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message 1: by Reiko (new)

Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Hi there^^ First things first, what genre do you want this rp to be of?

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments I like a lot of genres, really. Supernatural, fantasy, realistic, steampunk, drama, historical, etc...

Is there any type you prefer? :)

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments I like all as well.. But I do have an idea:

Girl A and Boy B are best friends and they hung out with each other for like forever until one day, they were transported into another era, the Victorian times and they were told that they had to find the missing treasure if not they couldn't go back to their own century since history would be altered. So voila, the future is in their hands and in the midst of finding the treasure, they realize their love for each other but then something else makes them unable to fall in love because they are siblings.
How does that sound? I just made it up on the spot *grins sheepishly*

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments I love it! But, instead of being siblings, maybe one of them already has a boyfriend/girlfriend? I just feel weird about incest RP's because I have a lot of siblings....
And, if it's alright, could I be the girl? :)

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Hehe sure^^ I'm better at being boys anyway (: So characters, I like to keep mine simple:

Name -
Age -
Appearance -
Personality -
For the history, I prefer to show it through rps, if that's fine with you@

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Okay, thanks! xP

And that works for me! I usually like that, as well. I'll have my character up in a bit! :)

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Name - Jayson " Jay " Matthews
Age - 17
Appearance - He has navy blue eyes with grey flecks in them which makes his eyes look like the night sky. He is tall, lean and has muscles in the right places also having high cheekbones and a tall nose and you can view him as charasmatic, charming and captivating.
Personality -
He is kind, carefree and a jokster who brightens up anyone's day. Jay is always cheerful but will be serious when he needs to and is protective of his close ones since his mother died while he was 9. Jay does not like to show weakness to anyone and likes to give the people around him a sense of security and hope that they can open up to him if need be.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Name: Annabel Lee Fletcher
Age: 17
Appearance: Annabel is about 5'6 and has a very slendor, delicate build. Her hair is dark brown, long, and wavy. Her eyes are a teal color and alittle too big for her face, but it's apretty effect. There is a sort of depth in Annabel's eyes that makes her seem older than she is.
Personality: Annabel is passionate, stubborn, and proud. She is a spirited girl and when she sets her mind on something, it never changes. She likes to believe she is always right. Annabel also has a way with words and is often considered poetic in the way she speaks some times. Because she spends a majority of her time reading, Annabel has a nice grasp on the English language. She is clever, intelligent, and very compassionate. She loves the idea of adventure, as well.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments ((Do you want to start?))

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments ((Sure))

Annabel Fletcher was thankful it was finally Saturday. No school, no babysitting jobs, and no homework. She had still woken up early, though, as she had always liked how the beginning of the day felt. Before the sun's rays were bright, it was only her and the quiet of the morning.

"Annabel, could you make me breakfast?" The voice of her little brother cut into Annabel's daydream. James was ten years old and a little too inuitive.

So, Annabel did as he asked, making oatmeal for him as per his request. They got along fairly well for siblings, as Annabel often took care of due to their constantly working dad. After she had finished, Annabel let James know what was happening today. "I'm going to Jay's today and leaving you by yourself, alright? You can have a your Robin over if you want. All the numbers are on the fridge: Doctor, pizza, me, Jay, poison control. If you need anything - "

"I'll be fine." James cut her off, smiling. "Stop worrying, Annie." Annabel rolled her eyes, laughing lightly. She had only just started letting James stay home alone and was still adjusting to it. But James was old for his age, like her. He would be fine. "Just go hang out with your boyfriend."

"James!" Annabel smacked his arm lightly, blushing. "He is not Ugh!" Annabel pushed her little brother's head in mock anger. James just laughed at his sister's attempt to be mad. "I should be home before supper. Bye, love you, Squirt." She kissed his head and grabbed her things, leaving the house.

When Annabel arrived at Jay's house, she knocked on the door. It was silly that she still knocked, even though they had known each other forever.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Jay heard the knock and he walked over to the door, throwing it open. "Hi Annabel!!" he grinned and gave her a bear hug, which was what they did since they were best friends. "Come on in!" he said as he pulled away, gesturing towards his hall.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel laughed as she hugged him back. "Hey." She then stepped inside. "You're such an idiot." She said teasingly, giving his shoulder a little shove. They had known each other since they were but small children, and Annabel always had loved him like her very own brother. "Oh, guess what....I think James has himself a little crush on that new little girl, Robin. She came over to the house yesterday and they played together. It's adorable!" Annabel walked into Jay's living room, sitting down on the couch and patting the spot next to her. "I still can't get over how fast he's grown up..."

