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The bustling center of the city, downtown, is reminiscent of all the different elemental bending traditions in both its architecture and its population. In downtown Republic City, tall, well-crafted buildings line the cobblestone streets, and a railroad track sits elevated above the roadway, offering transportation to those wishing to explore the city. This sector is representative of a cultural melting pot of shops and stands featuring goods from all three nations. It is the political, economic, and cultural center of Republic City, protected by a massive police presence operating from their headquarters and airships. Despite this security, downtown suffers from organized crime as much as the remainder of Republic City. The Triple Threat Triad, the largest bending triad of the whole city, claims the downtown area is their turf and runs protection rackets throughout it.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro walked through the streets, trying not to bump into anybody. There was just so many people! It was messing up her vision because of all the vibrations that were going on. She sighed, and let her hands hang down, Jasmine and Kilani nudging her as she walked.

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Chapal was in utter distress having been ehre for only a few weeks or so if even that and the worst ahs arrived to the poor bender. he lounged agianst a wall sitting at the street corner noticing no one but lightly tapping his footto the toon of coething stuck in hsi head. He had no idea as to what was around himor how he would ever find work, but he knew it wouldn't be long and he woudl be the low lfie outcast of this wonderful city of nations.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro heard someone's foot tapping an felt the vibrations and headed in their direction. "Lost?" She asks, a brow raised. Her clothes indicated that she had wealth, but they were very simple and elegant garments.

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E Evan walked down an empty alleyway. Two figures came up behind him and one larger figure in front of him blocking any escape. "Well, well, well look at what we have here. A boy lost in Republic City with no protection." Said the one of the smaller guys. Evan started backing away he would have no problem handling these idiots but he didn't want to fight. He turned but of course he ran straight into the bigger guy. he sighed and took a position as the guys approached he flipped the second smaller one and threw him across the alley and he landed hard into a brick wall. H dodged a few punches from the big guy and then the other small guy started. Evan kicked the small guy in the chest and face the big guy. He used basic offensive firebending and once a flame caught his shirt the big guy started running. Evan walked into the crowded street as if nothing happened.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro sighed at Chapal not replying. She sighed and walked off, heading in the direction of Evan. Jasmine and Kilani growled at the people who passed by Kuro and gave her looks. For the most part, she didn't bump into anyone or stumble, which was good, but then she bumped into Evan. "Oh, I'm sorry Sir." Kuro says, her face lighting up with embarrassment, a deep flush on her cheeks.

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E "No, problem" he said. "Could I help you?" he asked. He wanted to help her and do the polite thing. "Is there somewhere you want to get I know this city like the back of my hand." he said.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "Oh, no thank you. I know this city pretty well too. I'm Kuro Yuki, nice I meet you." She says with a closed eye smile to hide her odd colored unseeing eyes. Jasmine and Kilani looked up at Evan, their heads cocked, tails wagging.

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E "Ok well nice to meet you Kuro. I gotta run I need to meet up with my girlfriend but maybe I'll see you around." He said. He walked down the street making a way through the crowd and watching the little kids steal from the rich peoples pockets. He turned into an empty alley and climbed up a ladder onto the top of a building.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro smiled, "See you around." She says, she pulled out a bag of coins from her ouch, handing it to one of the little kids, "Shh, just take this okay?" She says to the young child, her voice soft and kind. The bag had about 50 gold coins and 75 silver coins in it.

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Chapal having been born a lightening bender seemed shock once he sensed the root element the spirits blessed to mankind ebfore the many others came into play. Chapal stands moving toward the blind girl and the Firebender. But, before he could reach them the boy ran off. Chapal returns his sight to the blind girl, "I'm not as lsot as I appear...I merely have no money or clue where to start in such a big city." He states plainly.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "Ahh, well, I have an extra room in my home if you need a place to stay." Kuro offers with a small smile, Jasmine walked up to Chapal and nudged him with snout. "These two are Jasmine and Kilani, they're my dogs and friends." Kuro tells Chapal, her voice soft an sincere. She stood up, straightening her posture as she looked at where she assumed Chapal's head was, although in reality it was a few inches to the left of where she was looking.

