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Who would you want to be YOUR BFF? Choose from the characters in House of Hades!!

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Vivianb LEEEEEEOOOO!!!!!!!! because im his kind of girl!!! i like building and im comfortable around machines... also, i would be joking around with him all the time... we have the same kind of humor.also, i feel sorry for him because he never gets a girl...

Gayathri Leo! I love his craziness and sense of humor. Also, I love gadgets. His personality would definitely match mine...
Annabeth also, I want a person whom I could talk to intelligently. She is wise and knowledgeable.

Hannah I actually think I'd get along with Piper really well.

Cara NICO!!! I just want give him a big hug actually . Poor guy.
Annabeth, Percy, Hazel, and Leo as well because they're just so incredibly awesome.

Mina leo

Wai Wai I want Percy and Leo as my BBFs and Jason as my boyfriend. Is this too much to ask for?

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D What about the whole Argo II crew? Except maybe not Nico. He's awesome, but in real life he'd terrify me. I don't think he'd exactly be receptive to any attempts to be his friend, either.

notyourfriend Yea I would say Annabeth, Leo, and Percy.

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America Leo! He is funny I love his humor we all need his optimistic spirit! He is like a little elf! My favriote character he is smart in his own way and he is my fav!

Kelly Nico!! I dont know why I want him to open up to me and only me. xD and I want him to bring me shadow traveling and teach me how to shadow travel. And we can go to the underworld together!! xD
Percy and Leo, they are both sass and funny.
Annabeth!! So I wont feel nerdy when I talk about intelligent stuff. and it's good to have someone smart around you.
Hazel too!! She's so kind and all and she can teach me how to control the mist. xD

Cleopatraselene2 I have a lot in common with Jason, so probably him. Otherwise Annabeth, but she is too focused on Percy.

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