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RP in Australia

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Harper crawled out from her makeshift shelter, glancing around for something, someone. There was no one; it was deathly silent. It had always been since the petrifying beginning of the end. A scream lifted high into the the air from away in the distance, bloodcurdling and hair-raising, followed by a great tumbling of what seemed like rocks.
Another death.
Harper spied a mouse, scampered across the cracked road.
"Atlas...get him," she commanded.
The Border Collie stood and ran from the shelter, and in two gallops and a bite, he brought the mouse back in his mouth. Harper made a disgusted face, but it was meat, it was food. It was all she had. She had to eat it. Harper threw it onto the fire, leaving it to cook.

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Stumbling through the remains of nothing, Peter felt nothing but pain. he just hoped his family was still alive, and his friends. He didn't really know what to do. Tripping over, he cut his led badly and sat there to feel the sting. Great. As he turned he saw a light. The light looked like fire. Peter decided to go over there, with the slim hope it was his family or friend, hopefully both.

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Harper glanced up, spying the faint outline of somebody, walking closer with a limp. She drew a deep breath and slipped into the shadows of the shelter, laying her hand to rest on her bow, consisting only of a thick branch and a thin but stretching and strong string. A few arrows lay beside the bow; Harper grabbed one and inserted it into the bow, but not pulling it back.
"Wh-who are you? What do you want?

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"Www-who are you... I'm Peter Johnson... I'm looking for my family..." Peter was so exhausted and cold he couldn't help but falling on the ground, next to the warm fire. The next thing he knew his eyes were closing and his mind started to shut down...

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Harper's hand flew from her bow and she raced to help this Peter Johnson. Carefully, she helped him sit up, moving him towards the fire. He was cold, so cold, and so pale. He needed as much warmth as possible.
All fear and uncertainty fled from Harper, replaced by care and the need to help this boy.

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Peter was only half conscious as he saw a girl approaching him and lifting him up. He started to feel a little bit warmer. What he could see of this girl, she was extremely pretty, in his opinion. He just hoped she was nice as well as pretty.

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Harper grabbed her bucket of water, and poured some into a cup covered in chalk and dust. She lifted it to Peter's mouth, and dribbled it down his throat. He was semi-conscious, drifting in an out of sleep.
After the cup was empty, Harper laid his head down on a pile of leaves she had gathered for her pillow, taking away half for herself. She decided to let the stranger sleep, and watch over him, giving him sips of water throughout the night.
But first she and Atlas had to eat.

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The girl poured water down Peter's mouth. THe water felt nice and fresh to Peeters dry mouth. Then the girl lay Peter down, which felt nice to Peter, he could finally fest in Peace.

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Harper lifted the now brown and curled up mouse from the fire with an arrow, keeping a watchful eye on Peter.
Trying not to feel disgusted, Harper cut the mouse open, blood spewing onto the ground. She swallowed and looked away, her appetite fleeing. But she had to eat.
Harper threw the head of the mouse to Atlas, who gobbled it up in 2 seconds, and ate the other half herself, leaving a bit for Peter.

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When Peter woke up, the girl was fast asleep with her dog. Peter didn't wan't to wake her up so quietly he stood up and stretched. There looked like some kind of cooked animal on the ground. There wasn't that much so Peter wondered if the girl had eaten some of of it for herself and left some for Peter or if that bit was for her. Not really knowing what to do, Peter split the piece of meat in half and had the one mouthful for himself.
The animal was disgusting. Peter wondered what it was. As soon as it was down his throat, Peter settled back down to try and get some more rest.
As he was settling down, the girl looked quite pretty. He knew nothing about her so why was he thinking these thoughts?
The thoughts stayed with him until he drifted off into a rather uneasy sleep.

