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Out of Turn (Kathleen Turner, #4)
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Out of Turn > Countdown to OOT release day.

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Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) Are you all following Tiffany's Sunday Snippets and Photo Peeks on Mondays and Thursday? What do you think?

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Yes! I love/hate Snippet Sunday. Love little tastes of the book when things seem to be going the way I want, but then the next Sunday she will post something about Blane and I get depressed ;)

The photo teasers haven't been as exciting to me because they are all things I'm expecting already. Except that ring. Ugh, I do not want her to get engaged to anyone unless it's Kade and I really doubt that's happening.

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) If Blane was to give Kat a ring, it would expect it to be the same engagement ring as before...this ring is different.

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Really? Well in that case, I am so on board

Ashley Rose | 7 comments I think the ring may have something to do with Clairice's wedding.

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) I thought that originally, but the ring looks like an engagement ring, not a wedding ring. Not too long now to find out.

Tonia | 5 comments Is she still doing snip it Sunday? I haven't seen it for the last two weeks? Am I looking in the wrong place? Let me know

Lynn Cheryl (norwayellesea) The snippets will continue until the release day. Tiffany posts the via her Twitter account @tiffanyASnow. They are also on her FB page Tiffany A. Snow and the fan page on FB. I and others also share via a Twitter and FB. There is also a link on Tiffany's website for the snippets, photos under the OOT book cover. Hope that helps :-)

Tonia | 5 comments I don't know how I've been missing them. I have been on all of those sites except I keep forgetting to check twitter, which I just did, thanks, and found all the snippets.

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