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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

message 2: by Jen (new)

Jen | 6 comments I have varying opinions on the three main characters . The main characters are Norah Henry , David Henry ( Norah's husband ) and Caroline Gill. Norah in the beginning of the book was a loving happy young mother to be , she was in love with her husband and he loved her . Norah changes when she goes into labor and she gives birth to twins , a baby girl and a baby boy . The baby girl named Phoebe was born with Down syndrome when her brother , Paul, was born with out Down syndrome . Her daughter "died" at birth so that changed her from a happy mother to a grieving mother torn between happiness for her surviving child and grief for her baby girl . David Henry in the beginning of the book was a happy father to be . David is a orthopedic doctor which is a doctor who works with the bones of people . David changed in the book after he delivered his two children , Paul came out healthy and as perfect as a human baby could be physically , while his sister Phoebe came out with Down syndrome . David noticed that Phoebe exhibited the physical signs of Down syndrome and made a terrible decision . David lied to his wife saying that their baby girl had died at birth when she survived , although with a mental handicap , he gave her to the nurse Caroline Gill to take to a place where babies like her would grow up away from society . David changed after that birth , he lied to his wife and became riddled with the grief of knowing that his wife was grieving over their "dead" baby and the fact that he had sent his daughter away from them thinking that Norah would be better off with out Phoebe . Caroline seemed to change the most , she seemed to change for the better . Before being given Phoebe she was a workaholic focused on her profession and not focused on living her life . After being given Phoebe Caroline became a foster mom and she became happy . The place was destroyed and terrible so Caroline raised Phoebe as her own baby . Caroline becomes a advocate for the children to join the public schools . The most important event that has happened in the book was when David decided that Phoebe should go to a shelter instead of taking her to Norah . That was a turning point in the book .

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Courtney Townsend | 5 comments In my opinion, David Henry is the main character of our book. I think he is loving, but very selfish. In the begging he's calm, caring, and thoughtful. The point I'm at right I think he's really selfish, his intentions are good, but the way he handles things aren't how they should be handled. The most interesting part of the book is still the part where he just has someone take his daughter away, lies to his wife and said she died.

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Deangelo | 3 comments The main character name is Dr. David Henry. Give his daughter because when she was born he notice that she had Down's syndrome but his son was perfectly healthy. The doctor told nurse Caroline to take the baby away to an institution. Instead she keeps the little girl an raises herself. David tells his wife that the girl died during the service he give the nurse $300 and told the nurse that the girls name is Phoebe Grace.

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Tiffany | 4 comments I think the main character is David Henry. He gave up his little girl after she was born and told his wife that she had died. I think that was a big mistake that he gave up his baby girl and lied to his wife. He shouldn't have haven his baby girl away because I think he will regret it latter in life

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Jen | 6 comments The view switches back from David , Norah and Caroline so I think there are three main characters

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Cheyenne Sullivan | 5 comments The main character for me is David Henry he makes this big desion about his daughter and it all lays on this idea of how it will affect his famliy based on how he was effected as a child

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Courtney Townsend | 5 comments The main character in this book is David Henry. He at the beginning he gave up his little girl because she had a birth defect and ordered his assistant to take her off to a home. The assistant took in the daughter herself and didn't tell until the end. David had his regrets and changes his mind at the end.

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