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Do not stray from my format do not make copyright formats and do not go out of order.

Name meaning


Born Nation: (The nation of birth)
Relationship Status

Alliance: Republic of the Nations or Republic of the Shadow Dragon

Chinese Zodiac:

Master or Student:

Appearance: (Post one pic the rest go in a spoiler)

Distinguishing Marking:(If any)

Personality: (Must be listen in characteristics and traits and a paragraph
must be written for each trait.)

Fatal Flaw:



Backstory:(No less than five Paragraphs.)
(Must Highlight each fraction of their life. From Parents to Birth to
childhood to present day.)



Pet/Mount: (If any)

Weapon:(if any)


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Name meaning The name Daemon is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Daemon is: Guardian spirit.
Nickname none

Age: 21

Born Nation: Republic City, United Nations of the Republic
Relationship Status Single and Open

Alliance: Republic of the Shadow Dragon

Chinese Zodiac:

Primal Zodiac sign is the Hummingbird

Master or Student: Developing Master-Having passed the status of student he is now working on becoming a master of blood.

(view spoiler)

Faceclaim:Kacey Carrig
Eyes Blue on most days, but when he uses his bending his eyes turn crimson.
Weight 156 lb.
Body Talla dn lean he holds the build of a swimmer.
Distinguishing Marking: He is marked by the Republic of the Shadow Dragon. Everyone who is a member of this elite group who follow the Dark avatar are marked by a form of black dragon and some aspect that holds their element. On his back it holds red eyes showing his bloodbending element.

It’s hard to get Daemon to change his mind. He is constantly thinking, constantly doing, and he has an enormous amount of self-confidence. Sometimes this can get him into trouble since he often leaps before he looks, but he is also a lucky guy whose unbridled belief in himself causes most situations to work out in his favor. He needs to be in control. He doesn't like taking orders and usually decides to do things his own way no matter what the orders are. He also loves to talk, and is often gossiping about others.
His silver tongue seeming to be his best asset.
This isn’t done to be rude, it’s just that he loves to be the one to get to share new information. Finding out through the grapevine is not his style.

Holding his head high at all times even in defeat he is never one to be challenged given his proud and arrogant out look almost makes him appear dangerous.
Were he a guy in school he would be seen as someone who is the prep and jock of the place holding all eyes on him and never one to disappoint. He has a reason to be proud and many seem to be drawn to him because of his personality.

Holding a persuasive voice he seems to be able to persuade others to do as he desires by simply speaking to them. His fluent flow of words seems to be just another thing that attracts others to him. Never having a dull conversation with him. He holds an voice of excellence for public speaking. With the ability to hold the attention of a crowd and convince them of his ways to be right. Daimon is full of life and vitality, encouraging those around him to be their best while maintaining a powerful, exotic presence amongst his peers.

Having higher goals of his own he strives hard to achieve them. His noble-mindedness reflects strongly in his persona and many can see it. All though it has led him blindly down the wrong path. It's one thing if you always pursue high-minded goals and right conduct — one definition of idealism. Just be careful to not get so caught up that you fail to see things as they really are — you don't want to go through life "wearing rose-colored glasses" — yet another definition of idealism. In philosophy, idealism is the theory that ideas are the only reality.

showing great determination he holds his goals and is not afraid to do what it takes to get them achieved. He can be seen as stubborn in this aspect, but it is merely his persistence to achieve his highest reaches. When he comes up with a goal, he immediately follows it, unconcerned with whether or not it is reasonable or even possible. To a Daemon, anything is possible, at least as long as he is the one doing it.

Dictatorial and Inflexible
Daemon has had the greatest trials in his life leading to his perfections. This makes him one to never truly ask and always demand. Having been taught to take what you want and never wait for it to simply come to you in it's own time. This reflects upon him through his persistence to achieve what he holds in his mind. Taking power rather than asking for it. He will never work with others and help achieve their goals if it disrupts him achieving his own pursuits. It can be difficult for him to see things from outside perspectives. Deep down he knows that he is special.

He is known to get what he wants int he strangest of ways even when he forces it to come to him. Usually gifted in any particular talent, Daemon is also very lucky. Daemon was born to take charge, to succeed at what he focuses on, regardless of whether his intentions are good or bad. As you might have guessed, he can abuse his power just like anyone else. He doesn't like taking orders from anyone, as he alone were born to take charge and command his people.

Noted to never be found in the same place twice. He is always darting around. Moving from place to place spreading his beliefs throughout any nation who will listen. Seeming to always be full of energy he is known to be restless and even in a fight he isn't one to give up being far too proud for such things.
Desiring to do everything and do it on a grand scale.

Fatal Flaw: His goals in life are darkened and his determination to complete his goals and have his views shape the world as we know it will be taken to the grave with him.

Tactics rather than strategics

Dictatorial and Inflexible personality

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Born in Republic City his entire life growing up was being taught how to never give up. Daemon was born to a waterbender and a bloodbender. Their love was non-existent as his mother was a simple woman raped by the bloodbender. After giving birth the poor girl was killed and Daemon was taken by his father. Raised to believe that everything that Republic city stood for was bad. He was raised to believe the only way to free the world was to divide it back into the way it was before. To be ruled by a council of people selected by the worlds leaders was the wrong way to go about things. Daemon was beaten for thinking any differently and his mind was molded in his fathers image up until he was 13 when he began his training as a bloodbender.

By age 16 Daemon was making speeches on his fathers behalf gathering groups of people to follow him. His bending was illegal and his very birth was illegal. He saw this as a restriction by the government. His first attack being when he was seventeen with an army that started a riot in Republic city. It was quickly dealt with by law enforcement, The Metalbenders. Upon realizing where the power rested he managed recruiting form the inside. Posing as a non-bender he started political conferences that led to strikes in the work places.

His father died when he was nineteen and this created hsi even more drive to complete his fathers goals for a world free form the Republic Council's rule. The Dark Avatar came to him in his dreams and told him to stop his petty riots and simpleton crimes. He became the co-founder of the Republic of the Shadow Dragon.

Daemon has started a life with power and no room for weakness. Upon realizing his father's method's before hsi death he decided to do the same. Starting his armies young. when the midn was more easily manipulated. children were raised to think in his way of thoguht and so the underground republic began to grow. Now Daemon seeks true pwoer and with his public speaking he seeks democracy to become a council member or gain the mind of a council member. His goals to be reached are restoring the world as it once was and doing it through means of a world wide army to spread into each nation and turn them into Shadow Dragon occupied territory and reform the world.


Job/career: Co-Founder of the Republic of the Black Dragon working under the Dark Avatar.

Pet/Mount: Pet: Eagle Hawk named Haimon



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seems to be coming along well enough.

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you can finish her whenever but she won't get approved until then...jsut was hoping it to come along.

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