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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

message 2: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Tolle | 6 comments In my book the main characters name is Gracie she is very curious because these premonitions have been haunting her since before her mothers death. And she is trying to figure out why . One of the most interesting parts in this book is when her best friend Emily disappears and she dosnt know why , she feels guilty for her running away. And some of the premonitions that haunted her are helping her solve the mystery of where her friend is and why she ran away . Gracie also feels very abandon because she dosnt know where her friend is and why she ran away so she can't talk to her Nd she dosnt have a mom because her mom died and she dosnt talk to her grandparents a lot so she dosnt have anyone to talk to.

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Christian Arn | 6 comments Hshshs

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Christian Arn | 6 comments In the book that I'm reading my main characters name is Gracie. Gracie is very emotional her mood is always changing such as: curious, depressed, lonely, scared, abandon, and guilty. In the beginning of the book Gracie's mother died and she took it very hard. As still a year and a half later she still hasn't gotten over it and still isn't herself. As I continued reading she still is very emotional but there is some change we have learned about her premonitions and how she can see the future. One of the major events that she has been involved with was when her friend Emily ran away and a couple days later Emily still hadn't returned and so Gracie went to Emily's house. Gracie went to Emily's room to use her premonitions to see where she was and what she was doing until Emily's dad came home and got highly upset and mad and threw Gracie out and told her to never come back.

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Gabrielle Merrill | 7 comments The main character in "Premonitions" is Gracie, a teenage girl who experiences visions of the future. Since she was a child, she saw things in her head she couldn't explain. As she got older, she realized that what she was seeing weren't just images and emotions, but visions of the future. As she foresaw every tragedy that was going to happen in her life, she thought of her "gift" as more of a curse. Already a nervous breakdown waiting to happen, the death of her mother sends her over the edge. Now, a year and a half after her mothers car accident, her kind, sweet demeanor has turned into a cold shell. Her best friend Emily knows this first hand. Although Gracie often blocks Emily out, she can't block out the chilling vision of Emily's future. Despite the fear this puts in Gracie, she doesn't stop Emily when she decides to leave. Gracie is plagued with guilt when she discovers that she was the last person to see Emily before she disappeared without a trace. Not knowing if she is alive or dead, Gracie is forced to face her fear of her premonitions and use them to her advantage to find Emily.

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Logan | 3 comments None of the characters in my book are very interesting. Shay is an overweight middle aged mother who is the aunt and care taker of the main character, Gracie. She has a Spanish son named Diego, the product of a fling she had in Spanish. This is about as in depth as their characters go. (Nearly 2/5ths through the book) The most interesting character is by far Gracie, but only for the fact that she is an emotional train wreck after the death of her mother, who also has inexplicable psychic powers. The extent of those powers being the ability to "kinda maybe" see the future and the ability to know how other people are feeling. (Miraculous right?) As the book continues we see that she becomes a slightly less emotional train wreck (maybe an emotional car wreck?) who might kind of care about other people, a little. She also fancies herself a detective of sorts and tries to find clues that may lead her to her missing friend, Emily. Did I mention that she whines and complains about nearly everything, even her own supernatural abilities? Because she does.

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Christian Arn | 6 comments Logan, everyone has there own opinion but you don't have to be so negative and talk bad about the book. You had an option to read over 30 different books and this is the one you ranked to read so don't talk bad about it. So take it somewhere else because I love this book and don't want to hear about your negativeness.

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Courtney Tolle | 6 comments Logan I do not agree with your post I think this book is a very good but however everyone has their own opinions. I think you should probably get another book if you don't like it that much. But I don't think that Gracie complains that much I think she is just really sad about what happened to her mom and her friend Emily that everything just seems to go wrong. Also you had the option to read 20 other books but you decided to read this one.

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Gabrielle Merrill | 7 comments Logan, obviously you are entitled to your own opinion, but I kinda disagree. Of course there isn't as much in depth detail about Gracie's aunt and Diego, they are not the focus of the book, as you stated. Where I think you are wrong is the character of Gracie. Sure she complains about her abilities and her life, but if you saw visions of your family and friends being murdered, you'd be a little bit of an "emotional car wreck" too, right? I think Gracie is a little deeper than that. I think if you put yourself in her shoes and looked a little more into the character, you'd find that she is actual pretty interesting.

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