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Haha bunnies :)

Alright, so what genders do you want and do you wanna be rich or poor?

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Bree Well, this is the gay thread, so I suppose we should have guy characters. And I'd be fine being either the rich or the poor person.

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Sorry, completely blanked about that. Umm geez way to make me pick xD

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Bree Would you prefer it if I did then?

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Yes please. Too much pressure. I'm very awkward when it comes to me deciding

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Bree I'll be the poor guy. There. I made my choice.

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Hahah thank you xD Alright, so I was thinking they could be in their early to mid twenties

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Bree That sounds good. Should it be modern? I was thinking it could be interesting if it took place in during Renaissance or something like Old English.

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Old English sounds good. You wanna make your person first or me?

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Bree Name:Aaron Michealis




Birthday:February 25th


Personality: I’m having a writer’s block for this, so I hope that it’s alright if I leave it blank for now.

History:Aaron and his family have lived in the slums of England since Aaron was born. His mother had died after giving birth to her second child, Aaron’s younger sister Guinevere. His father had become an empty shell of who he used to be when his wife died, and he had almost lost his will to live were it not for the fact that he had two beautiful children to raise. He’s worked hard at a factory that specializes in making cars. These were some of the first cars put out onto the streets of England, and they were selling faster than anyone could make them. Aaron’s father was often away at work during the day, and he’d come home late at night with oily black stained hands and grease on his cheeks. Aaron has worked at a wood shop in town since he was seven. He’s had the opportunity to work under the apprenticeship of the same man for so many years, and the two have grown very close to one another. The person who owns the wood shop is now an elder, and often times, he’ll ask Aaron for help which means staying for longer than normal. Guinevere hasn’t been able to go to school since their family can’t afford to go, so she has spent her time trying to teach herself to read.

Other:Yes indeed, he has an English accent.

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Name: Damien Bell
Age: 21
Personality: Tbr

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Bree Do you want to start or shall I?

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Do you wanna?

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Bree Sure.

Aaron blew out the candles that had been the only source of light in the wood shop while he worked his late night shift. The original owner of the shop who was a close friend of Aaron's had left before the sun had set after Aaron had persuaded him into taking the rest of the day off. Harold was a kind elderly man, and he always believed that Aaron was capable of great things. He reminded Aaron a lot of his dad. Not his dad, but his dad before. He reminded Aaron of how his dad used to be before his mother died. Aaron gathered his jacket off of the coat rack, then he walked out of the shop. He fished his keys out of his pocket and locked the door behind him when he was outside. Winter was the hardest season for people like Aaron who were in the slums. They never had the right clothing, and they could barely keep warm when the snow and rain came. Aaron ended up having to share a bed with his sister now because they had to keep warm at night. Aaron put his keys back into his pocket then he put on his jacket. He rubbed his hands together as he walked away from the shop and toward his shop. His fingers were cold and the tips of them felt like pins and needles. When he breathed out, a small cloud escaped his lips from the warmth that escaped him.

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Damien was at his parents house, helping his mom to get his little brother ready. When his brother was in bed Damien gathered his things and kissed his mom goodbye before heading out. As soon as he got outside the cold air hit him and he pulled his jacket a bit tighter around him. Looking around, he started his journey to his own home. He lived a little ways from his parents house and so he had a lot of walking to do. As he walked he hummed a little song to himself, trying to occupy himself to make the trip shorter. Looking around at the shops around him he sighed a little and walked into one to get some bread since he hand't eaten in a while. Damien quickly got in and left before the shop had to close and almost blindingly walked home, zoning out a bit as he walked.

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Bree (( How would you feel about a group of poor muggers trying to rob Damien? ))

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(I don't care)

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Bree A group of men sat together in front of one house. They all lived together in the house that had been vacated a few months ago. The fire inside of the house had just gone out because of the cold wind that raged outside. The house had several holes in it because of the wood chipping and the roof caving in on itself. They all were grouped together in a huddle on the steps of the home when Damien walked toward them. One of the men elbowed the other and gestured over to Damien. The guy looked like he was wealthy enough to have cash on him right then and there. He was all alone, so he'd be easy pickings. When Damien walked toward them, they detached themselves from the porch steps and stood in front of Damien. Some of them moved so they were behind Damien as well. "Would you look at this? This guy's a wealthy sod, and he thinks he can just waltz over here flaunting his goods. Why not make up for your sins and helps us out? Give us your money," one of them said.

