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Who is excited about Young Elites?

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Veronica the blurb sounds promising. the author has said that the theme of the new trilogy will be like the story of X man-assassin creed 2-game of thrones all put together.
sounds delicious. can wait for it...

Ilana i think that it could be interesting. i find that i don't like to think too far ahead of myself on what my expectations are on new series, but if it's anything like the style that we got from this series - i'll be excited. i think that it'll be a good shift away for her into a new set of characters and problems.

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Win Ne As new fans of her last series "Legend" i cant wait to see this new series. Indeed the premise is so tempting, especially when you also follow the Game of Thrones' series, playing the Assasin Creed (and almost broke your brother's console in the process) and enjoying the Xmen series (in movies at least, i was too young when the comic book series released and too much series to catch up right now)

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