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Republic City is the capital city of the United Republic of Nations as well as the largest and most modern city in the world, located on the shores of Yue Bay. Situated near the Mo Ce Sea, it is built upon what was once the territory of a Fire Nation colony. The city was founded by Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang after the conclusion of the Hundred Year War as a haven for immigrants from all across the four nations. Being a modern urban center, Republic City boasts significant high-rise development as well as the widespread use of automobiles, motorcycles, and airships.

Republic City is home to a variety of iconic landmarks. These include a monumental statue of Avatar Aang in Yue Bay, a spacious city park, many suspension bridges, and skyscrapers. The police force utilizes metalbending for civil law enforcement. Pro-bending is the city's most popular form of sporting.
During Avatar Korra's youth, Republic City faced high levels of crime and numerous revolts led by the Equalists.

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In the aftermath of the Hundred Year War, Team Avatar, led by Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, came to an agreement with Earth King Kuei on the establishment of the Harmony Restoration Movement, which would return the Fire Nation colonies to the jurisdiction of the Earth Kingdom. One of the procedures of this action was the relocation of Fire Nation citizens from the foreign settlements they had created over the past century. This order of removal had negative demographic consequences not considered by any of the parties to the agreement. A year into the operation of the movement, Zuko withdrew his support after being accused of being a traitor by his own people, precipitating a confrontation with his friend, the Avatar.

After a narrow avoidance of war, Aang and Zuko eventually resolved this impasse by not removing the Fire Nation colonies, but regulating the balance of power by creating a fifth nation separate from the original four. This new nation would be a society open to anyone from the four nations to reside in and be governed by a council with representatives from each of the four nations. They named this unique sovereignty the United Republic of Nations and established Republic City as its capital at a valley in the northwestern Earth Kingdom.

With the resources of all four nations, Republic City rapidly developed into a metropolis over the next few decades. Despite being a city directly established for political considerations rather than an evolution of an original settlement, its population and sophistication increased beyond reasonable expectations, causing the number of vagabonds around Republic City to grow.
Despite its prosperity, the city often faced internal strife. Around 128 ASC, the crime boss Yakone used the outlawed ability of bloodbending to terrorize the city, but was eventually tried by the United Republic Council and dealt with by Avatar Aang after his attempted escape from punishment.

By 170 ASC, Republic City began to experience demographic and political problems as a direct consequence of its nature as a large city. Organized crime became rampant and the Anti-bending Revolution commenced as a result of growing inequality between benders and nonbenders.During the revolution, Amon and the Equalists threatened the city and its benders, eventually using a fleet of airships to bomb the city in an attempt to gain control. Following the abduction of all Council members and the destruction of the United Forces's First Division during the resulting battle, the Equalist forces assumed control of Republic City. However, due to Team Avatar's continued effort in the war, the Equalist forces were soon crushed and Amon's identity was revealed. These events eradicated the morale of the revolution's combatants, resulting in a ceasefire and eventually ending the Equalist rule in Republic City.
In the aftermath of the revolution, it was determined that the former parliamentary political system was flawed due to the failure of the Council in representing the interests of the majority. The government underwent a major reform, in which the United Republic Council was dissolved and an elected president was placed as the head of the Republic City government. This too became flawed as they went back tot he council government the Chairman of the council was the one with final say and order. Acting as the president the council no longer was a way to keep order in the city, but the kings and queens world wide came forth and elected five people, one from every nation to lead their country and world. Acting as the Monarch has no real power, but to elect who goes into the council seat. However, in light of the Equalists' defeat, the bending triads resumed their usual criminal activities, to which the Metalbending Police Force was forced to deal with once more.

As the Water Tribe Civil War ignited, news of it reached Republic City and tensions grew between the Northern and Southern residents of the city. The Southerners held a peace march outside their cultural center, supported by Avatar Korra, while the event was being deplored by Northerners supporting Chief Unalaq. The same night, the Agni Kai Triad bombed the cultural center, though many, including the Avatar, assumed the Northerners to be responsible.

On the night of Harmonic Convergence, the city came under attack by the Dark Avatar, a fusion of Unalaq and Vaatu. The United Forces attempted to drive off the dark titan, but their attacks had no effect and they were quickly defeated by a massive display of waterbending. Unalaq proceeded to destroy the city, toppling Aang's statue before infesting the metropolis with vegetation. Republic City was spared destruction, however, by the intervention of Avatar Korra, whose astral projection managed to destroy the Dark Avatar.

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Interactive guide into Republic City

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