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All I can remember is that there were two children? teenagers? who found a secret tunnel/passage (to another world, possibly?) and somewhere in there was a poodle named Mignon. At one point they were hiding behind some barrels, perhaps? Sorry that's all I have, and thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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bookel | 2112 comments What year did you read it? New or old book then?

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
Is it a picture book or chapter book? What was the world like--did it have animals that were human like or was it other human type characters? Do you remember what role Mignon played in the book?

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The Sword in the Grotto?
With the help of the ghost Edmund, Araminta and Wanda survive a trip through a secret tunnel to bring back a present for Sir Horace's birthday.

The Secret of Platform 13?
Odge Gribble, a young hag, joins an old wizard, a gentle fey, and a giant ogre on a journey from their magical island kingdom to London through a tunnel which opens every nine years for nine days, to try and rescue the young prince who had been stolen as an infant nine years before.

The Secret of Zoom?
Ten-year-old Christina lives a sheltered life until she discovers a secret tunnel, an evil plot to enslave orphans, and a mysterious source of energy known as zoom.

Tramp Steamer And The Silver Bullet?
The adventures and misadventures of two young boys, Tramp and Silver, as they become involved with haunted houses, eccentric ladies, spiders, meat-eating plants, and secret tunnels.

The Secret of the Lost Tunnel?
(Hardy Boys.)

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I love that Wikipedia has a list of fictional dogs, but unfortunately Mignon didn't make the list.


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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Probably not Mignon, a "gay Elizabethan" novel.

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Oh dear - so sorry to have left out essential info like dates! It would have been mid to late 70's, I can't remember any of the other characters in it, and none of the books you so kindly listed seem to have familiar titles or plots. So funny about the Wikipedia list - what will they think of next? Thanks for all your efforts - I remain hopeful!!

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And bookel, thank you for the gentle message reminder ^_^
On a related note, I just had a successful "FIND" for the other book I posted about, and moved it (using good etiquette) to the "solved" thread (if I did it correctly...)
I like you guys already!! :D

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bookel | 2112 comments First can you eliminate all these:
Travel from real to fantasy world -- children's/young adult fiction

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bookel | 2112 comments It's difficult to search for so hopefully someone has read the book.

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I will go through the list in the link you provided - hopefully it's searchable by pub. date, or I might be doing it forever... ^_^

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User's profile is deleted, moving to Now We'll Never Know.

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