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Does Lana del rey's song reminds you of Looking for Alaska??
Janhavi♥herondale Janhavi♥herondale Nov 19, 2013 01:11PM
Soo i was listening to the songs on my playlist, and i came upon one of Lana del rey's song "Born to die". And i immediately thought of Alaska.
Here's a link:

Tell me what you think.

deleted member Dec 08, 2013 03:54PM   0 votes
YES! Very nice song too :)every line in that song fit her.

deleted member Nov 19, 2013 09:03PM   0 votes
I think... Alaska just literally lifted right out of the book and wrote that song. Also, I FUCKING LOVE LANA DEL REY, SHE IS PERFECTION <3

But whilst reading this book, I had 2 songs in mind that make me think only of Looking For Alaska when I listen to them.

First off, Crown on the Ground for Before. This song just reminds me so much of partying when I listen to it and that reminds me of Alaska. Dancing, drinking, smoking, all with the Colonel. This song is just meant for her. She’s crazy, just like the song, and it couldn’t suit the Before better.
White Flag, for After. The entire second half, After it all happens, is just full of sadness. This song because I will never stop loving this book, and I will never move on from it. When I listen to the words it makes me imagine Pudge singing this to the dead Alaska, as he will never stop loving her and he won’t move on, even when it seems like he has, he hasn’t.

You all can disagree with me here, and I couldn't care less, but this is just what I think. But now there is a third song! Haha :)

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