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Sunlight seeped into Harper's eyelids, and they fluttered open, her eyes at once darting to Peter. He was sound asleep, however the meat Harper had left him was half-eaten.
Harper sat up, rubbing her eyes. Despite the golden sunlight, it was cold, a mist smothering everything around the shelter. Harper shivered, and sipped some water.
The fire was still going, but was small and crackling. It would be out soon, sending a wave of chill throughout the small shelter. Harper figured she'd have to collect more wood soon. And some food.

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When Peter woke up, it was morning and the fire had gone out, sending a chill through the shelter. When he looked around for the girl, she was gone. She hadn't eaten the meat so Peter figures that she'd come back. 'Maybe she's gone to ged firewood and food...' Peter thought.

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Harper walked cautiously along the destroyed road, an arrow placed in her bow, Atlas at her side. It was like a ghost town; nothing stirred. The crunch of a leaf under Harper's foot echoed.
A movement caught her eye, and she swung her bow towards it. Her eyes widened. It was a large rabbit, which would last them for at least three days.
Aiming skilfully, she released the arrow. It whizzed through the air and met its mark.
Harper sighed with relief, jogging up to the dead rabbit. She picked it up, throwing it over her back on top of her arrows and a few sticks she had collected that sat in the arrow holder.
Harper smiled to herself, and returned to the shelter. Peter was awake.

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Peter was just sitting in the shelter, thinking about the girl. Thy hardly knew each other but yet, she took care of him. Peter wondered who this girl really was, wether she was nice or wether she wasn't too nice. While he was thinking this, he looked up to see the girl coming towards him.

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"Hey," Harper greeted, smiling at Peter. "Feeling better? Look, I brought back a huge rabbit. It's gonna last us for about 2 or 3 days." Harper pulled the rabbit off her back, as well as the sticks. She threw them onto the pile, and sparked a flame with two rocks she kept in a basket of scavenged necessities.
"By the way, my name is Harper Anderson. Welcome to my shelter. Oh and this is Atlas, my dog. Atlas, shake."
Atlas obeyed, and held out his paw for a shake.

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Peter was surprised that Harper was so nice. He shook Atlas' hand. Harper... It was a nice name. "Yes I'm feeling better... Um... I'd just like to say thanks for everything, I'm sorry if I scared you or anything..."
Peter waited for Harper to say something...

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"No, no, it's fine. You're lucky I didn't eat you though!" Harper laughed. "I'm kidding, but seriously, in this struggle to survive, I've heard that some eat each other 'cause they're so desperate to live. And no, you didn't scare me than much," she lied.

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"Oh, ok then. I'm glad you didn't get scared because I wasn't thinking too much and just moved towards the light, not really considering wether I'd scare someone."
Peter felt relieved that Harper didn't get too scared. Peter was warming up to Harper. She seemed like a nice girl.
"I would never consider eating anyone, if it's a struggle then they should all be working together, not eating each other."

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Harper nodded. "I thought that too. But panic just gets to you sometimes; it sinks into your bones and you don't think about anyone else but yourself-you just want to live. I can resist it though; I tell myself that if I panic I will die, because panic makes you do foolish things; you don't think about anything twice."
Harper sighed, slipped the rabbit through the arrow, and held it above to the fire, turning to slowly.

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"Yeah, I guess so," Peter agreed.
Peter watched Harper put the rabbit into the fire. 'She must be a pretty good hunter if she can catch a rabbit,' Peter thought.
"So you're pretty good with a bow I'm guessing." Peter said, wanting to find out the answer to his question.

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Harper furrowed her brow in thought, giving Atlas a pat as she did so. "Yeah, well, before the disasters began, I had no idea how to use a weapon. No one did. But soon I realised if I was to survive, I had to do everything I could to do so. So, I thought of what I could use to get food, and I trained myself to use a bow. Also a spear." Harper laid her hand on a spear that sat in the darkness. "And now I think, if I hadn't committed myself, if I hadn't..." Harper bit her bottom lip, tears brimming in her eyes. "If I hadn't been desperate, if hadn't been courageous, I'd be dead, just like my family."