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Chapal smirks lightly, "Well, your companions are cute seeing eye dogs, but as for your offer, I beleive leaving me to being abeggar is in your best interest. You don't know me, you can't see me, you have no idea what sort of person i am and for all you know I could be a trickster spirit. I here many linger in the city ever since our last Avatar Korra released the Spirit world to bind with the mortal world." I expect nothing less than you having fear of what I would do and could do. I could get into your fortune will and forge your writing so that I will be your receiver of the fortune as you clearly are wealthy. Plus i could easily kill you in your sleep and claim your home as my own as I convincingly give my grievances to your grave all thewhile being the only one who knows your true cuase of death." He sates rahter bluntly and plainly of the pessimist possibilities.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "I don't care about my fortune one bit. I'd rather be poor, people try to befriend me for my money alone. Also, the second room is on the second floor, my room is on the main floor, I have incredible hearing and I made sure that the stairs were creaky before I purchased the house incase if anyone did stay with me. Furthermore, I don't usually write. I go to the bank and I do something, that is a secret, so that they know it is me. Anyway, even if you did try to attack or kill me, Jasmine and Kilani are trained fighting dogs and I can bend. I'm not as helpless as you may think just because I am blind." Kuro replies, using the same amount of bluntness as Chapal. "You should not underestimate me, you have no idea of what I've been through." She growls under her breath.

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Chapal nods quite impressed at how she attacked back at him with ehr own nerve of words. "Well, you are too kind...I'm sure it woudl be a lovely gesture, but agian.I am a begger who cna pay no rent nor cna I fidn a job. Adn being a bender myself seems quite odd as most people like myself find jobs easily. i even thought abotu trying to make a team fo my own for the arenas." He says palinly. I came here a poor boy and I suppsoe I will remain a poor man for the rest of my miserable life. And not to mention but you still don't know me. How cna you possibly trust me?" He had toa sk. He kenw she could defend ehrself simply by how she held ehrself, but she had no idea as to who he was or what he was capable of. It seemed liek someone lettign their guard down too quickly and trusting someone before they even knew who they were.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "Because I've heard word of you. I would like to join your team for the arena if you wind up making one." Kuro replies with a yawn. "And don't you dare underestimate me because I will kick your arse to the north pole." She says to Chapal, "And I wouldn't care about you not paying rent, I've had several people stay in my home for free before, I like to help out those in the city. I don't care about money, if I did I would be wearing much more expensive clothing and I wouldn't be living here." Kuro tells Chapal, her voice sounding bored. She ran a hand through her hair, her eyes now open.

((Can I change her appearance please?))

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(But of course))

chapal looks ito her pale eyes knowing she is blind already. "Well, given the arena opens only three elements to a teasm meaning four members I suppose you could be a start. How good are you at bending?" I mean not to sound rude, but you appear a bit young for a master of the element." He explains knowing that few try to ever offensively master their elements anymore they merely try tolearn the defense. He became amaster, but it wasn't easy.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "I'm pretty good, I wouldn't call myself a master, but I think that I'm pretty close to being able to be a master." Kuro says, a small smile on her face. She sat down on a brand new earth chair that she made, "Earth bender, and you are?" She asks Chapal with a raised brow.

((New appearance: http://data2.whicdn.com/images/587189... her hair is a snow whitish colour and her eyes are purple: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs36/f/200... but a little bit lighter))

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((I've already changed it to that hun, when you posted it on DEcembder 26th.))

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Chapal frowns knwoing msot consider his kind dangerous if not useful to the world and a deadl;y opponent to tussel with. Chapal downs his head, "Me, oh...I'm a master...master...Firebender." He says, which would not eb alie ahd the spirits remained int he spirit world and the worlds hadn't been conencted naturally. Chapal was suppsoed to eb a firebender, but the spirits chose otherwise. "I'm a 19 year old amster of my element." His family had to be so spiritual adn the spirits blessed him as they say. Ensuring a new line fo pwoer in his fmaily can bloom out like a lotus flower.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "I see, well not really, but you get what I mean. Promise not I intentionally burn me, okay?" Kuro says, having bad memories with some firebenders, great memories with others. Jasmine sat by Chapal's foot and rubbed her head against his leg. "Jazz, chill girl." Kuro says, stifling her laughter. Others might have been surprised as to how she could see the dog's actions, but the more observant people saw tht she wasn't wearing any footwear so that she could feel the the vibrations.

