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message 1: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile hey

message 2: by A (new)

A H Hi:) Have any ideas?

message 3: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile i dont really mind

message 4: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile realistic or supernatural?

message 5: by A (new)

A H realistic....I have some ideas:

10. Spy partners (Romance
11. Teens who find out they have superhuman powers. (Romance)
12. Master/Slave-girl
13. An assassin goes undercover into the palace undercover as a peasant so she can assassinate the king. She falls in love with the kings oldest son, the prince.
14. Runaways
15. Summer camp(Either 2 campers or counselor/camper)
16.Band Member/Fan
17. Rival Love
18. Historical love. (Peasant/Royal, Rebel/Government, Civil war time:African American slave/White owner.)
19. Geek girl and the jock boy that always used to pick on her are both grown. At a school reunion, sparks fly.
20. A teen guy volunteers at a teen detention center, there she meets a girl with massive troubles, as she tried to kill her mom. Slowly they start to bond and develop feelings for each other.

Do u wanna do doubles? Or can I be the girl?

message 6: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile ill be boy

message 7: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile awesome ideas!

message 8: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile my faves are 10,11,13,14

message 9: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile Ruchi?

message 10: by A (new)

A H sorry, was having dinner....

message 11: by A (new)

A H Can we do 11 or 13? And I'll be the girl.

message 12: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile 13 and ill be boy

message 13: by A (new)

A H Okay! Charries? Can we change the story a little....Let the boy be the assassin and let him fall in love with a princess (whom I'll play).

message 14: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile kk

message 15: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile i like being assasin

message 16: by A (last edited Nov 20, 2013 08:55AM) (new)

A H Fine!! And I'll do the princess. Charries? Here's mine:

Name: Princess Stella Cartwright
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Background: Is a princess, the daughter of the king of Jamaica.
Other: Is really strong, beautiful and witty person. Is smart and and extrovert.

message 17: by bibliophile (last edited Nov 20, 2013 08:58AM) (new)

bibliophile Name:Ryder O'Silver



Personality:stubborn and headstrong and cocky,though is very loyal and protective of the ones he cares for


Background:mother and father were executed by the king and him sster fed to the royal dogs,dieing slowly and painfully so Ryder swore that he would get his revenge

Other: has this ring and this sword

message 18: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile okay so...

message 19: by A (new)

A H Great! Let's start!

Stella helped Conchita, her maid to put on the gown on herself for the evening ball, and waited patiently for her to finish. She started admiring herself in the mirror, loving how her body looked, and how her hair fell in cascades around her shoulders.

message 20: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile -i paced the weapon hall,thinking about what i should bring for the asasination,i looked at my favourite sword made by the forges of Armagoul,i picked it up and slotted it in my scabbard,i rubbed my ring as i always did and walked over to the banaster and leapt off it,i relished the wind in my face and then i swung my arm out and slowed my fall useing the flag-

message 21: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile is this modern or old time?)

message 22: by A (new)

A H After another fifteen minutes or so, Stella was done dressing up and after perfecting her hair, she made her way downstairs, her gown sweeping the floor behind her. All the guests had arrived, and were waiting for her, the king's eldest daughter to come down.

message 23: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile -i checked all my daggers and equipment was there and walked over to the stables-

message 24: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile Ruchi,is it modern or old times?)

message 25: by A (new)

A H "Welcome, daughter!" her father, the king welcomed her and taking her hands, leaned down to kiss them, and then kissed her cheeks. Making her face the crowd, he exclaimed, "My daughter, Princess Stella Cartwright!". All around her, applause erupted as people looked at the beauty standing before her.

message 26: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile Ruchi!!!

message 27: by A (new)

A H ((them....not her))

message 28: by A (new)

A H AshWolf wrote: "Ruchi!!!"


message 29: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile what?Ruchi is it modern times like 2013 or like 1700s??)

message 30: by A (new)

A H ((why....?r u asking bout the period of king's rule?))

message 31: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile yes!)

message 32: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile cause i wanna know if i ride a orse or a state of the art motorbike)

message 33: by A (new)

A H ((horse....let's make this a historical fiction:P but it could be something around 1800's I think....ur post))

message 34: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile kk)

message 35: by A (new)

A H ((I have to go now....let's continue tomorrow?))

message 36: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile -i climbed onto Mystery,my pure black fully trained horse and kicked him lightly and he leapt forwards,instatly into a gallop,when I got to the kings castle i stopped a bit away and patted Mystery and he galloped back to the institute-

message 37: by bibliophile (new)

bibliophile aww sure

message 38: by A (new)

A H Stella took a seat beside her father as the dance started. The first was a waltz. Charlie, the Prince of Melbourne who was courting her, but in whom she didn't have any interest, came and asked her for a dance, after complimenting on how she looked. She took his hand and her graceful body swayed towards the dance-floor.

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