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"Double Hue" by Brianna Lawrence - November 20-December 3

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message 1: by J.J. (new)

J.J. DiBenedetto | 651 comments Author Name: Briana Lawrence
Book Title: Double Hue
Genre: M/M romance, supernatural, thriller/suspense
Reader Age Range: 18+
Content Warnings (ex.Violence): language, violence, sex
Length (Word count or # of pages): 249 pages
How Many Copies: unlimited :)
Format(s): epub, mobi, pdf
Goodreads Link To Book: Double Hue

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Woods | 19 comments I'd like to read this novel please in mobi format :)

message 3: by Berenice (new)

Berenice (blablanope) can I have a PDF format please? :)

message 4: by Zainab (new)

Zainab (low123) | 47 comments Can i heve a PDF version
My email is

message 5: by Helena (new)

Helena Karlsson | 30 comments I'd like to R&R - a pdf file, please. My e-mail is

message 6: by Isabel (new)

Isabel (isabebob) WOuld love to R&R, PDF fine, my email is ^_^

message 7: by J.L. (new)

J.L. McFadden (jlmcfadden) | 10 comments Could you send pdf @ I will also rate it on my blog and Amazon

message 8: by Briana (new)

Briana Lawrence | 13 comments Hey everyone! I'm really sorry about responding so late, I didn't realize that Goodreads never verified my email address, so I wasn't getting notices for when people responded to the threads I was following.

Anyhow, I've sent review copies to everyone who I think I needed to, if you're at all still interested in reviewing the book. The only one that didn't work was Isabel, your email address "" didn't work.

Thanks so much everyone, and once again, I'm very sorry!

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