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One bed. This is where guys come to breed with you.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian arrived at the door of the bedroom.He knocked softly on the door.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((Sorry. Was asleep))

"Hi." Ian said tentatively looking at her. He could see that she was very beautiful. "Can I come in?" he asked her.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian had not breeded with many girls before so he felt a bit awkward. HE looked at her. "Should we....uh...start?" he asked, gesturing towards the bed.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "No...I...." Ian started. "I didn't mean to offend you or anything. I'm pretty new to this....actually I've been here a long time but I'm pretty new to this breeding thing....."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "MAybe.' he nodded, still standing by the door. "So...you haven't breeded with any guys before this?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "So I'm the first one." Ian smiled. "That sounds interesting." he came inside and sat down on the bed with her.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Well...you've never breeded with any guys before." he said. "That's what's interesting. How long have you been here?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Racist? I don't think so." Ian said. "Anybody being racist would be a fool. You're really beauiful." he blushed as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((Too many RPs and I'm editing my group. Sorry))

"They must have." he said. "MAybe people didn't come here because...you know..." he tried to think of something.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I don't know.' he finished flatly. "But you are very beautiful. I really wonder why nobody comes here."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I came here." Ian said pointedly.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Which song is that?" Ian asked. HE had never heard the song before but it sounded pretty nice. He tried to make out the tune.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((What?))

"Oh." Ian said smiling. "I liked it. He looked at her. 'You sing pretty well."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((I don't know. I guess it should be....pointing out her....never mind))

"No. I didn't realize that.' he said.

((I don't know the song!))

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I can't get songs out of my head too sometimes." Ian said. "Gets annoying after a while."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I've stayed here alomost my entire life." he said. "And I've hardly breeded with any girls which here is wierd for someone my age and.....I'm pretty shy around most people." he smiled. "That enough?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I'm Ian." he said. He shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not so keen to do whatever they usually do round here. I'm not much in favour of it but I'm okay with anything else actually."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Thanks." he said, grinning. "No that I think about it, nobody's ever told me that before."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian blushed too this time and smiled. "Do you usually say such nice things or is it only to me?" he ran a hand through his hair. "Well, I've told you enough about myself, now what about you?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I'm a year older than you." Ian observed. "Almost two, I guess and to tell you the truth, I've breeded with at least five girls till now. Two of them are dead." he nodded sadly. "Childbirth."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "What do you usually do around here?" Ian asked. "It's not like there's much to do except..." he shook his head. "What DO you do?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "That's good." Ian nodded. "I'm not that much into reading but I like it sometimes. Pretty relaxing, isn't it?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian's gaze travelled towards the clock too. "So there are fifteen minutes left." he said. "Thi got over fast."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((This should get more interesting))

"No. Nothing." Ian said. "I've told you almost everything you should know about me in just those thirty seconds."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) ((I don't know. Let's see.... I hardly RP in the breeding facility 'cos I get no ideas here ):))

"No. You're not boring." Ian said immediately.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "You're not." Ian assured with a smile. "You just need to work on not thinking so negatively about yourself."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian blushed slightly, a pink tinge appearing on his cheeks. He smiled. "Maybe." he said. "So...I'll see you soon." he walked out of the room.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) (Ok. You post)

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) (That's fine.)

Ian came to the door right on schedule and knocked softly. He wanted to meet Sunny again and his foot tapped impatiently as he waited for her to open the door.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I wanted to meet you of course." Ian said with a smile. "That's why I came." he sat on the bed. "It was really nice talking to you before."

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Cool." Ian looked at her blush and grinned. "You look really nice today. Knew I was coming?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I've been waiting to see you again." Ian said, with a quick half-smile.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "Yes I have," he said. "Why are you so surprised about that?" he shook his head laughingly. "Nobody's ever said that to you before?"

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "I'm surprised." he said with a quick smile at her blush. "I guess lots of people should have told you that but didn't." his hand slowly slid over to clasp onto her hand.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) This was the first time she'd ever come so close to him since they'd met and Ian hugged her back, running his hand down her long black hair.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian wasn't sure whether he should kiss her or how she would react so he just sat there holding her and sighed.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "No reason." he said and then smiled again. Then he slowly asked. "Can I kiss you?" he looked at her to see her reaction.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian moved towards her and kissed her slowly on the lips, softly and gently, careful not to look too excited.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian's arms ran down her back and throgh her hair. He kissed her a little faster than before.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian backed away a little, slightly breathless. "That was.....amazing!" he whispered.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian ran a hand down her cheek. "You're amazing." he said softly.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) "You're still blushing because of me?" Ian asked her softly.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian kissed her again. "I must be very dashing then." he said, smiling against her lips.

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Ananya (ananyashenoy) Ian ran his finger down her arms and kissed harder. He wanted this to last for longer than the allotted time.

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