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RP in South America

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex ran through the forest, though it was hard to keep quiet with the raging storm, though it had gotten better. She dug under a huge oak tree and grouched down, hoping the storm would die down soon.

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(Can I join after I make a character? It's gonna be a boy)

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Princess of Hell {Percabeth foeva} wrote: "Hex ran through the forest, though it was hard to keep quiet with the raging storm, though it had gotten better. She dug under a huge oak tree and grouched down, hoping the storm would die down soon."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex nodded and strated digging with her hands to make room. she always clipped her nails down to where there is no Luna, so no dirt got under her nails. She finished and patted the area next to her.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex hugged her knees. She wasnt hungry and she hoped the other girl wasnt, though she had food she could offer. She put her chin on her knees and closed her eyes.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex fell asleep but still alert. She was ready for everything, especially for the storm to pass. She had a lot of questions for the girl, but she didnt have the energy to ask them.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) The thunder outside kept being persistent. She waited for the girl to ask a question. ((ask her a question! xD))

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex didnt move anything but her mouth. "Hex. And we leave at day break storm or no." she had a thick country accent that sounded as if she could have lived on a farm.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex cleared her throat "and i want it to stay that way." she didnt move again and she wasnt planning on moving, though she could easily crawl out easily and kill something if prey came buy

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex smirked "I know a fake when i hear one. You can quit the act." she had seen plenty full blood brits talk for hours. She knew what an accent was.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((=D YAYAYAYAY))

Hex didnt move "Nice. Like the Sctos. Good lot of knives they have. Goes perfect with the guns and hunting in San Antonio."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex coughed violently. She cleared her throat "all dead. " she said it casually. She didnt tell the girl she was Socttish Irish and Cherokee. That would be creepy and she didnt know if the girl would hate her for being a little Irish.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex still didnt move and refrained from moving away. She hated being touched, especially hugged. Though she refrained cause this girl wasnt hugging her. "Yes im ok. and Hex is a horrible name. Kind of like Jinx or Curse." she said everything casually and bluntly.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex heard the thunder and rain stop. She opened her eyes and crawled out. "come on we need to go." it was still dark out but she didnt care, they needed to keep moving.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex climbed a tree. "stay down there." she called from the first branch. She climbed to the top and looked around.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) After a few minutes Hex climbed down. "still no city in sight, but there's a lake a few miles away." she Pointed in the direction of the lake.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex cleared at her "nothing. Only a pack of bears drinking from it, no big deal."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex shrugged "ok. But your help in me kill them."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex nodded and took out her own dagger "it's a good long walk though. So get ready"

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((I already do that xD))

Hex started walking. Her convey boots crunched leaves and twigs underfoot.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((O.o))

a few hours of walking in silence they found the lake. The bears had left.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex nodded an started digging through her backpack.

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(Sorry to be a bother but try not to post one-liners. At least 3 sentences :) sorry)

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(Lol it's fine I'll join soon)

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Aaron trudged through the forest, his dusty back pack slung over one shoulder. He felt grief-stricken and alone. His head throbbed, his legs ached, his stomach growled.
A voice caught his attention. No, two voices, muffled and hard to hear. Aaron stiffened and tried to see through the vegetation, flicking open his pocket knife and feeling for his gun that sat safely in his pocket.
Aaron cautiously edged closer, ready to strike if the people attacked. He pushed a few leaves away, and stopped dead. They were girls. One was rummaging through her back pack while the other stood and watched.
Aaron slowly put his knife back in his jacket pocket. He couldn't stab a girl, let alone two! What would his parents think? Actually, they wouldn't think anything because they were long gone. Aaron knew he would never see them again. Ever.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex pulled out a canteen. It was huge. She tossed it to her. "go fill it up. Don't drink it straight from the lake." she rummage around some more and brought another one out. She set it down besides her and kept looking.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex raised an eyebrow. "I told you not to drink it straight from the lake! What if it had bacteria in it!? Just don't drink anymore." she took the canteen. She took out a small bottle an dropped three drops in it. The water stayed it's original color. She passed the canteen back to her. "fill it up all the way, keep it." she did the same with her canteen.

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(If you haven't read it I already posted something :P)

Aaron swallowed. Should he show himself? Should he stay? Should he help these girls? They looked perfectly capable of looking after themselves.
Aaron took a step forward. His boot cracked a stick. He froze, hoping the girls hadn't heard him.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((I read it ^-^ that how I knew his name))

Hex has heard his rustling. Hoping he would go away, but obviously he didn't go away. She spun her head over in his direction. She glarred at him. "what do you want?" ((ignore her attitude xD))

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(No it's good I like it :D)

"Damn," Aaron said under his breath. He emerged from the shrubbery.
"I-" Aaron hesitated, wondering whether to tell them his real name. "I'm Aaron. I've been wandering for days without shelter and hardly any food and water. Do you have any?"
Aaron tried to make is eyes beg, like how the authors described it in their books. He hoped they were.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex could see the beg in his eyes. Though it never worked on her since she could almost careless on what happened to him as long as he didnt die. She reached a hand into backpack without taking her eyes off him and tossed him a package. "There. we where getting water now."

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Aaron hesitated for moment, staring at the package. Then he picked it up and rummaged through it. There was an apple, a few crusts of bread and meat yet to be cooked. Aaron was stunned. How had this girl found this stuff? She looked only 11 or 12.
"Th-thank you. Very much."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex kept looking through her bag, trying to find something they could use to catch fish or something, she found a rope and tossed it aside. "No problem." she found some wire and took it out. She started braiding the wire into a small tight braid.

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(I know :))

Aaron bit into the bread. It was stale, but it tasted like the most fresh bread in the world. It was like heaven. He hadn't had bread for at least a week or so, and was so thankful. He then bit into the apple. It was cold, sweet and juicy, and made his tastebuds tingle.
After finishing a mouthful he asked the girl, "What are you doing?"

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex bended the wire into a hook fashion,even with the weird shape at the end that kept the fish from tugging off. "fishing." she tied the rope to the hook and tossed it into the water.

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Aaron stared, fascinating. "Wow, even I couldn't do that, let alone think of it! Well, I'd think of fishing, but not making a rod like that. You've got good skill."
Aaron took another bite from his apple and savoured the taste. "Um, what's your name?" he asked after he swallowed.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex yanked up and fell on her back. A catfish fell on her stomach and she tackled it. Before she could hesitate and throw it back she stabbed and killed it. "Hex." she removed the hook and coiled up the rope.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) She put the rope in her backpack. She took out a rugged slab of wood and started slicing the fish, then she skinned it.

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