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Giorgos Kazoulis | 4 comments

Only 0.99$

A normal boy, a normal life.
So not special by the world’s standards.

He loves and he fails.

Eighteen years old Stavros begins questioning every single value and what begins as a quest for success and power soon becomes an enormous inner struggle that defines him.

Is life a theatrical version of a much truer, darker world inside our minds? What is a friend? Why care for someone you don’t need? How can someone even consider walking the straight and narrow path in a world that anyone could be lurking in the shadows, ready to walk over you if he was to?

The boy begins his mental journey and finds happiness, sorrow, peace, fear and danger. Real, physical danger…

Will the boy win against his inner demons? Or will he decide that his inner demons are in fact his guardian angels and his only chance to a better, safer life? What would be the cost of such a victory?

One thing is for sure - Breaking Good is damn hard to do.

message 3: by Angie (new)

Angie | 193 comments Thanks Giorgos I've just downloaded it:-)

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