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message 1: by Dee (new)

Dee Sauter (indeathaddict) | 7583 comments Lately I have heard several words that were once pronounced one way, but now pronounced another. For instance charade use to be pronounce sha raid but lately I have heard it pronounce sha rod. Can any of you think of other words that this has happened to?

message 2: by Alison (new)

Alison Bliss (alisonbliss) | 48 comments "Homage" is also pronounced like "O Maj" but also has a different meaning. Not quite what you're talking about, but I couldn't think of anything else off the top of my head. LOL

message 3: by Dee (new)

Dee Sauter (indeathaddict) | 7583 comments Thanks Alison. That is also what I am talking about.

message 4: by Alison (new)

Alison Bliss (alisonbliss) | 48 comments Oh, good. Glad to help, then! :)

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