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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Name: Kiyoteru (Kiyo)
Age: flashback-7 normal-16
Can find out any information he wants about someone by just looking into their eyes, though he almost never uses this ability because he thinks it's intrusive, rude, and unfair. This power is not automatic, he has to mentally turn it on for him to be able to read someone.
He is almost always seen wearing a white hoody over his bright green jumpsuit as a teenager.
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Seto Kousuke

brother- Kaoru, brother's best friend- Moari

Name: Atsuko
Age: 16
Appearance: She can make anyone within two meters of herself completely unnoticeable. She has dark green hair and a hoodie that has an i-pod design on it. One pant leg is folded up to her knee.
Kido Tsubomi

Family: Keisuke-grew up in the same foster home, from which they ran away from when they were ten.

Name: Kaoru
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Name: Kanashi Mai
Age: 16
She is very noticeable. Her ability is exactly the opposite of Atsuko's. She's an Idol.

Idol outfit

Normal outfit

Family: Kanashi Satoru

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Name: Emi
Age: Flashback - 7 Normal - 16
Appearance: (view spoiler) "Eye-contact" ability, temporarily stops movement of anyone who looks in her eyes while they are red

Family: Mother - Rei [Deceased as of nine years ago]

Cyr, the dragon. The Shisen Dan no longer remembers him, or that he ever existed. The cause is unknown.

Name: Keisuke
Age: 16
Appearance: "Eye-deceiving" ability.
Kano Shuuya
Kano Shuuya
Kano Shuuya
Kano Shuuya
Family: See Atsuko

Name: Kanashi Satoru
Age: 18
Appearance: "Eye-favouring" ability

Kisaragi Shintaro
Family: Mai Kanashi

Name: Wakahisa "Kowa" Asako
Age: Immortal, appears around 16
Appearance: Program girl that resides inside Satoru's computer, though she can transfer herself to nearly anything electronic. "Eye-opening" ability. Since becoming data she is immortal.
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Tessa  (panicrocks95) FLASHBACK SCENE

"So how much did he say he would pay us?" Kaoru asked his best friend, Moari, quietly. Moari had gotten this wild idea in his head after speaking to a third year boy about the supposed demons that lives in the forest. The boy had told Moari he would pay him if they went into the wood, broke into the house and brought back proof they had, but he promised to double it if they brought back proof they had killed one of them.
Moari though for a moment then answered "Five thousand Yen, but only if we bring back proof we broke in. We won't only bring back that, but we'll give him proof that we killed it, then we'll get ten thousand. That's what this is for." he grinned and gestured to the disposable camera on the lanyard around his neck.
The boys pulled up their backpacks so that they set more comfortably and continued walking, their bags were heavier than usually since they had taken all their school things out and replaced them with rope, stakes, knives, matches, and gasoline, to kill the demon.
The boys had spent hours the last few days researching how to kill one at the school's library and the only common occurrences were burning, stake through the heart, and hanging. So they had packed accordingly, skipped school, and set off into the forest surrounding the small town that played host to the great private school they attended.

Kiyo slipped silently between trees to keep hidden, he had begged his brother to let him go with them but Kaoru had refused point blank, with the excuse and demon killing was no sport for a seven-year-old. He had even threatened to tell their parents that Kaoru and Moari were skipping, which of course he wouldn't actually tattle on them, but they didn't care they still were stuck on not letting him come. That morning when they had walked to school together the older boys dropped him off at the elementary and acted as if they were taking the back way to the high school, when really they scaled the back fence and made their way into the woods. Kiyo followed them silently, making sure to stay out of sight so his brother wouldn't get angry.

Kaoru was starting to get nervous as they neared what was supposed to be the clearing that held a giant mansion, which housed a demon that could kill you with one look. He said nothing as they peered through the trees at the ancient house, Moari looked at him and touched his right forefinger to his lips as if he were make noise, Kaoru mouthed the word 'duh' and turned back to the house. By now they both had their rope and a stake out, just for protection for the moment. Neither of them could shake the feeling that they were being watched and Moari kept looking behind them to see if anyone was there.