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(Sorry, thought I replied)

Damien gave a small laugh and shook his head. "Why should I? Besides, I could have no money on me. Your time trying to mug me woul be worthless. If you gentlemen would excuse me I have to go," he said and began to walk, only to be pushed back into the circle by one of them. Damien sighed, knowing this would take forever. He didn't understand how they could stay out so long, especially when it was freezing cold. Hopefully they'd decide he had nothing and would go bak to what they were doing

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Bree "Now I wouldn't you say you have nothing," one of the men who was wearing a hat that had several holes on the brim of it said. His hand touched the back if Damien's jacket slowly as if he was afraid that it was fragile enough to be broken. "That's a nice jacket you got there. Those are some nice clothes too. They're worth something in the right place. Hand them over," he said. The group had grown impatient, because the guy who was touching Damien's jacket carefully suddenly hold of the fabric and began to remove it by force. The other men laughed at how desperate their friend was, but they wanted in on the man's goods. They wrestled him to the ground and began to remove his clothes against his will.

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Damien started trying to fight them off of him, not having much luck because of how many there were. He managed to keep his pants on as best he could. "Get off me!" he said, not really caring about the coat that way pulled off of him. People passed by and would look, but would quickly hurry along, not wanting to get in the middle of it all. "Someone help me!" he said, throwing a few hits and kicks at his assaulters as he tried keeping his clothes on. Damien couldn't understand why people would do something like that to someone who had done nothing wrong. Besides, he had worked for years and saved up money whenever he could to get to where he was. They could of done the same, but hadn't and now thy were taking it out on him

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Bree Aaron walked down the familiar sidewalk that lead to his house, when he heard a noise that was out of place for this time of night. He hurried toward the source of it against his better judgement and he found the group of men mugging someone. He couldn't see who it was because of the group of bodies, but the voice of protest was undeniably male. Aaron immediately ran toward them and tackled one of the men from behind knocking him into the pile of snow nearby. The man was caught off guard, and was dazed. Aaron continued to pry and fight off the men that were trying to mug Damien. He recieved several blows to the face and gut as well, but he held up himself well. "Get off of him!" he shouted when he pried the last man who was wearing the hat off of him. The men from the group decided that otherwise on stealing Damien's clothes since it was becoming too much trouble. Aaron's breath came out in pants as he watched them leave, then he looked down at Damien. He extended out a hand to help him stand up.

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When he heard someone help him, Damien sighed in relief. He had a black eye, a few cuts on his face and a busted lip. Seeing the stranger hold a hand out he took it and stood up. "Thank you for helping me. If there's any way I can repay you just tell me." Feeling some blood drip off his lip he sucked on his lip a little. "I'm Damien," he said an held his hand out to the guy. His face and stomach hurt, but he tried to ignore it until he was able to get home

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Bree Aaron noticed that Damien's lip was bleeding. His eyes looked down to where Damien's hand was. Judging by the way he was holding his side, he must have been hit there a good amount of times. He looked back up at Damien. "You can repay me by coming to my house and letting me help you with your injuries. It's not safe outside right now, and it's going to only get colder. It isn't far from here, so it's not much of a walk," he said. Then he added "And my name's Aaron."

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Damien was about to reject the offer, but decided not to since he owed the guy. "Okay," he said and let his hand fall to his side. "Nice to meet you, Aaron." He followed Aaron as he led him to his house, still holding his side. When they were at Aaron's house, Damien couldn't tak it any longer. Pulling up the side of his shirt, he looked down and saw that his entire side was bruising. Sighing he put his shirt down and shook his head. "Maybe he should of stayed a bit longer at his parent's house. Running a hand through his hair he was glad to feel that at least the top of his head was fine.

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Bree Aaron opened the door to his house then helped Damien inside. He closed the door behind him, then he placed his jacket on the coat rack beside the door. The inside of the house was drained of any bright colors aside from white, and there was several signs of decay on the walls that lead away and to the living room. "It's not much, but it's home," he said then he showed Damien to one of two torn and worn couches in front of their make do fireplace. "You can sit and make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back," he said then he walked toward the kitchen.