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"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss." Peter didn't mean to open up a conversation like this. "I don't know where my family is, they could be dead for all I know. I was looking for them last night, when I came across you."

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Harper sighed, smiling sadly. "I don't mean to crush your expectations, but I had that hope too. I'm sure you'll find at least one person you know." Harper drew a deep breath. "But you learn to move on. It's hard to forget, but mourning brings you down-you don't concentrate on anything else. I only remember the good times; it lifts my spirits."

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"Yeah, I guess so. I was just holding onto the little hope that I had, that's all."

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Harper nodded, and lifted the rabbit from the fire. It was brown, just like the mouse, and wrinkled and curled up.
Harper grabbed a pocket knife from her dusty jacket and flicked a knife out. Within minutes she had skinned the rabbit, revealing a cooked, tender meat inside.
Using the pocket knife, she cut out a chunk of meat, and cut that into thirds, handing a piece to Peter and then Atlas.
"Enjoy," she said, picking up her own slice.

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"Thanks," peter replied.
The meat was nice and tender and he ate it gratefully. "What are we gonna do now, I mean where are we going to go...We don't know how many people are alive around here."

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Harper swallowed her bite. "There's actually quite a few people around, but they're hidden. You have to watch out for them when you're outside. They might kill you and steal your things, or even eat you. It's horrible thinking about it." Harper shivered. "Now, I was thinking of travelling through the sewers but there's many people down there, living on rats and bugs." Harper made a disgusted face. "My second preference was just walking along the road and hoping for the best. You gotta stay on the move-you never know when something bad is gonna happen."

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"There is this place that I know, it's kind of like a back path that not too many people know about. It depends if those people are alive or wether some people have stumbled across it by mistake."
Peters thoughts wondered to that path. He and his friends had always used that path to get into mischief, who knows where his friends were now.

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"Alright then. We should head off around now, not at night. I've seen many people do their hunting at night, when all the animals are asleep. They steal at night too. Not much people come out during the morning, and besides, it's easier to spot animals during the day."
Harper chucked her rocks into the darkness. She wouldn't need them anymore.
"But do you think you'll be able to travel? I mean, you've been concussed and stuff, so..."

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"Yeah, I'll be fine. I think I know where the path is from here, I have a little bit of an idea of direction. I think I'll be fine to walk, my cut has healed a bit overnight."

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"Good. Just let me collect my stuff an we can head off."
Harper threw dirt over the crackling fire, extinguishing it immediately. She wrapped the rabbit up Ina large leaf, and laid down in her basket.
"Ready. Lead the way."

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Peter started walking with Harper following. They were walking in an eerie silence. It was a long road ahead and it was going to be a tiring day ahead if they were going to make it to the path. Peters leg was hurting, but he wasn't willing to give up on himself and Harper. About an hour into the trek, Peter could feel his leg shaking with every step and then he felt himself fall to the ground then everything went black.

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Harper gasped, dropping her basket onto the ground. This was not good. Anyone good be watching them, waiting to pounce.
Harper dropped to ground and rolled Peter onto his back. Atlas lolled around, licking Peter's face in an attempt to awaken him.
"Peter...Peter, wake up. We can't stay here much longer." Harper looked around nervously, shaking him. She spied her water bucket, and scooped some up with her hand. She splashed it over Peter's face, and waited for a reaction.

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Peter felt cold water in his face. He opened his eyes seeing harper bent over him. Peter suddenly remembered that there could be people out here wanting to kill them to eat. Peter got up, feeling queasy.

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Harper sighed with relief. "I knew you wouldn't be able to walk," she said. "You alright? Look, we need to get out of here quickly. Anyone could be watching."
Harper helped Peter up, picking up her basket, and helped him walk.

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Peter's head felt heavy, and his leg felt sore. Harper was helping him walk, Peter felt bad that a girl had to help him walk. Shouldn't it be the other way round? Suddenly a silhouette emerged from the shadows. It wasn't just a silhouette, it was silhouettes.
"C'mon, we gotta get out of here..." Peter said to Harper.

