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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

message 2: by Blake (new)

Blake Conley | 4 comments The main character (Erika Brandt) joined the hitler youth at the age of fifteen. The main turning point in the story is after a battle between the Germans and the Russians. He gets severely wounded and decides that the only way to live is to switch his uniforms with a fallen Russian soldier to avoid being potentially killed. He then gets taken to a Russian school which is being used as a hospital where he has to use the only Russian he knows and has to pretend like he has amnesia to avoid being found out.

Joshualovescorrie | 2 comments The main charcter in this book is Erika Brandt. He had to join thr germany army when he was young still. The major events is that there was a war between germany and russian and during that war he had alot of wounds and he was in pain and everything. Then he got trapped and the russian army was close to himand then this big tank just comes up and stops and starts firing at the germany army and the only way that he could survival is if he switch out his uniform for a russain uniform so he did that then he was transported to a russian school and he had to use as much of he russian language that he had learn back in germany where he lived at.

message 4: by Jerri (new)

Jerri | 2 comments The main character is Erik Brandt. Him and other kids his age were forced to join the Germany army. In the beginning of the story is he is very scared and nervous because she doesn't know what to expect. His feelings start to change when his friends were killed. He was really mad, that's when he really started to fight back in the army.

message 5: by Samuel (new)

Samuel Horsley | 2 comments Erick is the main character. He is a 15 year old boy who was forced to join the German army. I think he is a very courageous boy because he has killed men. I think he is going to be discovered by the Russian army because he is in their hospital. I think he is a very brave and strong boy because friends he just made are being killed.

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