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Saf Hey john green lovers! I've written a review about this book on my blog, check it out here!! and comment with your thoughts and opinions too!

Paul Lima Your review shows it's all subjective. I loved the book from start to finish. It kept on getting better and better, I admit, but I was drawn in by the characters and writing from the start. Glad you felt it picked up. I've read three John Green books now and enjoyed everyone. Guess there is something about his tone, style, character and plots that get to me!

India Wow, I totally disagree with your review!

When you say that you don't think that it is realistic that Gus and Hazel joke around about having cancer, you have to take it in context. Like you mentioned, Hazel had cancer for like, four years or something, and Gus was not undergoing treatment until about three quarters through the book. They were on the better end of the scale, until the end, that is.

hazelnutjob Let us first start off by saying that the beloved author, John Green, is an American hero. But Fault in Our Stars was a fistful of cyan sewage.

We're going to drop some phat character anals. on you homeslices:

Hazel: Entitled. Skank. Pretentious. Annoying AF. Ungrateful. SOB. Get over yourself. Cynical. Human waste. Fuck. Hazel Lancaster is by far Green's worst character. Her false sense of entitlement exterminates any possibility of her being even close to likable. Throw relatability out of the question with her cynical, thinks-she's-so-clever attitude. She treats everyone in her life like the garbage SHE is. Examples include her parents, her support group members, "friends", etc...) she thinks that her terminal disease gives her an excuse to be a trash human being to those around her. She always maintains a negative outlook on life EXCEPT when she is begging her loving parents to let her and her boy toy go to Europe together (which was a waste of time because the glorified author she was chasing ended up being a douche bag to her). Anyway, after she sexes Gus's body, she thinks she has the audacity to try and pull off an after-sex note, which in Hazel's version featured a poorly thought-out and incredibly unclever venn diagram that both made us roll our eyes to the point of no return, and throw up everything in our stomachs out of the stupidity and arrogance of her newly deflowered body. To conclude, Hazel does not relate to any real teenage girl. But instead embodies an arrogant, self-centered piece of fuck.

Augustus: With his repulsive, excessive charisma and over developed hipster Prince Charming "personality", Augustus Waters strives to be the sensitive, mysterious night owl of the night. But only achieves the common pigeon that repeatedly flies into windows. Such as when he attempts to retrieve a pack of cigarettes, to NOT smoke, he winds up in quite a pickle, just like a common pigeon into a window. His originality borders on predictable overused archetypes that Green should have known better than to use. Throughout the story, Augustus aims to become a more prominent SOB than he already is. Seeking the attention of literally everyone, he cries over the fact that he will never be some kind of glorified idol that can titillate the loins of all who follow in his pseudo-philosophical teachings.

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