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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

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Devin | 4 comments There are actually multiple main characters but there's one very major character which is Darcy Wills and I think she is stuck up and mean at first. Her name is Darcy Wills she is very helpful but stuck up and only hangs out with Brisana ands eh rates people on their appearance. In the beginning she was stuck up and quiet. Yes she is no longer stuck up she started hanging out with Tarah and Cooper and she starts taking up for her little sister and stands for what she says. The most interesting part is when Bobby Wallace got out of his car and started messing with Darcy he hit her and then she seen Cooper and his friends beating up Bobby and his friend.

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Good job, Devin.

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