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Most of the house was overgrown with ivys and the rooms up the stairs were falling apart except for the floors, as Rei kept them sturdy enough that Emi wouldn't fall through when she ran around up there. They only used three of the rooms, the study, kitchen, and downstairs bedroom that the little girl and her mother shared. The rest was closer to the back and upstairs, and it being only the two of them they never bothered using them for anything. Emi sat aroubd the corner a few feet from the door to the study, laughing and babbling on to nobody, a pile of flowers sitting next to her as she wove them together. She'd always enjoyed making the crowns, ever since her mother had taught her how to make them. She never had actually made one right, as they always fell apart in a few minutes, but that didn't stop her from constantly making them. Quiet voices echoed out from the area in the forest in front of the house, which she found fairly odd as the the only other person here was her mother, who was at the moment inside. Crawling on her hands and knees towards the front she peeked out, but saw nobody there. She almost called out to ask but changed her mind as a rather large butterfly landed on the pile of flowers she had. Giggling, she slowly turned towards it and lowered her head so that she was eye-level with it. Gently she blew towards it, making it flutter up and around a bit. She put the now-finished crown on her head and took an unused flower in her cupped hand, holding it out and hoping the butterfly would land on it.

Rei wandered over to the bookshelf in the study, a stack of books resting in one of her arms. Though she'd lived in the house for so long with only her daughter, she always seemed to find books she hadn't read before stuffed to the back. There were times that she wondered if she just forgot about them, but Emi had always insisted that it was something that came in during the night and replaced old ones with new ones while they slept. One by one she set the books back in their place, making sure to put them on the right shelf in the right order. For a split second something made her feel uneasy, but it passed as soon as it had come. Either way she glanced out the window, and seeing nothing but Emi playing outside, she smiled and returned to the shelf.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Moari pointed at a small silver haired child who had just placed a crown of interlace pink flowers on her head. "That can't be a demon she's just a kid!" Kaori exclaimed quietly looking at the little girl. "That's what they make you think, weren't you paying attention when we were reading, they make themselves look sweet and innocent and then bam!" he made a motion with his hands like a an explosion "They're a giant three headed monster that can kill just by looking at you!" his voiced didn't go above a whisper as he talked, but it did grow darker as if he were talking about their certain death. "So it is real, he wasn't just pulling your leg or something" Kaoru frowned, a worried look now on his face. Moari rolled his eyes and started snapping pictures of the little girl and the house.

Kiyo watched Moari start taking photos and knew something interesting was there, he slid into a spot where he could see what it was and saw a girl about his age, she couldn't be the demon could she? She didn't look like she could hurt anything as she sat there playing with huge butterfly. He watched as Moari and Kaoru walked around and into the clearing behind the little girl. Moari grabbed her from behind as a terrified looking Kaoru attempted to tie the rope around her.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) For a second Emi couldn't seem to move her arms and legs or even cry out, only stare up with horrified eyes. Within seconds breath came back to her and she shrieked and squeezed her eyes shut, twisting and kicking and trying to get out of their grasp. It didn't work, as she was so small and whoever had attacked her was so much bigger than she was and obviously didn't plan on letting her go.

The books clattered to the ground loudly as Rei heard her daughter scream out, and she couldn't seem to move fast enough as she threw open the door and spun around to face the two that had Emi. Her expression flipped to extremely angry and she moved quickly so that all either of them would have seen was only a blur. Pulling Emi away from them she put the little girl behind her and watched their feet, wanting to make sure they didn't get to her but also being careful enough not to look either in the eye unless she absolutely had to.

Emi stood frozen, clinging to her mother and staring up at the boys. She wasn't thinking, and for the moment forgot that she'd always been told that if she ever had met anyone to not look them in the eye. She looked even more surprised and scared as one of them began to turn into a pale, slightly translucent crystal from the head down.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Moari and Kiyo both yelled "No!" At he same time. Moari's drowning Kiyo's out so that it wasn't heard at all. Faster than it seemed humanly possible Moari had a large sharpened piece of wood in his hand, without thinking he hit the woman that had turned his best friend to stone, or ice or crystal or whatever it was, over the head. She fell to the ground and Moari looked down at her, accidentally right in the eyes. All of a sudden he couldn't move a muscle, nor look away from the woman's red eyes.

