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A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1)
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Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Diamond and I will be reading this from Dec 7th. Anyone else who wants to join is welcome :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments There are 38 chapters total

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
So is 10, 10, 10, 8 alright? :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Ok so 4 days total. Sounds perfect. :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Ya cause 3 days is a bit much :p

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I agree. :) oh I'm excited! I've had this book for forever and kept putting it off. But I heard so many great things about it so I'm pumped to start.

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Haha ya I heard great things about it too :D

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments About to start! :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I've started it too :) How far have you got? :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Chapter 5. You? I'm about to read some more. Not into it yet. It's kinda meh so far..

message 11: by Sarah (last edited Dec 08, 2013 11:55PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I'm on chapter 7 :) First time ever I'm kinda keeping on track :p I think it's alright too. I liked the beginning part.

message 12: by Diamond (last edited Dec 08, 2013 11:58PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I did but I'm not sure about all this mean girl stuff. Seems like every YA book has to have it, which I get...it is so common, but I hope this isn't a dominate theme in this book bc I'm over it! :|

Anyway I hope it gets better soon bc I'm not too impressed so far! Going to read more tomorrow -- hopefully it picks up!

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Ya I know what you mean. The mean girl trick has been done too many times :/ but ya hopefully it does get better :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Hmm getting a bit interested now. I read up to chapter 7. Tomorrow I have off though so I can read more. How far are you?

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I'm at Chapter 10 :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I made it to chapter ten too lol I read on :)

So what do you think? The visions are kinda weird..I don't really get how she can turn the, on but not know how to keep them off? And the threat doesn't seem that real right now, so idk if it's reasonable to have her stop the visions..,for one, bc she doesn't know how and for another, there were no direct and severe reasons for her not to!

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
The visions are weird like I thought they'd just be like visual but she actually acts out some of them. And I still have no idea what the threat is or anything. Who the hell is Mary??? But that guy seems hot enough :p

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I didn't get to read much of it today just to pg144. I think that's in chapter14 or something. How about you? :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I'm up to 107 but it's afternoon here I'm gonna read more tonight :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Yeah I'm curious about Mary too.. I'm guessing she's as a student. I'm also suspicious about the school like there's a supernatural element. And when the girls were in art class the way Pippa and them were asking ?s about being cursed made it seem like there is something with them we don't know

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Ok I just read a bunch! I'm up to chapter 24. I'm liking it more now. I want to finish it today kinda bc I have a bunch of other books to start! :) let me know how far you are.

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I'm only on chapter 16 :p I say I'll have it finished tomorrow cause my day is over now :p

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Ok I'm thinking I'll finish it tonight so let me know when you finish and we can discuss the ending! It gets way better a rounds here you are now,, :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
That's great to know :p and I'll let ya know when I'm finished :)

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Cool. I just finished. Excellent ending!

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Ahhh cool :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I finished it!!!!!!! and Oh My God I wasn't expecting what happened at the end :o

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I know right?! Wasn't the end cool?

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Yes it was!!!! Mary Dowd was her mother :o That completely shocked me amd then poor Pippa. I started to like her towards the end.

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Me too! I liked the end though it was so romantic that Pippa got to end up with her knight :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
I know :) Awwww it was her happy ending :) way better than 50 year old Mr. Bumble :/

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments Ugh I know right. Are you gonna read the sequel? I had bought a used copy awhile back so I already have it. I do wanna find out what happens. I'll probably read it in a few months -- so many books to read haha

message 33: by Sarah (last edited Dec 14, 2013 01:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Ya I really want to read the next one. I still have to get it though. I know what you mean. I have like 100 books to get through before I even think about getting another one :p

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments It's so overwhelming sometimes. But I have like 7 more review books for 2013 and then I'm gonna be ok..I am working towards like next month just not having much planned to read so I can stare at my bookshelf and pick some random books. I'm kinda doing that already bc I was so ready to start reading one of the TONs I have bought or won for fun :)

Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
That's a lot left for the end of the month :o I know I love just being random and picking up a book to read :p

Diamond (diamondnaz) | 258 comments I know, but a few I can finish in jan so it'd doable. :)

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