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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
The Dark Avatar is the antithesis of the Avatar, and was created from the fusion of Vaatu and Unalaq, forming an embodiment of darkness and chaos. The Dark Avatar aimed to reunite the physical and spiritual realms as well as usher in a new world order under ten thousand years of darkness, but was defeated by Korra's astral projection during the Harmonic Convergence of 171 ASC.
The dark Avatar does not work like the regular Avatar. Once killed the Dark Avatar cannot return until the same time the regular Avatar is reborn just as the dark Avatar shall be reborn. Recently born to the Air Nation. Staying in constant contrast with the Avatar.

Your Name:
Title Applying for:

What are three unique and original ideas presented to this concept and character:



Test Perosnality: Give a paragraph and only a paragraph personality of this character.

Activity Level: (1-10) ten being the most active one being the least active.

Exapmle Roleplay: This roleplay must be a taste of your character if you were given this position. Must be at least two paragraphs long and no more than five paragraphs long.

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E Your Name: Evan
Age: Prefer to not post on the internet
Title Applying for: Dark Avatar

Name:Liam Douglas
Age: 25
What are three unique and original ideas presented to this concept and character:

I was thinking of making have two parts to him, his yin and his yang. I was going to make him a very diverse person that you can never completely understand. So he is cruel and he is caring. He is kind and he is vicious. He is fair and unfair. He would be fair when coming to some things like judgments and hearing the full story but unfair in the aspect of tactics and battles seeing that anything is permitted. He would obviously be the nice, kind person to his followers and the mean, cruel person to his enemies. This will make the character deeper and in turn make the roleplay more diverse.

I was going to make him very spiritual and was going to give him a strict meditating schedule that he must stick to, if you interrupt him in his meditation watch out as he has been known to try firebend your face off. I was also going to make it easy for him to connect to the spirit world.

Lastly I was going to make him needy in the sense of being victorious. So he would be very rash when nearly defeated making his next move unpredictable and making the character again diverse. He was also going to be very driven to his overall goal of seeing the world run by chaos.

Test Personality:
Liam has a very diverse personality. He is not someone that you can easily read or judge. He is very driven in battle and can often become rash or forget his tactics when nearly defeated. He is very spiritual and meditates at least 9 hours a day, do not interrupt his meditation unless you would like to have your face on fire. He is very kind and caring to his own men and followers but to enemies he is a cruel and unforgiving person. He is a vicious person to those who oppose him but if he has you as an ally he is very loyal. He is serious and unpredictable and overall hard to define but it is always a good idea to agree with him.

Activity Level:

Example Roleplay:

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Idea 1) Seems very intriguing and I would appreciate more elaborationto this idea. given it is very self-contridictory for one to go agaisnt their own perosnality. i would have to know the full length as to how fair he is in manners of being unfair and how he holds care in such cruelty.

2) sounds grand


Test persona, sounds excelelnt but you are aware it will be much larger on the profile.


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E 1) Will expand

2)Thank you

3) thanks again

Work In Progress, I had the rest finished and didn't want to lose the work it is still in the editing process.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
very well I've seen you rp evan you are quite good yourself, so I suppose I could approve it fort eh am,king you are aware he is to be born an Air nomad?

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E Yes I know, I also know that he must be the same age as the regular avatar as the dark spirit is not reborn until the current avatar dies.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
exactly you ahve done some reading on my provided info for the group I'm quite impressed most jsut pass it off and leave it be...thanks means a lot...also hurry along go out tere and make your charrie ^_^

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E I am working on it :)

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