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Part V: My Sea Adventure

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Jessica | 5 comments Mod
1. Explain why you think Jim continues to endanger himself in Chapter 22 and set off on his own. What would you have done differently?

2. Make a guess as to what Hands and the man in the red cap, O'Brien, are arguing about in Chapter 23.

3. Compare and contrast Jim from the beginning of the novel to his actions in Chapter 24 as he prepares to board The Hispaniola, and in Chapter 26 during his confrontation with Hands.

4. Discuss whether or not you would have trusted Hands to teach you how to sail like Jim in Chapter 25. Why or why not?

5. What are some foreshadowing clues in Chapter 26 that something is wrong as Jim approaches the sleeping men?

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Vanessa Symonick | 11 comments He really wants that treasure. It will make him rich. He will be well known for finding the treasure.

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