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chapal smirks, "I see you are like the old Earth benders and arena benders...barefoot, to feel the cnnedction of the earth, right?" He asked noting she was blind and yet laughed as if she saw the dog ebfore her. She had to have a secret ebign blind and ebing able to see at the same time was not natural gift it was unheard of except byt he founder fo the metalbenders police force. Toph was the only blind bender known who mastered types of bending unheard of by anyone else. "He was not abotu to tellthsi girl the truth and did not bother petty her dog half firghtened of it biting him. "Okay? So, my name is Chapal...Elec...i mean Firebender of te team...and captain. If you don't mind titles."

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro chuckled and smiled, "yup, helps me to 'see' the things around me and connect with the earth." She says with a smile on her face. "You can pet Jazz if you want, she won't bite. She seems to like you." Kuro tells Chapal, her hands resting by her sides, her long snow whitish hair in a ponytail.

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((A bit mroe than that please.))

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"I'm gonna call you Captain if that's okay with you." Kuro tells Chapal, "Either that Chapal. As long as you don't burn me, we're on good terms." She says, shuddering at the memory when she was taken by the rogue bender. It was not a fun time for her. "Let's head to my house, okay Captain?" She says, heading in the direction of her house.

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((lol no big, my brother died four weeks ago so I would have no idea any longer whats that like.))

(9I gtg be on tomorrow))

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments ((Aww, I'm sorry Jacob, I'll rp with you tommorow then.))

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chapal nods oddly, "Um, okay, that works." He says staying beside her dog, Jazz as they walk. "So is your hosue big?" He asks out of pure curiosity. He had no idea as to where they were going but of course it has been like that ever since he arrived here. He could always get a job as an electricbender at the pwoerplant, but he didn't want to be the new guy who was foriegn to Republic cities peaceful ways.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "I guess you could say that, it has a basement, the main floor and a second floor. Yeah, it's pretty big." Kuro say with a small embarrassed smile. She continued walking, and Kilani growle as someone tried to pickpocket Kuro. "Hey, kid, here." She says, giving the young boy a bag full of coins.

The little boy smiled up at her, "Thank you miss!" He said before scampering off.

"I don't even know why they try to pick pocket me anymore, they know that I'll just give them some money if I have it with me." Kuro says, her voice sounding amused, an amused look on her face.

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Chapal looked half shocked. He had no idea how vibration fromt he earth allowed ehr to see the child as a child and not a blur of a person or soemthing. But he had no idea what it was like to be an earthbender who was blind. He tried to imagine being a firebender who was blind. Then he remebereed his great grandfather. He was a firebender who could bend with hsi mind and was blind. He saw heat signatures nothing mroe or less and was murdered upon the occurance of someone freezing the room out he became blind for real with no heat signatures.

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((Does she have a place? If not message me the pics and make it look a bit oriental please and I cna make it for her.))

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "Here, let's head to my house Captain. It's getting late." Kuro says softly, smiling as some children gathered around them.

"Hello Miss Kuro!" Some of them said to her.

"Oh hello children, how are you all doing?" She asked, her voice sounding genuinely concerned.

"Good," They chorused, "and you Dark Ice?" They asked her.

"I'm good children, my friend and I must be on our way though. Be safe children." She tells them, her voice joyful and sounding happy for their well being. "Let us go Captain, I don't wish to stay out late tonight." She tells him, walking off in the direction of her home, a slight skip in her step.

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As he follwos her to her home he couldn't help but raise the question as he watched her walk, "Dark Ice?" He had to ask he coudln't help it, but he also coudln't help chekcing her out like no other. She seemed perfect and sexy as hell, but of course he coudln't be hitting on his new roommate.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments "My full name is Kuro Yuki. It means Dark Ice. What does Chapal mean?" Kuro replies, walking in the direction of her house. "I have some children who occasionally stay in my home, if they're at my house, that's why." She tells Chapal, her voice sounding amused. "I house them when it gets colder or they and find a place to stay." She tells Chapal, spinning around in circles every once in a while.

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Chapal almsot stops dead in his tracks at her question..."My name? Um...Lightning...or Swift, rahter...I mean yeah...swift." He couldn't risk her finding out he was a lgihtening bender with so many sides ebing taken these days people are desiring new elemental benders in their leagues. Not onyl was he dangerous, but he coudl be used as a weapon. To have a master lgihtening bender on someones side is always damage for the other side.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 61 comments Kuro laughs lightly, "Okay then Swift, we're almost at my house so be prepared for whatever state it is in." Kuro tells Chapal now being serious. She looked in his direction, her light purple and blackish eyes looking near him. Kilani nudged her so that she was aware of the path leading to her house, "Good girl Kilani," She says to the white dog, a hand resting on Kilani's head. "Welcome to my homestead Cap." She says to the other human.

