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So, what do you think about the main characters of your book? State his or her name and then describe. What was he/she like in the beginning? Have you started to notice any changes taking place? What have been some of the most interesting or major events he/she has been involved with?

message 2: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah | 6 comments There isn't really just one character the book is written in perspectives of different people and in the beginning it talks about the Taliban in the Middle East and then it recaps back to the events of 9/11 and it made all of the soldiers angry and some were nervous because they knew that was a sign that they were about to go to war.

message 3: by Jacobcobb63 (new)

Jacobcobb63 | 4 comments There is more than one main character, because it switches from different point of views and tells what other main characters are seeing, feeling, thinking, saying.
Then it switches again to another point of view.

message 4: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Deatley | 3 comments There are several different characters the point of view changes from character to character. They are all involved in ordeal though 9/11 has just happened and they are going to war one of the characters has just been married and another is about to retire but his papers haven't been finished so he still has to get deployed. dean is the one that was just married and he is nervous about leaving his wife back home he had to call his honeymoon short do to the attacks is wife is worried about him not combing home.

message 5: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah | 6 comments I agree with the both of you but in the sense I meant there isn't just one main character because the point of view. Jonathan, I also see what you mean and I think that with all the chaos and the deployment of many of the men, families will be strained or broken up.

message 6: by Jacobcobb63 (new)

Jacobcobb63 | 4 comments I agree with Isaiah and how he says he agrees with both of us.

message 7: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Deatley | 3 comments I agree there is a lot a chaos with all the deployment and marriage and retirement

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