Kiyo covered his eyes, his brother was now made completely of a blue crystal-substance, the only thing as it was originally was his bright white hoodie, the hood flowing out in the light breeze. Maori was also crystal, though his clothes also turned the turquoise colour unlike Kaoru's jacket still real looking jacket. Kiyo shoved his face into his arm so that there was no risk of him going the same way, he hid behind a tree and curled up in a ball, tears falling silently for his brother.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi turned and ran, not looking back or even at where she was going. She heard someone yell something but hardly noticed as it seemed muffled and faded. She stopped a short distance away, out of breath from both running and sobbing. She didn't know where she was anymore, it was too dense for her to recognize the area. Something was glowing bright, but pale blue through her fingers, and when she opened her hand she was a small crystal shard that she'd never seen before. It shook slightly and slowly began moving towards the edge of her hand. Her eyes fixed on the crystal she slipped the chain it was attached to and followed the pull that it had. She walked for what seemed like ages, though it was really only minutes before coming to a small clearing that had a large almost white creature lying in the center. The second she stepped into the area it raised it's head to face her. "I didn't expect to see you this early, I'm sorry." It said looking down at the small girl.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo stood when he heard no more voices in the clearing with the house. He walked into the clearing, keeping his eyes up so as not to even look at the woman on the ground. He stared at Kaoru and Moari, his tears had stopped when he saw his brother. The crystal was bright turquoise-blue and slightly see-through, he put his hand on Koaru's stiff crystal arm, the white hoodie was soft when where he touched it and slid down so that it fell off one side of him. He wiped the dried tears off his face with his left hand and took the jacket off of his brother completely. He put his hands through the sleeves, which were about five inches too long, along the the hoodie itself which almost dragged the ground because of his overly short stature.
He looked up from the jacket when a blue light, the exact colour of the crystal that now were his brother and Moari. The light radiated from the trees to the east of the house, he followed it slowly, stopping when he saw the silver haired girl again. Behind her sat a huge white beast, it talked to her, though the voice was so quiet he didn't hear what was said.
The dragon looked at her, then behind her right at Kiyo, who looked in his eyes and was physically thrown back. He found out the dragon's name was Cyr, he could turn into a human boy with silver-blue hair and a quiet demeanor. His crystal was given to the little girl as her mother approached death, which led her to the dragon that would keep her safe. Both girls could turn someone into crystal with only a look in their eyes, Cyr could shatter that crystal and they would be destroyed forever. Kiyo heard a shatter from behind him and he whipped around and ran back to the house, the Moari crystal was now in peices on the ground, though the crystal of his brother still stood there. Kiyo's breath caught in his through and he ran throat the woods back to the school.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi spun around when she heard the sound, staring through the trees towards the house, though there was no possible way she could see it. "What-" She said quietly, holding the bottom of her dress in her hands and messing with it nervously. The dragon stood, though he shrunk quite a bit in size as he did and so he became only about twice her size. "Come with me." He said softly, standing next to her and staring forward. Emi watched the ground as they slowly began to walk back to the house, taking a longer but easier way around that would also take them around to the other side so she wouldn't have to go past the scene again.
While they walked he explained some things, that his name was Cyr and he was a dragon linked with her family. He was very careful with what he topics he touched, for now he avoided mentioning anything about crystals or her mother other than one thing: That her mother had used the crystal to send the girl to him in case anything had ever happened to her. After saying this he quickly changed topics again and told her more about the crystal she was currently wearing around her neck. It was bound to him in a certain way, so that it would lead whoever had it in their possession to him. The first time used by whoever it was willingly given to, in this case Emi by her mother, it would automatically pull them towards his location. He explained how to use it to find him if she ever needed. When used it would not pull as it had before, it would move only slightly to point in the right direction and the glow would be fainter.
After a wile they reached the house again and Emi went inside, quietly walking into the study and, seeing the books on the floor, picked some of them up and began placing them back on the shelves that she could reach.
Meanwhile Cyr returned to where the crystals were. The shattered crystals on the ground slowly faded into little bits of light and dispersed. The spot where Rei had been was now empty, she had crystallized herself and faded before anyone had returned. The curious thing of the scene was the crystal that was still standing. It should have shattered and faded by now, but for some reason it was still whole. Obviously unable to shatter it for now he grew larger once more and lifted it, carrying it far and dropping it into a think, greatly overgrown area of the woods. If he couldn't get rid of the crystal, he didn't want to risk it not staying as crystal and returning. So he made it so that if the boy somehow did ever come out of the crystal, it was practically impossible for him to ever find his way out of there.


