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sam and charlie
jen jen Nov 20, 2013 09:03AM
-do you think sam deserves charlie or charlie deserves sam?why?
-she said we are too young to be together, after she got out of her relationship she kissed him??
=would you like them to end up together?

I think timing was wrong for them, but I like to think the door is open for them to get together later in life. Remember Charlie was a freshman, while Sam was a Senior. She was going off to college, and he would still be in high school. Those are two drastically different time periods in a person's life. (I'm not saying that it's impossible, just very difficult.) I think when Sam kissed Charlie it was kind of her acknowledging that fact that they should be together. The fact that they weren't for the duration of the book, was more of a comment of the famous quote from this book "We accept the love we think we deserve", and how true that is. I think it took them going through everything that they had in the book for Sam to feel like she could deserve a sweet, and sensitive guy like Charlie. At the same time, I think Charlie had to develop and come more out of his shell for him to really deserve Sam. Sort of like he had to fix himself before he was able to really be in a relationship with someone else, and bless his heart he had a lot of things to deal with before that could happen. I also think that they both had stuff to work on before they were really deserving of the type of love that they truly desired. I really like them together though.

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