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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna (aetm) | 228 comments Hey, no need to read all the suggestions (and especially in order).
Since they all have their topics, it's comfortable as a reference even if you read something a year or three after it was featured.
And the more authors you try, the more you end up finding ones you like (and learn to skip the ones that aren't your cup of tea).
Reading should always be for pleasure - don't stress as the authors or books of the months aren't a "home work" :)

message 2: by Richard (new)

Richard (ricoh) | 42 comments Tell me about it. I am pushing up to 80 books to read per year 6-7 each month. This you would feel gives me a chance to to catch up but my to read list gets larger by more than 100 books a year. To make matters more confusing I have a desire to revisit Ian Rankin and start from Rebus #1 - I gave up listing them as read for this reason but that is -10 on my accounts for a start as I only list #11 onwards as unread!
Plus I am into Leigh Russell who promises to write at least 2 books each year.
Reading is a pleasure - Goodreads enables me to list me plans in to reads and other people make me aware of other authors worth looking at. Before I got logical I would often find my reading dried up because I didn't know what to read next. my next 40 books are inter-changeable and that is the joy of setting a new target for 2014 as so much good reading awaits me; hopefully my pleasure will lead me to consume my books quicker and finally get my to read list down

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna (aetm) | 228 comments My to be read pile is huge too. And it flexes - I want to know what (up to 5 different alternatives) I read next, latest by the time I have 1/3 of the last book left.
Now... when hunting for new books in a bookstore, unless it's already on my mental must-read list, I check Goodreads first. If any of my friends with a similar taste (like Kenneth, Naomi or Krista) have read the book and given it 4 or more stars, then yes for that book, or yes if it based on other GR reviews sounds interesting. Life is too short for books that don't give you pleasure.

message 4: by ???!!! (new)

???!!! | 135 comments Couldn't agree more. Before I won't give up a book. If it took that much effort and time for someone to write it I should appreciate that. But now, after countless sufferings, hey, people can have different opinions, right? So if i just don't get what's going on after 100 pages it's time to call quit. Life too short so don't suffer. BTW, i won't mention titles so I won't offend fans but several times when I finally finish a book I wondered "Why in the world did I even read it?"

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