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Kiyo straightened his white hoody and zipped it about halfway up. This was the third time this month that he had skipped school to explore the wild and look for his brother. Kaoru had disappeared nine years ago in this wood with his best friend, some said that they had ran away but Kiyo knew that couldn't be right. The only things he remembered from the day Kaoru went missing llwas following the two boys into the forest, then waking up wrapped in his brother's hoodie in the front steps if his school. The police had questioned him, but he was no help with the investigation since for the next three years he didn't talk more look anyone in the eye. Finally when he was ten he accidentally looked the new boy in their class in the eyes and found out his entire life story, including that he had stolen the teacher's car keys. He perfected his 'gift' but when he was fourteen he realized that is was a violation of personal information to intrude in someone's mind like that. He became very social, and learned how to turn off his 'gift' completely.
Every few months he would skip school and search the wood for his brother, though he would never go in very far. Today though he still hadn't turned back, he had been walking for almost two hours when he reached a clearing with a antique looking white house. He paused for a minute, he recognized this place, though he had never been here. There was a flash of pale blue light and he looked around frantically. No one was there. He shook the deja vu off and looked at the house again. Most of the windows were cracked or broken, and it looked as if ivy was eating he house on all the outer walls. The house looked deserted except one window on the second floor that was open.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi stood for a minute after opening the window, breathing in the air and looking down at the greens and occasional bright colours of the forest. Returning to the desk in the middle of the room she sat, picking up the book and opening it about to the middle. This book was one that she had read so many times she could quote most of it without looking, and there were plenty of things she hadn't read before, but this was something she came back to often. Before she'd gotten far into the page she noticed as a small bird flew through the window and landed on the desk next to the cup of tea she had. "Well, this doesn't happen much." She giggled softly, being very still as to not scare it away. "So where did you come from? I bet you'd have some stories to tell if you could speak." She smiled at the thought. Never in her life had she ever actually been outside of the forest, the world outside to her was made of only the pictures in her books and stories that Cyr had told her of people and places all over. These she thought had given her a view of the world, but her own world was hidden by trees for miles in every direction. She hardly ever even wore shoes, as she never went very far from her home, she'd never had a need to.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) For a moment Kiyo thought he saw someone in the open window, he craned his neck to get a better view but whoever was there was already gone as a tiny bird flew in the window. He walked around the house, still feeling like he knew this place from a distant memory.
On a whim Kiyo went up to the front door, he looked up at the open window again and knocked loudly on the door.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi jolted upright at the echoing sound, startling the bird and causing it to hop off the desk and land on the window. She may have not been so surprised if it were Cyr, but she knew it couldn't be him. He had said that it would be a few days before he returned, and even so he wouldn't have knocked. He lived in the house too, and even so she knew when he was near. Grabbing the crystal hanging around her neck she held it in front of her eyes. It wasn't glowing, not even slightly. So that meant someone else was at her door. Thoughts rushed through her head, too fast for her to latch onto. It had been nine years since she'd seen anyone besides Cyr. There were times when people wandered through the woods, but they never came very far in and she rarely went near the edge, and so she never saw any of them. But now there was someone in the clearing, and not only that but pounding on the door.
She slowly stood, shaking and unsure of what to do. She could just let the person pass, nobody was supposed to live in the house anyway. They would just assume it was abandoned as it should be and leave. But what if they were expecting it to be abandoned so that they could come in? Would someone really just walk in to an old house alone? Of course, she didn't know if they were alone or if there was more than one person there. She had to do something, maybe draw their attention away from the house. Stepping around the desk Emi walked towards the door quicky, but not paying attention she tripped over her own feet and crashed to the floor. She froze, hoping yet doubting she hand't made enough noise to attract attention.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo stood outside the door and knocked again, he heard a loud crash on the upstairs floor and tried the handle, which was unlocked. He looked around the dark entryway, which would have been nice except for the cobwebs in the corners of the high ceiling and the candles everywhere instead of electric lights. Though it was light enough outside that the sitting room was lit up nicely.
"Hello?" Kiyo asked loudly enough that whoever was in the house would here him. When no one answered he slipped silently up the stairs and looked down the hall, one door stood open and the feint light of day shined out of it. "Hello?" he said again as he looked into the room.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi stared forward at the person's feet, not daring to look up. She knew what would happen, she remembered it happening nine years earlier on a day she preferred not to be reminded of. She scrambled into a sitting position and buried her face in her hands, head lowered towards the ground. She wanted to say something, to tell them to go away, to run, something. But the words refused to be found, leaving her in silence where she sat.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo looked at the girl in surprise, again he felt like he recognized something, a chord in the back of his brain was pulled. He shook his head and looked down at the girl, whose silver hair seemed to have a mind of it's own, "Hey" he said smiling at her. He knelt down in front of her, curious to know why she seemed so terrified. "Are you okay?" he asked carefully. He took the headphones out of his ears, which cause his white hood to fall off of his head showing his dark spiky hair.
He had heard rumors of someone living in a house hid away in the forest, but it was supposed to be some witch or demon that took kids, not an innocent looking teenage girl that looked do scared to be in the same room as someone else that she was likely to scream if he wasn't careful. She was covering her eyes as if she knew he could find out any information he wanted by looking into them, or maybe there was something wrong with them. Kiyo couldn't help his curiosity as he looked at the mysterious young woman.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "G- Go away!" Emi managed to say. To her it felt like she had screamed it at the top of her lungs, though in reality it had come out as barely a whisper. She couldn't move, her legs felt like stone underneath her. Her hair trembled more than she did, seeming to have a mind of it's own as it shook. It covered her face even more paired with her hands.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo looked at her inquisitively, then gave her a sweet smile and and tilted his head to one side. "What are you so scared of?" he asked, on the off chance she'd answer him coherently. He still had the feeling in the back of his mind that he knew here from somewhere, "I'm not going to hurt you." he added, intending for it to be comforting even though his voice was slightly shaky, most likely it would be noticeable.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi scooted back slightly, she was more worried about something happening the other way around. The crystal around her neck began to glow very faintly, though she didn't notice it at first with her eyes covered. It flickered slightly and the light grew. Moving her hands slightly she peeked at it through a crack between her fingers and a wave of relief seemed to pass over her, though it didn't make much of a difference except her hair stopped moving. The crystal glowing meant that Cyr was returning, and he was nearby.