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"I like it," he told him as he looked around a little. Damien smiled lightly at him, not knowing how many thank yous were acceptable. Since his ribs were hurting too much he sat down on the couch and sighed softly. The couch was surprisingly comfortable, but he wasn't sure why he thought that. As he waited for Aaron he gently rubbed his side, trying to get the oain to stop, but it didn't reallyhelp him.

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Bree Aaron came back into the living room and was carrying with him two ice packs. He walked over to Damien's side, then he opened the kit. "...I'm going to need to lift up part of your shirt," he said to Damien after he helped Damien out of his jacket. His warm hands lifted up part of the fabric of Damien's shirt. He saw that his side was beginning to bruise badly, and he winced slightly at the sight of it. He pressed the ice pack to Damien's side, then he looked at Damien's lip. He grabbed hold of Damien's hand and placed it on the ice pack on his side. Aaron held the smaller ice pack to Damien's lip.

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Damien smiled slightly when he saw Aaron come back. When Aaron out the ice pack to his side he flinched at how cold it was, but loved how it felt on his bruise. He allowed Aaron to hold the ice pack to his lip, studying Aaron as they sat there. Aaron was really cute, but Damien didn't want to say anything since he didn't know if he was into guys. For all Damien knew the guy could of had a wife or girlfriend. Maybe even kids. "Do you live by yourself?" He asked him, unahle to hold in his curiosity

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Bree Aaron shook his head. "I live here with my little sister and my dad. My sister is probably asleep since it's past her bedtime. My dad's working overtime this week since he was sick last week and couldn't go in. He hasn't been feeling too well," he said then he felt himself bite his lip, then he sighed. "I don't want him to think that he's useless, but he'll only get work if he tries to go to work while he's sick. I've been working late as well so he doesn't have to, but he still does it anyway." After Aaron had realized that he was talking about himself a little too personally and for more than a while, he felt color come into his cheeks. "What about you? Do you live alone?" he asked.

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Damien listened as he talked and nodded at some times. "My dad's company needs some more workers. Maybe your dad could work there. Pays good. Wouldn't have to work late. He needs an accountant since the last one moved and a personal assistant to help him with things. Not hard work, just takes my dad forever to do it all on his own." Damien nodded a little. "Yeah, I do. My little brothers and sisters are all still kids so they're living with my parents. And I never got into a relationship or anything. Too busy working."

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Bree "You've only just met me, and you're already offering to help out my dad. Why would you do that?" Aaron asked him. There was the faint creaking of foot steps as someone walked down the stairs, then there was a childish yawn. Guin walked over into the living rubbing her eyes tiredly and yawning. She carried her favorite blanket on her shoulder as her eyes fluttered open then she saw Aaron. "I can't sleep," she said tiredly then she noticed Damien. She walked over to Aaron's side and hugged him tightly. "Who's this person?" she whispered to him quietly.

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"Well you're helping me and you just met me. It's the least I can do for what you're doing for me." Hearing the foot steps he looked over as a little girl walked into the room. Damien took the ice from Aaron so he could hug her back and smiled slightly at their interactions. He smiled slightly at the young child and then looked away after a second, not wanting to seem creepy.

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Bree Aaron hugged her back with one of his arms, then he kissed her head. He smiled down at her, then he said "Guin, this is my friend, Damien. Say hi." Guin peeked out at him from Aaron's arm, then she said quietly "Hi." Aaron stood up then he grabbed his sister's hand. "I'll go tuck you back in, alright?" he suggested to her then Guin nodded her head. Aaron looked back over at Damien and said "I'll be right back." He lead Guin up the stairs, then into her room. "He's cute," she said. Aaron smiled at her comment, and blushed. "I know," he said more to himself then her. Guin hopped onto her bed then laid down.

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Damien watched them leave the room before taking the ice packs off. His side and lip was freezing cold, but it kind of felt good to him. Standing up he walked around a little, having been sitting down for too long. Hopefully he en would be able to go home soon since he didn't want to take up anymore of Aaron's time. Plus Aaron was probably tired and wouldn't want to babysit an adult. With a small sigh he sat back down and continued to ice his side since it was the worst of the two

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