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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

message 2: by Austin (new)

Austin Hartley | 5 comments Manila John basilone, he was a young adult not knowing where to go or what to do in the world, so he joined the army. He's developing a soldier trait that will stick with him forever.

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Stephen Prudente | 5 comments Manila John Basilone- He was the youngest of all of his brothers, and was always bullied by them. So he decided he was going to fight back, he couldn't take the abuse any longer. He started working nn-stop, lifting heavy equipment, doing farm work, and training to be a fighter. After a couple of years, he was no longer the small, bullied brother. He became the bully, and was beating his brothers up.later on he joins the Marines. He was one of the toughest marines of his class. He was the star pupil of the commander. He had over came many wars, and was very experienced I war, he knew exactly what dangers were ahead, and was aware.

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Drew Osman | 3 comments John basil is the youngest of his brothers always getting hit around by them. He decide to start working out and lifting heavy equipment. After a couple of years he was big enough to fight back.

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