Cyr flew over the trees, looking down for the clearing where he could easily land. Once he spotted it he dove down, slowing and landing almost silently. Folding his wings against him he began walking towards the house, bits of him falling off into crystal and fading until he was left in his human form. Walking around the trees to the house he saw the door left standing open, which was fairly odd as the window was also open, and even so Emi never left it open if she left. He sped up slightly, though he still made hardly any sound as he walked.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo looked at the girl as she shifted her hands, he saw a sliver of red eye and knew that was all he needed, against his better judgement he let his 'gift' loose, almost like letting the leash off an overly excited dog. The information he was looking for came to him in an instant, her name was Emi and she could turn people to crystal with one look, which why she was so keen on keeping her eyes covered. Obviously this didn't work on him since he had just used his own power to find this out. She was terrified of turning someone into crystal, for once before she had. Never meeting a human being, besides her long dead mother, had taught her that if she ever did they would hate her and try to kill her since all the books she had ever read had the public chasing people like her down and killing them, or of people just running away in terror.
He took her hands away from her face and looked into her red eyes "Emi" he said then paused still keeping eye contact. "I'm not here to hurt you." he said again to reinforce the phrase.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "You better not be. Otherwise you're in for more trouble than you thought." Cyr said as he stepped into the room behind them, his hands in the pockets of his pants. Emi snapped her head towards him, breaking eye contact with the boy. He'd been faster than she expected, maybe there was something that he saw to make him worry. "And another thing, where did you get that name from?" He asked, walking past them and gently pulling Emi into a standing position and standing in front of her. He knew the unlikeliness that she'd given her name, in fact the possibilities were zero.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Kiyo whipped around, standing quickly and staring at the boy who had walked in, he was about five and a half feet tall and hate white-blue hair. Without meaning to he looked into his eyes, the memories from the day his brother disappeared came back to him at once. Everything that happened, including discovering his 'gift' by looking into the eyes of a dragon names Cyr, who was this boy who was standing in front of him. "You." he said still looking at him.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "Me?" Cyr raised an eyebrow at the boy curiously. "I'm afraid you're going to have to be more specific than that." He said calmly. Emi took another step back, bumping the desk behind her. The crystal slowly faded and stopped glowing, though she had it in her hands at the moment and was rubbing it nervously.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "No you, you're the one that. . ." Kiyo trailed off staring at Cyr. "I couldn't do any of this until. . ." he couldn't seem to finish a thought. "Kaoru and Moari they. . ." he stopped again. He looked from Cyr to Emi and back again.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "You aren't making any sense." Cyr shook his head, not taking his eyes off the boy for a second. Emi's breath cought, she knew exactly what he was talking about. She hadn't heard any names, but for some reason she knew what he was referring to the second he started talking about it. She lowered her eyes and held onto the crystal even tighter, staring at her feet.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "You asked how I knew her name, I knew because nine years ago I found out your's, Cyr." Kiyo said, sounding slightly shocked. "And now no matter what you think, she's scared. Scared of leaving, of living, she doesn't know there's a world out there where you don't have to be scared." he turned to Emi and looked her in the eye "I have friends, they told me there are others like us. You don't have to be afraid anymore." as he spoke he became more confident, especially when he talked of the friends he made that had helped him perfect his 'gift', and hide it completely.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Emi straightened up, dropping her arms to her sides. How did he know all of that? The same way he'd found out about Cyr, that was what he said. But still, how did he find our about Cyr? None of this made any sense, especially once he reached the part about these 'others'. Cyr glared at the boy, but quickly his expression changed back to what it had been before. "And how would that be? You're still being very vague. Also if I were you, I would stay clear of that topic." He lowered his voice for the second part, though Emi could still hear what he said. Now that she thought about it, why hadn't he froze where he sat the instant he looked at her eyes? He should've instantly become nothing a crystal statue, but here he was talking to them and perfectly fine, obviously not crystal.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Why? You know she is scared, you don't do anything about it. You sit here and protect her, but what if I was someone bad, I just walked in didn't I? You weren't here, she's never been two miles away from this house." Kiyo kept eye contact with Emi "I can help you, Atsuko can too, and Keisuke. We know how, there are others out there like us. Except they don't have body gaurds that shoot tiny crystal missiles." Kiyo kept the grin off his face, though you could hear it in his voice.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Cyr didn't appear to have any change in emotion, though as the boy was talking shards of the blue crystal appeared around him and shot forward, pinning him against the wall with his hoodie. "I was gone breifly, and in case you hadn't noticed back almost immediately." He said sharply, taking his hands out of his pockets. Emi processed what he had said silently. If he was telling the truth then she would be able to leave the forest, something she'd never done before. Not only that, but she would be able to do so without worrying or wearing a blindfold. She wanted to agree, but couldn't find the words or voice to say anything.