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(Yes, action :D)

Harper followed Peter's eyes, and hers widened. "Go, go, go!"
Harper struggled with the weight of her new friend, but she couldn't just leave him.
Atlas growled, the hackles rising on her back. The silhouettes stayed where they were, but Harper could see them drawing weapons.
"They've got a bow! Quick! Atlas, no, heel!" Atlas obeyed, still growling.
"Come on, Petey, you're gonna have to help me here!"

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Peter felt so bad that Harper was carrying him so he let go and started running by himself. He wasn't going to let harper die because of him.
"Over here!" Peter yelled. He grabbed Harpers hand and pulled her into a cave under a little hill and covered up the opening with roots and leaves etc.

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Harper rested against the wall of the cave, her breath sharp and shaky. She swallowed, giving Atlas a pat. She lifted her bow from around her body and slipped and arrow onto the string.
"Here," she said. "Take my pocket knife. You'll need it." She handed him the knife, and strained her ears for the sound of footsteps.
There they were, clear and growing closer by the second.
"Shh," Harper said, crawling into the shadows. She laid her hand over Atlas' mouth.

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Peter took Harpers pocket knife and mouthed the words thanks to her. The footsteps were directly above their head - on the hill. Peter hoped that they wouldn't be bothered to walk down the hill. 'We've survived all of the natural disasters,' Peter thought, 'We can't die by murder now!'

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(I just need to say...this end of the world RP is really fun :D)

Harper held her breath, stiffening her body, her hands held tight onto Atlas. With all her heart she hoped he wouldn't growl or bark, or even shift his body.
Harper heard the pull of a bow. They were looking for them.

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(what end of the world rp?)
((and answer please!))

There was a pull of a bow and Peter looked at Harper. She was holding onto Atlas. The people above them were walking and talking. They were definitely looking for them. Peter held his breath. They started to walk down the hill.

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(This RP. It's an end of the world one O.o didn't u know?)

Harper suppressed a gasp as a pair of feet appeared before them. Two pairs. Three. Harper squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she was back in her warm, comforting home with her family, without any disasters. But this was really happening; it wasn't a dream. She couldn't go back. Ever.
There were whispered voices. Harper mouthed a small, 'No'. They knew they were under there. They were just waiting to pounce without warning, unless...
Harper pulled another arrow from the holder as silently as possible, glancing at Peter. Swallowing uncertainly, she pulled the second arrow back with first. She released.

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(yea but i thought you meant another RP)

Harpers arrow flew into the leading man and sent him rolling down the hill. A man come in through the entrance to the cave and Peter stabbed him with the pocket knife and shoved him out and rolling down the hill. The third man ran off down the hill to help the other two.
"Let's get out of here, now." Peter said to Harper.
They climbed out of the whole and ran up the hill, into the forest.

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Harper's legs had never hurt so much as she sprinted through the forest, dodging trees as she went, Peter limping and Atlas running beside her. She glanced behind her, spotting a few men and women, one aiming an arrow at them. It released.
Harper screamed and ran to the side. The arrow whizzed by, in the place Harper's head would've been if she hadn't dodged the arrow.
"Run!" she yelled, willing her legs to move faster. The group was now following them.

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Peter was running as fast as he could with his leg. Arrows were wizzing past him and Harper. They were running past very thick trees in the forest and then Peter had an idea. Looking back, he realised his idea would work if they acted quickly. "Harper grab atlas! Quick!" Peter said.
As soon as Atlas was in Harpers hands, Peter grabbed Harper and yanked her behind the thickest tree he could see. There were no more arrows flying through the air. Only eerie silence.

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At first Harper was

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confused, but then she understood. They couldn't see them anymore. But what if they came looking?
"Peter, what if they look for us? If they're that desperate they will," Harper whispered.

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