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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Do not stray from my format do not make copyright formats and do not go out of order.

Name meaning


Born Nation: (The nation of birth)
Relationship Status

Alliance: Republic of the Nations or Republic of the Shadow Dragon

Chinese Zodiac:

Master or Student:

Appearance: (Post one pic the rest go in a spoiler)

Distinguishing Marking:(If any)

Personality: (Must be listen in characteristics and traits and a paragraph
must be written for each trait.)

Fatal Flaw:



Backstory:(No less than five Paragraphs.)
(Must Highlight each fraction of their life. From Parents to Birth to
childhood to present day.)



Pet/Mount: (If any)

Weapon:(if any)


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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod

Name: Chapal
Name meaning Swift, Lightning
Nickname N/A

Age: 19

Born Nation: Fire Nation
Gender: Male
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationship Status Single/Open

Alliance: Undecided He has no standing ground on who's side he is on. He only uses his bending for his own advantage.

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Primal Zodiac Vampire Bat

Master or Student: Master, Lightningbending was mastered at the age of 16.

(view spoiler)

Faceclaim: Lucas Berbetz
Hair Brown
Eyes Lightning Blue
Height 6'0"
Weight 146 lb.
Body Slim and fit
Distinguishing Marking:(none

Chapal is challenging to understand because he is so complex. He can be adventurous, eccentric, and on top of the world one day and depressed, jealous, and downright mean-spirited the next. He regularly allows his emotions to lead him, and will struggle throughout his life to learn to calm down and think things through before reacting. Achieving balance is the key to hid long-term happiness.

Chapal will always defend his family and friends and will never back down until his enemies are at last finished off. To challenge him is to challenge life and death. He will not ever stop fighting his enemies until he feels revenge has been sought and won or till death.

Highly Emotional
He is unafraid to show his actual emotions, but he won't let them hold him back in life. He can be easily hurt and easily trusting to someone. It is traits like this that create strength and weakness all at once. Deep down he just wants to be loved and accepted. He wants to be admired and seen as a leader, but sometimes his emotions get the best of him and he has trouble containing his feelings.

Extraordinarily Intense and Very Confident
He considers himself the protector of those close to him, which makes it much better to either be as close or as far away as possible from him. Chapal is known to never back down have complete faith in himself as much as his friends around him. He isn't fearless, but he can certainly make someone think he is.

He is surprisingly giving to those he cares about, and will go out of his way to make someone feel special and loved.

Fatal Flaw: He allows his emotions to control him and this can lead to great disaster if he follows his heart into a trap. Without complete balance in his mind and spirit he would never be able to bend.

Chapal holds an aggressive approach to each challenge set before him. This allows him to take things head on.

Having a caring heart and a bit of optimistic confidence in himself can effect others around him. His biggest strength is being influential. Allowing his pure aura to make pureness out of those aorund him as well.


Contradictory -He is contradictory in many ways, but he will always stand up for what he believes in. this could get him killed if not worse.

Chapal's parents were normal people. His father was a general in the Fire Nation. Having full power over the element of fire once he mastered Lightning the spirits took the skill from him only to help give rise to the newer race of Lightning Benders. The general and his wife managed having a son who was happy and healthy and a Lightning Bender.

Showing signs at age three of being a bender the small sparks were thought to be sure signs of a fire bender, but at age five he showed just how powerful he was when he created lightening between his hands. Chapal was raised an army brat. Leading the life his father had planned for him without question, but the army life wasn't for him. He left his family at age 16 when he decided to master his element and teach it to those who were born into fire bending families and had no Lightning mentors.

Chapal mastered his element the same year he left his family. he was considered a disgrace to his father and has not spoken to the general of the Fire Nation since. Chapal moved to Republic city seeking more Lightning benders so he may teach them his own gifts and abilities and how to fully control and master Lgihtning. Of course living in a big city takes a lot of cash. He went from master to street urchin. Living off of what little money he could gain. In hopes to find work soon enough.

He has lived day to day making friends and stealing to survive. He refuses to ever pick a side in this oncoming war until someone cna convince him their way is more right than the other. Being a master of Lightening has tuahgt him that not only must he be a master of the element but he must be able to harness the spiritual power wisdom holds coming with being a master. He is cunning, but also charitable to anyone who needs help. His life in Republic city changes regualrly as he seeks adventure to explore, but he is poor.

Living off the streets and what the scraps provide aren't easy. Working odd end jobs day to day he is never truly satisfied with himself knowing how big of a disgrace to his family and nation he has become.

Father/General of the Fire Nation Army/Navy (Someone can make him if you would like to.

Job/carreer: None yet

Pet/Mount: Pet: Spider Rat named Chester

Weapon: It belonged to his grandfather, United Forces General Iroh.


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