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(9Okay let's post there now))

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E Evan walked through the now empty street to the corner where he worked. He was an aquirer of 'special' items. You could say his items were always 'hot property' and he had to move it on quick. He kept his eyes out for any cops. None so far.

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Chapal makes it back into the city and makes his way down the black market streets. Few metalbending police forces made it this way. But when they did they brought in the full task force. he had to find some equipment for the arenas. If he was to make a bending team he ahd to have the best, but he wasn't planning on buying he was goign to deal his way out of this one and he was going to stela what he needed if he had to at all cost. Walkign through the street vendors he found little trinkets and nicknaks of no use to him, but then he found a number of chains and boxing bags and few other things that appeared far to expensive for the balck market. Walking to the vendors stall he awaited service.

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E Evan walked after a guy looking at some training equipment. Being an out of work pro bender he had gotten some of the best things money could buy and he 'aquired them' for barely any money he had gotten them in bulk and needed to move them on. He waked up to the boy. "Need some training equipment follow me." He said and walked off slowly heading towards his warehouse.

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Chapal never actually recognized te guy spot on, but he felt familiar to him. Hearing those words he follws discretely behind him. Walking through the black market was one thing, but following osmeone there eople could end up killed. He followed him hesitantly and on his guard, but he knew better than to bend i public.

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E Evan ducked into his warehouse. The place was filled with punching bags, speed bags, treadmills, weights, earth discs, bending dummies, you name it it was here. He waited for the boy to enter the warehouse. He leaned against a wall.

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Chapal ducks into the ware house and his eyes widen, "Um, wow...how much?" He always asked the price first just to know how much something was worth. Of course then he looked around the building for entrance and escape routes. Chapal thought the guy quite cute, but clearly he was a forceful straight guy. Chapal studies him for a moment, "So, this is all yours? I mean do you pro-bend?" He asks curiously.

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E "Three time back to back pro-bending champion. But unfortunately I have no team." he said "As for the items they are mine persay. I received them 1 week ago. And price give me something you think is reasonable" he said. "All these are new never used and state of the art." he said "So down to business. How much do you need and how much will you pay?" he asked him

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Chapal smirks dangerously getting all of the information he needed to possibly make this deal work..."Funny how you say you have no team when my team merely needs one more member, How about as captain I recruit you and we use this black market merchandise as our training equipment?" He suggested. He hoped it would work, the guy may be straight but he was cute and clearly knew his stuff about pro-bending. He was not about to even say anything about his bending skill, but this guy need not say what his was. He was clearly a firebender. It has been said those who are in touch enough with their element and rely on the spirits for guidance can touch base with their ancient base element which was spread into subcategories of power when the spirits entered this world. Electricbenders could easily sense a Firebender if they were spiritual enough.

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E "Well electric bender I will need two things:
1. I will train the team and only I shall train them
2. I will need to know the weekly profit will be
3. You will repay me for the equipment by working for me.
4. You and the other team member will sign a contract stating that you will stay and compete in 3 or more pro bending seasons." he said "Agreed?" he asked.

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Chapal smirks dangerously as he begins to get ready to speak, but once he does he feels a full pain at hearing how the guy knew jsut what he was. "Wait, How did you know what I was?" He was extremely frightful and curious. He could almost smell the chi of fire burning in thsi guy, but could firebenders sense subbenders of their pwoer? He had never heard of such a thing not even in masters. The terms were very reasonable. Of course working for him sounded a bit odd, how exactly was he to work and what job?

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E "I meditate twice a day for four hours. I am very connected to the spirits, they whisper in my ear. They can sense your aura and your power." he said. "Now what do you say?" He said leaning up against a wall.

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Chapal frowns, "Fine by me, The cash from the battles will be split three ways after the ten percent cut going to the arena. And your terms are fine."

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E "Ok well we will train here every night at 6:30pm exact and finish at 10pm sharp. Any complaints?" he asked looking at Chapal. "As for your work be here at 10am tommorow. you will work a 6 hour shift with a half an hour break. Agreed?"

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