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A beautiful land with a harsh environment and society.

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Steph walked into the camp, outside of the village. "MISS STEPHANIE!!!" They all shouted, hugging her legs. Stephanie smiled. She looked down at them, kneeling so she could see there faces. "How were you all? I brought presents!" She said. They all squealed as she handed each one the you they requested. "Do you have any story's?! Any more about your adventures in Gotham?!" One squealed. She nodded. Stephanie told them about what happened when she was back with Bruce, Tim, Dick and the others. They all looked at her with awe when she was finished. "Can we see it?" One asked, meaning the scar Lainey had given her. Steph nodded, pulling up her t shirt sleeve. The bat shaped wound had scarred over already. The child sitting on her lap touched it delicately. "Owie." He said. She chuckled and ruffled his curly black hair.

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