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Atsuko frowned as she paced the sitting room of HQ, Kiyo had been gone for way to long and Suke didn't seem to want to do anything about it. He had said he was going into the forest to look for evidence of his brother again, whom had disappeared five years before they had met Kiyo. She turned up her music so that most likely someone could understand every word through her headphones.
Kiyo disappeared into the forest about once a month for a few hours, cutting school to do so of course, he would never skip their meetings or missions. His school had been over for two hours and he was still gone, which should have been worrying Suke much more than Atsuko, who had an awful feeling about it.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "Oi, Danchou. You're pacing again." Keisuke said loudly, wondering if Atsuko could hear him through her music. She only seemed to do this when she was thinking a lot about something, and today was apparently the day that Kiyo decided to go frolic in the forest again looking for things about his brother. Except you can't exactly recover from something like that. He thought every time, though it never showed on his face, which more than always had a catty grin on it.
Suke tossed himself up from where he'd been laying on the couch into a sitting position. Putting his elbows on his knees and resting his chin on one hand he watchied Atsuko go back and forth across the room. "It's not like it's been that long, he's been out for longer than this."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Atsuko gave him her normal death glare and took one headphone out. "He left late though, I told him to be back since you said we had something we needed to do today." she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall as she kept her gaze on Suke as he sat up. "He doesn't have a protection ability like us, and he is always getting himself into trouble." the bad feeling she had about the deal was getting worse with every minute.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "So what? He'll be back soon enough. Besides, we'd have to put it off anyway if he came back right now." Suke shrugged. Atsuko was worrying too much, nothing that bad could really happen unless there were people involved, in which case very bad things could happen. But even so, the chances that Kiyo would actually run into someone in that forest was slim, and if he did he'd probably scare them off since everyone thought it was haunted anyway.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "How is that?" Atsuko asked staring at him like the idiot he was. "I told him to be back, he should be back. End of story." she looked through the front window, which was one way glass to the outside, still nothing. "Whatever we have to do today doesn't matter if we have missing member." she resumed her pacing, keeping the scowl in place. "Maybe we should go after him, after all his brother disappeared in that forest, it is possible for him to too."

