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Dani sat on her towel as the sun bathed her already tanned skin. The sand and surf around her with the excited sounds of the beach people all was part of her growing up life. ((She's wearing this: http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/Ari... )) Her headphones were in her ears as she hummed to the music with her eyes closed. Today she'd decided to go to the beach alone, it was Saturday.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments Ami dropped flat on her face. She got up from the sandy beach and dust herself off. Seriously, her landing at fast portal jumps has GOT to get better sometime soon. Luckily, the people around didn't seem to notice her embarrassing fall.

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Dani's eyes snapped open just in time to see a girl fall out of what seemed to be a portal. Her eyes widened as she got up and ran over to her. "Are you okay? Did you just come through a... Portal?"

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments Ami stares at the girl. She was like the others on the beach. And how is it that there was a person who saw her fall? "Um, no?"

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Dani raised an eyebrow at her and grinned, "I could've sworn I saw you come out of a portal... Do you have powers by any chance?" She asked as the wind slightly picked up around them due to her excitement.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments Ami could feel it. The shifting of the wind around the girl. Okay, so she wasn't 100% mortal. Ami nodded slowly. "Yeah. So I got some things normal people don't have."

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Dani smiled and basically bounced on the balls of her feet from excitement. "Me too. I'm kind've a mutant..." She trailed off and looked down at her feet. "My name's Danielle by the way."

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Ami." She didn't know why she told her name easily. She guessed it was because of her still slow mind since she just came out of a portal.

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Dani kept her smile, "Nice to meet you. So... Just because I'm curious, did you actually come through a portal or not?"

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Fine. I came through a portal. Happy now?" Ami threw her hands up.

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Dani giggled, "Yeah. Where did you come from?" She asked and tilted her head to one side in curiosity.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Somewhere in the universe." The sun was getting to her. Ye gods, how hot is it here? She snaps her fingers and her clothes changed. She was wearing a purple and white bikini halter top and tight, light blue low-rider jeans. Violet high-heeled sandals were on her feet. Her black hair was tied in a ponytail, and her violet eyes showed annoyance.

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Dani raised an eyebrow at her immediate clothing change. "You know you're in California, right?" She asked and looked down at the sand.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Uh, I landed here by accident?" Ami pointed out. It was true. She didn't have a set place.

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"Oh, why'd you come here? To earth I mean." She said. She knew she was asking a lot of questions, but she was a generally curious person.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Girl, you are nosy." Ami stated. "Besides, I didn't know where I'd end up. I just did."

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Dani smirked sheepishly, "Sorry. Well... Want me to show you around? Maybe I could introduce you to some people?"

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Alright. I might as well." Ami said.

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Dani smiled and took her hand, "Okay, let's go. First of all this is obviously the beach."

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Continue."

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Dani lead her over to the street, "And.. Yeah. Here's one of the roads. It wouldn't be the best idea to cross them."

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments Ami tilts her head over to the side. She looked at the girl with confusion. "Why?"

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"See those cars?" She asked. "They won't stop for you." She said and watched as the horns blared.

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Krul Tepes | 615 comments "Cars?" She was confused. Ami had never seen cars in her world before. They looked like engines or something.

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