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments "James and the girl? That's nice! Its time that kid got a crush, or maybe a girlfriend even," he laughed. "But its true, kids grow up fast now adays," he agreed with her last statement and sat down beside her. "Do you want anything to eat or drink?" he asked her.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel shook her head. "No, I'm fine. Look at you being a good host." She said teasingly as if talking to an annoying little brother. She rolled her eyes playfully. "So, what are we doing today, Jay?" She chuckled. Annabel's only smile was in her eyes, though. She was normally a very somber person, but around Jayson she was more fun loving.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Jay simply rolled his eyes and chuckled, "If you are fine with a picnic, then I've already prepared the food and mat and what not!" Everytime Annabel came over, there was a surprise in store for her mainly because he loved making his best friend happy. However, his stomach always fluttered when ever she came over or whenever he saw her at school. It happened 6 months ago, the change of feelings toward his best friend.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel's eyes lit up. "A picnic sounds wonderful." She loved being outside like that, people watching and what not. Annabel was the type of person who saw beauty in simple things so it was these simple little outings that inspired much of the poetry she wrote. "Let's get going then!" She stood up, but just as she did, her cell phone started ringing. Annabel pulled it out of her front pocket, looking at the screen. It was Erik, her boyrfriend of eight months. He was away at the moment on vacation with his family. "I can call him back later." She shoved the phone back in her pocket, offering Jay a small, forced smile. Truthfully, Erik and her hadn't been doing so well lately. Mainly because he was a total jerk.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Jay looked at her tucking her phone back into her pocket and he said, "Call him back. Men don't generally cope with their girlfriends not answering their calls. Trust me." He put a hand on her shoulder and tried to hide the jealousy in his eyes by turning away and taking the picnic from where he left it.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel bit her lip and nodded. She really didn't want to talk to Erik at the moment, but she knew Jay was right. Annabel just didn't know what to say to him after their fight. Nevertheless, she took her cell phone and dialed his number. He answered after the second ring. "Hey, Erik..." She turned away so that her back was to Jay as she spoke on the phone. "It's fine. No, I forgive you, I swear." Erik claimed it was just a silly fight, which it was not. He had wanted Annabel to stop hanging out with Jay so much. It had blown into a whole mess about trust. And of course, Annabel had to bring up all the girls he still talked to. "Okay, I love you. Go have fun with your sisters. Yeah, love you, bye." Annabel ended the call, sliding the phone in her pocket once more.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments When she hung up, he went over to Annabel and put a hand over her shoulder before saying, "So have you two finished your heated argument? Back to normal?" He tried to keep his voice as upbeat as possible because he didn't want Annabel to detect the jealousy in his voice. He wouldn't show weakness or be a sissy in front of his best friend.

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel nodded, forcing a smile. "Oh, yeah. Everythings fine now." She lied. She hadn't told Jayson what the fight was really about. She hadn't told Jay that it was about him. Either way, Annabel was not fine. Everything felt fake with Erik. When that weren't fighting that is. "Well, we should get going, huh?" Annabel felt that familiar warmth spread through her at Jay's touch, part of the reason she valued their friendship so much. But if she did have other feelings for Jayson, Annabel wouldn't admit it to herself.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Jay smiled at her, "Yes we should! Come on, let's go!" He guided her out and locked the door behind him before letting go of her and went to his navy blue car. "Ladies first," he opened the passenger seat for Annabel.

((Should the change of era happen when they're having their picnic?))

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments ((Sure))

Annabel chuckled, executing a small curtsy. "Why thank you, sir." She climbed in the seat. She put her safety belt on and then started going through the CDs in the car. Annabel wasn't a fan of most contemporary music. She liked classical music and alternative bands. Annabel liked any song that made her feel something. "What do you wanna listen to?" She asked.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments He got in beside her and said, "Hmm.. I think any piece is good, as long as you choose it. After all, after 10 years of knowing me, our choices are pretty much the same." Jay chuckled as he drove, both hands on the steering wheel since he had just gotten his licence several weeks back and this was only the third time he actually travelled around with someone, even if it was to the nearby park.

((Awesome :)))

Stellarum{•Daughter of Hecate•} | 146 comments Annabel smiled softly to herself. "Right." She pulled out a CD. "How about...Coldplay? I've had Paradise stuck in my head for like three days now." She chuckled, sliding the CD in. She just let it play, not bothering with going to any certain song. Annabel glanced over at Jay and couldn't help but smile at how stiff he was behind the wheel. She had gotten her liscense last year and was a lot more relaxed when it came to driving. "Don't wreck." She said teasingly.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments Jay was humming to the tune when she teased him and he pretended to look hurt, "I can drive just fine!" But he couldn't pull that off for long and by the time he was ready to drive with one hand, they were already there. "Aw man," he face palmed himself lightly before taking the things out from the back seats.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 4205 comments ((Hello? :p ))

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