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Suke sighed, standing up and stretching. "Like I said, it's not like he hasn't done this before." He said glancing out the window over Atsuko's shoulder. "But I can't really stop you. You're too stubborn." He grinned, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "So then Danchou, we going?"

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Yes." Atsuko said shortly, she secured the headphone that was still in her ear pulled her hood up to cover her green hair. "I'll conceal us until we get to that side of town." she said opening the front door and exiting the room without another word.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Suke nodded, pulling up his hood before sticking his hands back in his pockets and following her. He still didn't think that this was necessary, but there was also the possibility that he'd found something he'd been looking for. Him being this late also meant he had to have remembered something, which led to one of two conclusions: Kiyo was either lying on the ground somewhere being really pitiful, or was going to keep looking until it was dark. Unless he'd brought a flashlight, and in that case he'd stay out until he couldn't walk anymore.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Atsuko stuck her other headphone back in, though she turned the volume low enough to be able to understand Suke if he spoke. She cloaked both of them as they walked down the downtown sidewalk toward the school that Kiyo attended, per his parents who agreed that he could move into the Shisen Dan headquarters with Atsuko and Suke.
When they started the Shisen Dan it was just Suke and Atsuko, they ran away from the foster home they had grown up in six years ago and started Shisen Dan. They squatted in the building they now lived in, the business that had owned it was now closed and excepted a payment of six thousand yen, which was the amount that the two kids had together from their savings. This of course was close to nothing for an office building this big, but the owner wanted out of it now. So the Shisen Dan HQ was accquired and Atsuko and Suke started getting odd jobs to pay to keep the power on and other important things. When they were twelve they met Kiyotero, who was just figuring out his ability to gain any information by just looking someone in the eye. When the three were fourteen Kiyo would almost never use his power, only on very rare and important occasions would he dig into someone's mind like that. He was lucky that he was good with machinery and things or he would be close to useless.
The two teenagers reached the front of the school in record time, since of course no one stopped them or even noticed them. The deserted schoolyard was quiet, except the slight wind the blew the leaves around. The pair walked through the grounds and to the back fence, which was made of stone and brick. Without saying anything she scaled the wall and was over in record time. She stared into the thick forest while waiting for Suke to jump down beside her.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Suke landed barely right side up, his feet slipping and causing him to fall forward before he realized what had happened. His face slammed into the ground and he groaned loudly. Sitting up he rubbed his cheek for a second but quickly hopped up, his grin returned. "Heh, oops." He said, looking at Atsuko for a second before he turned to face the trees.
Though Kiyo was usually alone when he wandered around through here there were occasional times when Atsuko and Keisuke went with him, and so they knew their way around fairly well. The only issue was they'd never come at night, and it was starting to get dark. "I didn't realize it was this late." He said, taking his phone out of his pocket and waking it up to check the time.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "You scared Kun?" Atsuko gave him a smirk and laughed quietly, sounding slightly crazy. She straightened her hood then entered the outskirts of the woods without looking at Suke a second time. An owl hooted somewhere in the distance as the sky grew darker, the noise didn't affect Atsuko in the slightest and she put her hands in her pockets and kept her posture straight. She was sure which way Kiyo had gone, he always went the same way, then turned back around after about two miles, tonight they would follow his path until they found him, whether they found him dead on the ground or talking to a ghost.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "Why would I be?" Suke shrugged and followed, keeping his phone out and turning on the camera flash so that they had some kind of light. "It's not like there's actually anything dangerous here. If there was Kiyo would've disappeared a long time ago." He was of course joking, as everything he said was more of a joke or at least not serious, though this was slightly serious. "Hey, think he's got his phone on him?"

