doctor Who Reference site summarised all the Doctor Who books. It stopped doing so a while ago.

message 8: by Lori S. (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 586 comments Mod
Tony wrote: "I like the shelves, I really used to like that the Doctor Who Reference site summarised all the Doctor Who books. It stopped doing so a while ago."

Yeah, that still is a great site, even if they've fallen behind. After a while it does get a bit much to maintain. Still, kudos to the people who came up with the idea.

message 9: by Tony (new)

Tony | 27 comments Yes, it's a shame as I used it primarily to remind myself of books and then decide which to reRead, also there were some at books that I never got around to that I liked to know what happened in them

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