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Of course he does, but that is pretty pointless since as soon as we stepped into the woods our service cut out." Atsuko showed him her phone, which now said that it was searching. She shoved it back into her pocket and took one headphone so she could hear him better. They kept to the trail that Kiyo had made through years of trudging through the woods so many times through the years.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Suke glanced at the top of his screen, his wasn't even searching, it was just off. "And my battery's almost out. We're probably going to have to switch to yours in a while so we can still see." He said, pointing the light at the ground again and watching the dimly lit footpath.
After a couple hours they'd continued walking, only slowing once because they'd taken a wrong turn and had to go back. His phone had died a while back and so they had to switch the batteries in them since Atsuko's didn't have a flash on it. "At this rate he's probably waiting for us back at the..." He trailed off near the end of his sentence, his eyes drifting forward and his phone following as they walked closer to a clearing. "Hey, is that?" He pointed with his free hands towards what seemed to be an old, but fairly large house with ivys and other vines climbing up the sides and around the windows. One on the second floor seemed to be in better shape than most of the others, and though it was closed there seemed to be a faint blue light coming through the glass.

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"I told you something was up." Atsuko stared at the same window Suke seemed to be looking at. She wasn't sure how but she knew that Kiyo was in that house. The front door stood ajar and the same blue light was emanating from it as the window, it seemed to envelope the entire house in the dark. Suddenly there was a loud thump from the second floor and Atsuko hurried to the door. Upon entering the house she heard arguing above them, she quickly ran up the stairs, and burst into the room with the only open door.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Suke walked through the door behind her, sticking his phone in his pocket as the inside seemed to be glowing. He looked around, there were strange looking blue-white crystals over what looked like they used to be candle-holders on the walls. There were also random shards of the same glowing crystal scattered on the ground, some looked like they'd been swept into small piles in the corner. "Interesting." He said quietly, staring leisurely up the stairs.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) "How is this interesting exactly? I was just talking about you Danchou!" Kiyo grinned at Atsuko, his voice calm as if he was having a nice conversation, even though he was still pinned against the wall with crystal shards.

Atsuko looked as if she was about to kill someone "What have you gotten yourself into now!?" she screamed at Kiyo and giving him her signature death glare.
He was randomly getting into troublesome situations, they always got out of them okay but it was still annoying. This time it seemed that they couldn't get out by just disappearing though, even with Suke's and Atsuko's abilities combines.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "Everything at the moment is interesting." Suke said, standing next to Atsuko and waving at Kiyo. "Suko-chan here thought you were in trouble so we came after you. But obviously you're fine, see" he turned and smirked at Atsuko. "I told you he didn't need any help."
Emi shrunk as two others came into the room, hiding behind Cyr as best she could, though her hair showed on either side. Cyr calmly looked from the boy pinned to the wall the two who'd walked in. "I'm assuming you're the other two he was talking about. And by the way you address each other, you're Atsuko" he looked at her, and then to Suke. "And you're Keisuke. But I still haven't gotten your name. Don't you think that's a little rude? Seeing as you're in someone else's house and all."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) Atsuko back handed Suke in the stomach without hesitation, she had told him not to call her Suko, Danchou was fine, but she liked her name the way it was. "Kiyo-san don't make me hurt you, what were you doing? You said you were searching for your br-" Kiyo interrupted her before she could finish "And I was, until I found this house and that adorable fluffy girl right there. She's like us, I remember, I don't have to look for Koaru anymore, I remember what happened to him. He was being an idiot and a jerk, and though it was Moari's fault, they both deserved what they got, even though it was an accident." When he said they deserved it he sounded very bitter, though as he said the last bit he brightened up again and glanced at Emi with a smile.
Glaring at him again Atsuko marched over to Kiyo and grabbed him by the shirt collar "What do you mean she's like us?" she asked in a low growl, she was glad he was pinned to the wall already so he couldn't squirm out of her grip as he usually did.

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